REVIEW: Electric Forest Only Gets Better

There is so no end to what you can discover at Electric Forest. As one of the most famous music and art festivals, it offers all sorts of things to engage and mesmerize your senses making it hard to stay on track. For eight days, people come together to create a magical atmosphere that revolved around music, art, community, and growth. Providing a magical escape for its 10th year, this mystic festival keeps growing and improving. 16246

TRACK REVIEW: “Psycho” by Muse

Music exists primarily in waves, be it the waves that physically bring the sound to your ear or the figurative waves of a band's popularity, and when you have a genre such as alternative rock that is so often coming and going, it is incredibly easy to fall to the tragic ranks of one-hit wonders and have-beens. Muse became a band in the early 90s and after a series of name changes landed on Muse in 1994. The band raced to the top of charts in the UK in the early 2000s and slowly found its way to the Billboard Top