It’s been three years since Sir Sly burst onto the scene with their debut album, You Haunt Me, in which the title track, along with “Ghost”, garnered the trio from Southern California much attention and a growing fan base. During the time in between albums, however, chief songwriter and lead singer Landon Jacobs went through a tumultuous time in his personal life. The loss of his mother to brain cancer and the process of going through a divorce took a toll on Jacobs, leading to the band’s extended hiatus. The highs and lows of going through those experiences brought the band even closer and helped Jacobs to come out on the other side with a renewed energy and positive spirit. Their sophomore album Don’t You Worry, Honey was released in June to positive reviews, with the lead single “High” receiving heavy rotation on commercial radio.

During their tour stop in San Francisco, Sir Sly took a moment to talk about the new album, the references to the City by the Bay and more. Check out the interview: