ON RADAR: Bad Things

Did you know Olympic gold medalist and professional athlete Shaun White is also in a rock band? His band is known as Bad Things and consists of members Davis LeDuke (vocals), Jared Palomar (bass), Anthony Sanudo (guitar), Lena Zawaideh (drums, vocals), and Shaun White (guitar). The band recently signed to Warner Brothers and are set to release their debut self-titled album in January 2014. Their single "Anybody" resembles that of an indie rock n' roll style with loud drums and guitar playing throughout the song, and vocals familiar to that of Kings of Leon and The Hives. Although the song

ON RADAR: Wild Ones

The indie pop band known as Wild Ones came together in 2010. In 2012 while working on and producing their debut album Keep It Safe, the band hit a major bump in their journey that almost led to their departure. Guitarist Clayton Knapp had blown out his eardrum and their new drummer Seve Sheldon, was in the hospital for a punctured lung. But these issues did not phase the band and they did not lose faith as a group to succeed. 6089

PREVIEW: Treasure Island Music Festival 2013

This year at the 2013 Treasure Island Music Festival, festival attendees can expect a huge selection of bands, DJs, food, drinks, and much more! But with so many different acts to see this year, how does one know which bands to check out? That's why B-Sides is providing you with our top 10 bands to see at the 2013 Treasure Island Music Festival. 6041


LA girl band HAIM began their indie pop adventure back in 2006. The band consists of the Haim sisters -- Este, Danielle, and Alana. The girls recently released their debut album Days Are Gone this past month. Originally inspired by 1970s classic rock and growing up in a family band with their parents; the band matured and decided to incorporate pop and R&B into their music. The album reflects this music genre but with a collaboration of eighties new wave pop and nineties pop rock as well. 5915

THROWBACK: What Happened To Phantom Planet?

For those of us who watched The OC, we remember Phantom Planet's famous "California" hit. But what has become of the band since 2003? Well, the American alternative rock band came together originally in 1994 in Los Angeles, California. They produced a total of three debut albums with Geffen Records, Epic Records, and Fueled By Ramen. The band consisted of Alex Greenwald (vocals, rhythm guitar), Darren Robinson (lead guitar), Sam Farrar (bassist), and Jeff Conrad (drums). 5857

ALBUM REVIEW: Bitter Rivals by Sleigh Bells

New York noise pop duo Sleigh Bells, released their third studio album Bitter Rivals today. The music project began in 2008 and consists of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller. Overall the album depicts the bands' most known musical style, with many synthesized and electronic rhythms combined with loud guitar and vocals; however the album lacks any real direction or meaning. Majority of the songs sound very similar to one another and the background instrumentation and beat mixes lean more to sounding like noise and not so much a form of music. 5795

ON RADAR: Heavy English

Hard rock New York based band Heavy English is the creation of former Envy on the Coast band members Sal Bossio and Dan Gluszak, and added bandmate Ari Sadowitz. Enzy on the Coast was a hard rock n' roll band that formed in 2009. The two past members teamed up with Sadowitz and have come back with a new band known Heavy English. The band officially started in 2012 and they have recently released their single "21 Flights" this past year. "21 Flights" is a jam that you cannot help tap your foot to as well give the slight head

LIVE REVIEW: Bronze Radio Return

It was a fully packed house on the night of October 2nd at the little Brick and Mortar venue in the Mission District of San Francisco. Everyone was excited to see singer/songwriter Graham Colton and folk revival band Bronze Radio Return. Colton's performance was a good opening for the young band, with his witty talk and upbeat jams that warmed up the audience. Shortly after his performance, Bronze Radio Return made their way to the stage and immediately came out with a bang! The crowd was instantly enthralled by their loud and lively performances. 5755

INTERVIEW: Bronze Radio Return

Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, is the blues and folk rock band known as Bronze Radio Return. The band grew up with a background in traditional blues and jazz style music, which has shaped who they are today. They have launched their musical career by landing over 50 syncs in TV and film, and have recently released their latest album Up, On & Over, as well as started their Fall 2013 US tour. B-Sides decided to find out what lies ahead for this upcoming band! 5718

ALBUM REVIEW: Pure Heroine by Lorde

For some it may be shocking to learn that Lorde aka Ella Yelich-O' Connor is a 16 year old who hails from New Zealand and already has the voice of a singer beyond her years. The young artist has just released her debut album Pure Heroine this past week! Three of her singles off of the album including "Royals," "Tennis Court," and "Team" have already been certified Platinum by the RIAA. The album is phenomenal in every aspect, including instrumentation, beat mixes, and of course Lorde's strong and overpowering voice. 5668

ON RADAR: The Features

Originating back in 1994 the Tennessee indie rock band The Features began their musical journey in middle school. That was where Matt Pelham, Roger Dabbs, Don Sergio, and Parrish Yaw met each other and started the band. They created the band out of boredom and continued it through high school playing at local events, parties, and talent shows. After graduation the band went on to perform in bars and clubs near Nashville and Murfreesboro. Soon enough the band signed with local independent label, Spongebath Records and released their self-titled EP in 1997. The band then brought on member Jason Taylor to

ALBUM REVIEW: Mechanical Bull by Kings Of Leon

Garage rock n' roll band Kings of Leon have released their sixth studio album known as Mechanical Bull, this past week! The album is a continuation of the band's heavy guitar usage and prominent vocals combined with various issues including friendship, love, and of life - past and present. The best songs on the album include: "Don't Matter," "Temple," "Wait For Me," and "Comeback Story." All of which have awesome instrumentation especially that of loud and catchy guitar riffs! Since 1999, the band has been together and express their road to fame in the song "Comeback Story" bygiving the impression of the band

ON RADAR: London Grammar

If you are looking for a new indie rock group to listen to, then you should check out London Grammar! Although their name may sound like you are talking about English spelling and punctuation, the trio are actually a band that came together back in 2009. Hannah Reid, Dot Major, and Dan Rothman met each other through the University of Nottingham. They had been playing small shows at local bars until years later in December of 2012 they released their single “Hey Now” online. As of July 2013 the song has had over 800,000 views on YouTube! Soon after, the