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Texas Gets Ready to Ring in 2017 at Lights All Night

p1030764Lights All Night returns to Dallas bigger than ever before, even with adding a sister show in El Paso on New Years Eve.  Now in its seventh year, the festival has become Texas’ largest EDM festival.  Ravers from last year will return to the Dallas Market Hall for the two day festival, but will be pleasantly surprised at the promised overhaul of the venue layout designed to make entering more efficient.  The event will also be broadcasted live this year so that no one has to worry about missing any moments despite a few scheduling conflicts.

Day 1

Start the weekend off with some future bass from Luca Lush on the early side.  Be sure to allow plenty of time after… Continue reading

Day For Night Lights Up Houston


unspecified-copy-4Describing Houston’s Day For Night as a music festival just doesn’t cut it. The idea behind the new festival is to showcase artists with a talent for highly visual performances all while exhibiting massive art installations by artists from all over the world.

After hearing about the festival back in September, I watched all of the promo videos and trailers and I still arrived in Houston not really sure what to expect.  So is this a festival?  An art exhibition? I found that Day For Night falls somewhere in the middle of the two labels, all while surpassing any previous expectations.

At the center of the hype was the festival’s Bjork Digital virtual experience, the U.S debut of video and digital… Continue reading

INTERVIEW : Tribe Society shows us how fast the music industry moves

Tribe Society


Tribe Society is a band of musicians who moved to New York to pursue their dreams. They started out this year and signed to record label Lokal Legend.  Since then, things have been moving at a rapid pace. Their mixtape was just released on Spotify and they plan on going on tour this summer. If you missed them at SXSW, don’t worry they are coming to a city near you.


B-sides : Welcome to SXSW, how has this year been completely to last year?

Tribe Society: This year has been cool, we flew over here and didn’t rent a car. It’s probably the smartest move we’ve made. Last year we rented… Continue reading

PREVIEW: Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013

fun-fun-fun-fest-2013-630x787For those of you who don’t already know, the Fun Fun  Fun Fest is just on the horizon! Located in Austin, Texas, the annual independent music festival dates back to 2006. The festival features particularly underground musicians and bands. But it isn’t only known for its great music acts, attendees can also expect comedy, food, action sports such as skateboarding and wrestling, and poster art adventures! … Continue reading

LIVE REVIEW: Shakey Graves in Austin, TX

Photo Credit: NBC, Friday Night Lights

Alejandro Rose-Garcia, known as Shakey Graves, is my favorite Austin act of the year and possibly my favorite local performer ever. NPR just named him one of, “10 Artists You Should Have Known in 2012,” and they couldn’t have made a better selection. Aside from breaking hearts with his music, he played “The Swede” on Friday Night Lights a few years back as the heart throb life guard who lured little Julie Taylor away from Matt Saracen. As much as I was obsessed with the Julie/Matt love fest, I can’t blame the girl for falling for his big ol’ brown eyes and precious little smile.… Continue reading

LIVE REVIEW: Neon Trees in Austin, TX

 Neon Trees lit up the stage at La Zona Rosa in Austin, TX. The venue was filled to capacity as Neon Trees had sold out the show. The line to get in before doors opened wrapped around the venue, as 1,200 fans camped out for the best spots in the Texas summer heat.

The doors opened up and the crowd filed in. The lights went down as JJams and Penguin Prison opened up the show. A combination of slow rock and 80’s beats got the crowd ready for the headlining performance by Utah native’s Neon Trees.


Most people are familiar with Neon Trees thanks to their hit “Animal” that has been playing on radio waves across… Continue reading

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