On Radar: Miss Ohio – White Hot

Miss Ohio

Miss Ohio finds itself in esteemed company. Some have compared them to the alt-country of Wilco without the artiness. They can jangle like Pavement, without the quirkiness, and the band have been straddling this Jersey grit / Americana line for 10+ years. The band now has a “best of” record entitled White Hot - The Best of Miss Ohio which is good enough to be in the same breath as those two bands above, but never received their fair chance. White Hot - The Best of Miss Ohio is exactly what it says. 12 really great examples of songwriting that

Album Review: Wilco – Star Wars

Chicago band Wilco have released their latest effort entitled Star Wars. The 70’s inspired record was released by surprise last week, and it is available for a free download on their official website. It will be released on CD on August 21st, and on vinyl on November 27th. 11845