A band generally tours to debut a new album or to get their name out there and show their fans some love. Never Shout Never just wrapped up the first leg of their U.S tour, and in this case, they are touring for all their long-time fans. Following a band from the beginning is dedication to say the least. The lead man Christofer Drew Ingle started NSN as a solo career. This made the tour special considering he would be playing his one man band songs with a full band behind him.

Never Shout Never stopped in Boston, MA, before taking a break until finishing up the second half of the throwback tour. Brighton Music Hall was packed with a wide range of ages. Ingle released NSN’s first record in 2008 and has been making music since so it was no surprise that preteens and adults were all jamming to the same songs. The crowd would yell out song names they wanted to hear and most times, NSN would play that song.  Small venues are known to give a more intimate feel but besides the songs, NSN took this feel to a new level. Ingle was having one on one conversations with the crowd and handing out flowers to fans at the barricade, making their nights even better.

Ingle has a presence that lights up a room and the minute he stepped on stage the energy changed, or maybe the mood lightened because he walked out with a bottle of wine in one hand and a guitar in the other. Either way Never Shout Never put on a lively show full of ukuleles, wine, and flowers, leaving lone-time emo kids smiling from ear to ear.

Never Shout Never was accompanied by Me Like Bees on this tour and it couldn’t have been a better lineup. Maybe because Me Like Bees have worked with NSN in the past when creating their first full length record, The Ides, by Christofer Drew’s record label, Loveway Records. Me Like Bees filled the room with indie jams and feel-good sounds that made it impossible for the crowd to stay still.

Although Me Like Bees formed back in 2009, they are definitely a band to keep an eye on. Whether someone in the audience was listening to MLB for the first time, or they were fans from the start, the band’s indie rock sound is a crowd pleaser to say the least. An opener should get the crowd amped for the headliner and Me Like Bees had no difficulty in doing so.