LISTEN: Top 18 Songs For The Summer of `18

With the summer solstice upon us, the summer of 2018 is in high gear and ready for memories to be made. Of course, summers are marked by the care-free attitude of fun with friends, parties, weekend get-aways, vacations and a soundtrack to go along with them. A lot of great music has already been released this year with notable tracks that deserve to be on numerous playlists as part of your summer soundtrack. Here at B-Sides, we’ve picked out 18 tracks(in no particular order) that will enhance those good time summer vibes. 16230

Wherefore Art Thou, Kurt Cobain?

Since Rock n' Roll woke  America up in the 1950's, music has taken on a role beyond itself. Each decade of popular music helps to document the times, representing the feelings and taste of the mass majority of each generation. With the invention of the internet, the ability to get your voice out there had it's doors blown off. Suddenly, anybody could share their music with anyone across the world with websites like Purevolume, Myspace, and Youtube eventually vastly increasing this output. So much music is available nowadays, it can be difficult to sort through it all, and even more difficult

ALBUM REVIEW: Southern Air by Yellowcard

Any pop-punk fan in their right mind had a copy of Yellowcard’s Ocean Avenue and played it on repeat mercilessly back in 2003. Since then Yellowcard have been putting out versions of Ocean Avenue and fans are still eating it up. The band just dropped their latest album Southern Air and while the album may not bring anything new to the table, when you find what works why change it? The standout single from the album is “Here I Am Alive” featuring Tay Jardine from We Are The In Crowd, with whom Yellowcard will be touring with in the fall. The