INTERVIEW: Jaymes Young Talks Songwriting, Humbling Moment While on Tour

Jaymes Young takes pride in being a songwriter first than being considered a singer and performer. Early on, Young spent countless hours holed up in his bedroom piecing together compositions, penning lyrics, and exploring various sounds. In 2013, Young independently released the critically acclaimed mixtape, Dark Star, leading to much praise and an eventual signing to Atlantic Records. The EP, Habits of My Heart, spawned viral hits such as the title track and “I’ll Be Good,” which both surpassed 20 million Spotify streams. Young topped that in 2015 with his collaboration with Phoebe Ryan on “We

Must See Bands at Warped Tour 2017

Ever summer, pre-teens, young adults, parents, and straight up wild music lovers come out to their local venue or even travel, to spend a long awaited scorching day to see their favorite bands perform. This year the lineup is killer once again and in no particular order, here are the must see bands of Warped Tour 2017! 15002

INTERVIEW: MAYBIRD Talk Writing, Working with Patrick Carney

Maybird just wrapped up their tour through the States and what better way to end it than in their hometown of Rochester, New York. In 2013, Maybird made their recording debut with an ambitious independent album, Down and Under. As Maybird developed a growing following on the East Coast, they were approached by producer Danger Mouse, who had heard and enjoyed the record. Danger Mouse asked Maybird to sign with his new label, 30th Century Records, and the group's first project for 30th Century, the EP Turning into Water, was released in April 2016. The group is due for another

B-Sides Top 10: Best Hard Rock Albums of 2016

2016 was a complex year for society. Whether citizens viewed it as a successful year or a time they wish they could erase, Hard Rock enthusiasts had a lot to appreciate about this year. Up and coming bands, and bands who have continued their position in their audience's hearts, have both released records that strive in perfection. Whether its Green Day who have shown the world they are musical geniuses from day 1 back in '86, or Knocked Loose who are growing at a rapid rate and beginning their journey of touring over seas. 2016 left no disappointment for hard rock

REVIEW: iiiPoints is the Music, Arts and Tech Fest of 2016

Last weekend, Miami was able to dodge an immense hurricane just in time to embrace another storm of its own. iiiPoints Festival blew in local and foreign artists to construct a weekend to remember. In the heart of the town’s art district of Wynwood, the grounds welcomed over 25,000 people who attended the fourth annual music, art and technology festival. 14344

12 Bands You Must See at the Hangout Festival 2016

The Hangout Music Festival takes place this weekend, May 20-22 on the white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama.  The festival consists of a couple of stages, a dance tent and family-friendly activities including amusement park rides and games.  If you’re already stoked to see Alabama Shakes, Ellie Goulding, and Florence + the Machine. And those other names beneath them? You should be excited about them, too. Especially the following twelve: 13704

2015 Lollapalooza: Must See Hip-Hop Acts

Lollapalooza, Chicago's biggest and most exciting  music festival is back this year with another amazing lineup.  Set to take place in Grants Park  across eight different stages, This year's lineup tries to top the hometown favorite from last year Chance The Rapper, whose energetic show stole the show from the headliners.  The festival is huge and  has artists from almost  every genre,  so at times it can be hard to decide who to see.  Well, fear no more cause here is a list of the must see hip-hop acts at 2015 Lollapalooza. 11885

Are you ready to Rock in Rio?

    Rock in Rio is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and the line up is outstanding.  For those who don't know, Rock in Rio originated in Brazil and was organized by Roberto Medina. This year the festival will be held in Las Vegas.  This is the first time for it to be held in the United States.  It's one of the largest music festivals in the world.  The number of people who have attended previous festivals is over 1.5 million. That is just in Brazil, imagine what it's going to be like in Vegas. The festival begins this Friday May 8th

INTERVIEW : Tribe Society shows us how fast the music industry moves

  Tribe Society is a band of musicians who moved to New York to pursue their dreams. They started out this year and signed to record label Lokal Legend.  Since then, things have been moving at a rapid pace. Their mixtape was just released on Spotify and they plan on going on tour this summer. If you missed them at SXSW, don't worry they are coming to a city near you.   B-sides : Welcome to SXSW, how has this year been completely to last year? Tribe Society: This year has been cool, we flew over here and didn't rent a car. It's probably

INTERVIEW : Until the Ribbon Breaks talks about influences and Batman

Until the Ribbon Breaks is a British band that originally started off as a solo act. Pete Winfield is the mastermind behind the group. Later James Gordon and Elliot Wall joined the band. Their music can be described as EDM mixed into pop, hip-hop and rock. In 2013, Lorde invited them to go on her American tour. These guys have a passion for what they do and you can tell by just listening to their music. The band performed at SXSW 2015, where B-Sides caught up with them to talk about their music, comic book heroes and more! 11130

INTERVIEW : Blossoms give life lessons and they really know their rap culture

  Blossoms is a group of talented musicians from the UK. Tom Ogden, Charlie Salt, Josh Dewhurst, Joe Donovan and Myles Kellock are all here for a purpose. They have been around since 2013 and have been at in nonstop. A lot of their influences come from movie soundtracks and the wild west era. They not only are wise but extremely funny as well. B-Sides spoke with the band during their SXSW appearance about their impressions of the U.S., rap music and more! 11123

TRACK REVIEW: “Psycho” by Muse

Music exists primarily in waves, be it the waves that physically bring the sound to your ear or the figurative waves of a band's popularity, and when you have a genre such as alternative rock that is so often coming and going, it is incredibly easy to fall to the tragic ranks of one-hit wonders and have-beens. Muse became a band in the early 90s and after a series of name changes landed on Muse in 1994. The band raced to the top of charts in the UK in the early 2000s and slowly found its way to the Billboard Top

Has SXSW Lost Its Touch?

Recently McDonald's has been in the news and this time it's not concerning their food. The billion dollar corporation asked Ex Cops, an indie band, to perform for free at South by Southwest  (SXSW) this year. SXSW is a music festival held in Austin, TX and started in 1987. The festivals original main goal was to help promote local musicians and make them known throughout the United States. Since then the festival has grown substantially, starting off with only 700 acts in 1987 to over 2,000 today. 11010