Garage-rockers Warbly Jets have had to fight and scratch to get where they are today, on the cusp of the release of their forthcoming debut album. The group was founded by Julien O’Neill and Samuel Shea, who met and began writing music in New York. The two moved to Los Angeles in 2015 chasing what they thought was a guaranteed record contract but the contract fell through and hard times set in, with Shea getting into a motorcycle crash that left him doubting whether he could ever play an instrument again. Their debut single “Alive” was released in late 2016, and it dealt with these struggles. Shea recalls how it tells of “how you have to breakdown a hundred thousand times before you get to feel alive for one moment. The past two years of trial and error…The harshness of the world and what it is right now. Then the chorus being kind of that break through feeling of even though everything is so f*cked up right now, at the same time we can all individually and collectively feel alive.”

Warbly Jets recently spoke with B-Sides during their San Francisco tour stop about their formation, turning their struggles into a positive and more: