REVIEW: Capital Cities & A-Trak at an Oasis in Puerto Rico

Kicking off summer in the sun-filled paradise island of Puerto Rico, Heineken The Oasis brought local and international musical flair to an unforgettable beach party. Amidst the hot, sticky, colorful and bustling city of San Juan, The Oasis greeted hundreds of people ready to dance. Situated on the breezy Caribbean coast, the massive beach venue was perfect to get some good times in. With an indoor stage hosting some of the best local electronic music it was effortless to get some dance moves going. The massive outdoor stage allowed viewers to move about in the sand, splash in the pool or enjoy from

TRACK REVIEW: In the Heat of the Moment by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

After his turbulent fallout with former band Oasis, Noel Gallagher introduced himself to the world as a solo artist. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ was his brand, and their eponymous debut the voice behind it. The much anticipated record was a rebuttal of sorts, to the first post-Oasis split project Beady Eye, led by younger brother/rival Liam Gallagher. High Flying Birds, though, seems to have been taken way more seriously than the latter, and it proved Noel could do better on his own, singing his own songs. After all, he was the main songwriter in his former group. 10452

NEWS: Oasis and Soundgarden To Reissue 20th Anniversary Albums

Manchester Englands famous rock heroes Oasis, and Seattle Washington's grunge band Soundgarden both have albums with 20th anniversaries coming up and to celebrate they are reissuing the albums with extra special content. Oasis's Definitely Maybe was a turning point in the lives of this young band. Released in 1994, this debut album for the band shot straight to number one in the UK charts, becoming the fastest selling album during it's time, in the UK. 7845