Little-Green-Cars-Ephemera-2016-2480x2480When Little Green Cars released their debut album Absolute Zero in 2013, audiences fell hard for the band’s catchy harmonies and melancholy dark lyrics. Overall positive reviews for the album, as well as their live performances, set Little Green Cars up for the dreaded momentum and expectations for a strong follow-up. The realities of life, however, took over as personal experiences from a death in one of the band member’s family and other issues took precedence and also influence on their approach to the new album. The result is Ephemera, which was released on March 11, 2016 via Glassnote Records. The five-piece chose the album name for its meaning of the passing of time, the fading of light and the beauty of a moment. Each song on the record  represents what the title conveys.

The members of the band did not stray from digging deep down for the lyrics. The songs came from confronting the truth without fear. Even when the truth can be frightening and dreadful, the songs convey that dealing with what can disappoint you can lead to bigger and better things as one grows. The band wrote these songs in a time of change in their lives and tracks like “You vs Me” and “The Song They Play Every Night” address the struggles and perspective on an ended relationship, where the latter laments And every load I took/To fill the hole that caved inside/Just made it deeper and darker, wider than before./Don’t make me say it out loud anymore.

Ephemera is consistent in its sound, mesh together well and create a peaceful yet raw record. As demonstrated on their debut, the alternating and simultaneous vocals of Stevie Appleby and Faye O’Rourke strengthen the tracks with their chemistry merely in their voices. All twelve tracks on the record are a piece of art from the heart.