As part of any evolution as an artist, musicians will stretch out to explore various genres outside from an established sound and/or what they’re known for, all the time. Transitioning from one genre to another to find the best sound and natural comfort level, however, is another, especially after experiencing some success. Emerging singer and songwriter, Rainey Qualley, aka Rainsford has done just that, having bursted into the country music scene in 2015 with her debut, Turn Down the Lights, that featured the single, “Me and Johnny Cash”. The song was played on commercial radio, providing great opportunities including an opening spot for Willie Nelson and playing the Grand Ole Opry. The music, however, wasn’t fulfilling and Qualley took time off to work on a sound that would be more of a natural fit. What emerged was a vintage and nostalgic feel to present-day pop. Her debut EP, Emotional Support Animal was released earlier this year to positive reviews, led by the track “Intentions”, which features Twin Shadow.

B-Sides caught up with Rainsford at her first tour stop to talk about her debut EP, finding her sound and more. Check out the interview: