LIVE REVIEW: Evanescence + Lindsey Stirling Captivate in Mountain View, CA

The pairing of symphonic-rock legends Evanescence and violinist/dancer Lindsey Stirling might seem odd at first, but the two artists recently collaborated for a track on Evanescene’s 2017 album Synthesis and hit it off. When the time to plan a tour for Synthesis came around, frontwoman Amy Lee immediately thought of Stirling saying “she is the very definition of someone outside the box.” The pair are currently on tour throughout the U.S. as the two groups tour the country and alternate sets, one opening one show, the other opening the next. Bringing their lively show to the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Lindsey Stirling

In this day and age bands are plentiful in a variety of genres; one genre that doesn't get represented as much though is classical music. People in this day and age associate this timeless art as being old, outdated, and not really relevant. One young lady however is changing this mindset. Lindsey Stirling is one of the most talented violinists today but she's not playing the usual Pierre Rode. 8498

Three Cover Songs Almost As Good As the Originals

Doing a cover of someone else's song can sometimes be harder than doing an original. There's a challenge of making the song your own without doing it injustice and not making it sound exactly like the original. Some bands manage to pull this off, making us fall in love with the song once again, while others end up sounding like they are singing bad karaoke. 7445