Top 5 Songs Of The Week “On-Repeat”

Easy to sample and easy to get hooked on, we've got this week's Top 5 tracks that we have On-Repeat. The new one from Marina Diamandis is finally out, as the popular vocalist comes back with another collaboration with Clean Bandit and this time adds Luis Fonsi for the track "Baby". The track is on the upcoming "Deluxe" edition of What is Love? by Clean Bandit that comes out November 30, 2018. King Princess may be currently on tour in Australia but the singer/songwriter from New York is still working material for a debut album. In the

Top 5 Bands We’d Love Featured In Season 5 Of The Walking Dead

Sunday night brought the fourth season of The Walking Dead to a close. Without spoiling anything from the season, one of the things that was consistently great was the music. Great music is essential in any television show, and The Walking Dead is never one to disappoint. While fans discuss potential plot points and ideas for where the next season may be headed, here's a list of some musical artists we'd love to see featured in season five of The Walking Dead. 8204

Fashion Top 5: Female Musicians

Musicians are some of the boldest cats out there when it comes to fashion. They have the resources, the crowd and the confidence to take risks and truly flaunt their personal style. Since it's their job to be creative, some shocking choices usually come with the territory, but every once in a while we get an icon who show us what it's like to be truly memorable. There are countless women who deserve to be named, but here are just a few who have made lasting impressions for their own special reasons. 5166