VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Ingrid Håvik of Highasakite Talks ‘Camp Echo’

Highasakite returned in 2016 with the album Camp Echo, again impressing fans and critics alike. The album is the follow-up to Silent Treatment, which was released in 2014 and not only received positive reviews as well, it has remained on the Norwegian top-40 album chart for two years running. On Camp Echo, the band explores more synth/electronic sounds to accompany the darker, introspective lyrics of love, loneliness and despair. With millions of streams of the songs from Camp Echo, Highasakite have been on the road for much of the year, performing at festivals like Glastonbury, The Great

Interview: Highasakite

You may not have heard of Highasakite yet, but that's likely to change in the coming year. The Norwegian quartet recently put out their sophomore album Silent Treatment, which leaped over the stereotypical slump, and landed above their debut album, with a fully realized sound of what they had previously produced. The band has yet to reach high levels of success in the US, but they're on track, having just wrapped their second US tour, which included a stop at the SXSW Festival. B-Sides had a chance to catch up with them on their stop in Boston last month, where