INTERVIEW: Meet the Duo Behind Bob Moses

Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie were classmates at their Vancouver high school, but it wasn’t until pursuing separate styles of music that the duo came together to form Bob Moses, the best of a DJ and a rock band. Their Days Gone By debut was released last September and the duo have steadily become a must-see at festivals. Howie and Vallance sat down with B-Sides at SXSW to talk about music, Vancouver, the upcoming festival season and more. 13490

INTERVIEW: FEMME on Doing it All

Laura Bettinson is no stranger to the game.  The woman behind FEMME does it all.  She sings, writes, produces, directs, photographs, and styles.  A natural artist and a sharp entrepreneur, she draws inspiration from the girl bands of the 60s, and her videos are what you wish you girls nights were like.  But don't let the good ole girly, pink pop fool you. There's no getting around it FEMME is a bonafide badass.  B-Sides met up with her at SXSW to talk Girls, Beats, and Bass over a cup of American joe. 13476

Ten Bands to Check Out at Fun Fun Fun Fest Austin

For those lucky enough to have attended the Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, you may still be trying to recover, but folks here in Austin are ready again for yet another festival. Fun Fun Fun Fest is set for this weekend and the lineup couldn’t be better! Genres varying from rap, comedy, alternative, hardcore, and more, there is sure to be something to please everyone. 6355