LISTEN: Top 3 Tracks ON-REPEAT- Will Sparks, The Avalanches, Mr. Little Jeans

bsides-logo-cassette-repeatTunes tunes tunes! Our Tunes for Tuesday on our Instagram story this week puts the spotlight on new music that’s been ON-REPEAT here at B-Sides. The EDM community in Australia is strong with young talent that includes Will Sparks, who gained significant attention in 2013 with the track, “Bring It Back”. The track “Gorilla” is a collaboration with fellow Aussie Tyron Hapi and English artist, Luciana Caporaso. The Avalanches are another Australian act, who up until 2016, have been outside the public eye since the early 2000s. With only their second album still in the works, the track “Frankie Sinatra” was released in June 2016 and immediately got the attention of many. Mr. Little Jeans is the stage name of Norwegian singer-songwriter, Monica Birkenes who’s now based in Los Angeles. After gaining notable attention with her cover of “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire, Mr. Little Jeans has been heard in various commercials, television and movie productions. “Stitches” is in our spotlight and is a track off the album Pocketknife. Check out all the tunes!… Continue reading

VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Astrid S Talks ‘Pop Idol’, Keane, Songwriting

astrid-sNorwegian singer/songwriter Astrid S has been gaining notable attention in 2016 with the track “2AM” as well as her collaboration with fellow-Norwegian act Matoma on the track “Running Out”. The 20-year old got into music at an early age, starting with the piano at 6 years old, picked up the guitar as a young teenager and singing and writing songs. Appearances on Norway’s ‘Pop Idol’ showcased her talents and although she came in fifth place, the experience led to greater opportunities. She’s worked with numerous high profile producers, won her first MTV EMA award as Best Norwegian Act, got two out of four awards at P3 Gull, and was nominated for Best Song (“2AM”) at the Norwegian Grammy Awards. Astrid S is… Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Josh Lemay of Citizen Zero Talks Detroit, Recording ‘State of Mind’


Citizen Zero

It’s hard to find a good path for unapologetic, straight up, rock n’ roll. Citizen Zero just happen to be a beacon of light  in a landscape flooded with everything but badass rock.  B-Sides spoke with Citizen Zero lead singer Josh LeMay and had a very poignant discussion on everything from the decline of the “rock god”, lack of integrity in the media, Detroit legend Bob Seger and more.… Continue reading

LISTEN: Top 3 Songs ON-REPEAT – Charli XCX, The Shins, CRX

bsides-logo-cassette-repeatTunes tunes tunes! Our Tunes for Tuesday on our Instagram story this week puts the spotlight on new music that’s been highly anticipated and have been ON-REPEAT here at B-Sides. 2012 was when we last got new material from The Shins with their album, Port of Morrow. A one-off single, “Dead Alive” was released last week and as lead singer/songwriter James Mercer stated, it’s the band’s “Halloween gift while you wait for the album”, in reference to their forthcoming album slated to be released in 2017. A new, yet-untitled album is also in the works for Charli XCX, who just released the track, “After the Afterparty”, which features Lil Yachty. While The Strokes are working on their next album, guitarist Nick Valensi has branched out with a new band, CRX, who just released their debut album, New Skin. Check out the track “Ways to Fake It” and the other songs we have on repeat!… Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Joshua Radin Talks Cleveland, New Music

josh-radinJoshua Radin is as naturally charismatic, and organically genuine as they come. B-Sides recently interviewed the celebrated American singer-songwriter on everything from growing up in Cleveland, to the state of the music industry, to his new album, The Fall, slated for release January 27th.  Check out our conversation highlights:… Continue reading

VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Glass Animals at Treasure Island Music Festival 2016

glass-animalsGlass Animals released their sophomore album How To Be A Human Being in August 2016 to strong reviews and a welcoming fanbase. The album is chock full of inspiration by the various people the band encountered while touring. Lead singer and producer Dave Bayley’s lyrical ideas came from live recordings of people saved on his phone, as though he’d been operating as some sort of roaming journalist all this time. “I try to sneakily record people, and I have hours and hours of these amazing rants from taxi drivers, strange people we met outside of shows, people at parties.” Led by the first single, “Life Itself”, the album showcases a variety of sounds, most notably on the track, “Season 2 Episode 3”. As Bayley describes the lyrical content, “it’s about that person we all know who sits around all day playing video games, binging on Netflix, ordering Uber Eats, smoking and basically doing NOTHING. The sonics I put around the song were meant to reflect what she hears and sees every day. TVs going on and off, 8 bit synths, whirling fizzy sounds to represent the haze of pot smoke, vibrato on everything to make it all quite wavy, lyrical nods to assorted psychedelic cartoons.” The video plays into the 8-bit sounds as the viewer is brought into a video game as the subject traverses through various environments and levels. The final stage of the visual’s video game will be turned into an interactive video game app, which will be available at the end of October. Multimedia designer and developer of the Glass Animals game, Whoopi, explains, “We wanted to be able to give fans of Glass Animals a chance to go beyond the music video with a mobile app that allows them to play the music video as a video game from their phones and browsers. The music video is already pulled from all types of retro games, so it’s only right to make it interactive by putting the control of the video into the hand of the fans.”… Continue reading

VIDEO: INTERVIEW – SOFI TUKKER at Treasure Island Music Festival 2016

sofi-tukkerOne of the highlights at the Treasure Island Music Festival 2016 was the afternoon set by SOFI TUKKER. The origins of the band dates back just a few years back when the pair met at an art gallery where Hawley-Weld was performing when Halpern remixed a song right on the spot. Though the pair was interested in making music together, things didn’t really take shape until a chance opportunity for Halpern, who was a producer/DJ, to open for The came about. After listening to a few demos, The Knocks convinced Halpern to pursue the collaboration with Hawley-Weld further.… Continue reading

LISTEN: Top 3 Songs ON-REPEAT – Drake, Rag N’ Bone Man, BANKS

bsides-logo-cassette-repeatTunes tunes tunes! Our Tunes for Tuesday on our Instagram story this week we spotlight three songs that have been ON-REPEAT here at B-Sides. As is the status quo these days, big name artists just drop new music without much forewarning. Drake did just that last week with a handful of new tracks including the very addictive, “Fake Love” and comes from his forthcoming album, More Life. Rag N’ Bone Man is the pseudonym for British singer-songwriter Rory Graham, who started working in music as an MC and hip-hop rapper. Transitioning into a singer was natural for the UK artist, as he’s put out a few EPs since 2012 and is on the rise with the track, “Human”. BANKS is back with a new album, The Altar, which was released last month and the track, “Gemini Feed” is just one example of why we love her music.… Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Thirsty – Albatross

untitledUK’s Thirsty puts out really good music. When you mix former members of the notorious rock band The Quireboys, with renowned Russian lyricist and poet Irina D, and members of Squeeze and Saint Jude, something interesting happens. Thirsty formed in 2014 and released their self-titled debut shortly after to critical fanfare. The band typically writes songs based on the three-minute rule of 50’s rock, and the mantra of less is more, but the band’s cool mixture of rock and blues is cut from the same cloth as the Rolling Stones, Faces, or Lou Reed rather than the 80’s bands where the musicians cut their teeth.… Continue reading

Top 10 Scary-looking Bands (Who Aren’t Scary At All)

black-veil-bridesSome bands develop their persona with their sound, and others develop it through a style. Both forms of creativity give audiences and fans an opportunity to portray bands/artists as a “character” when they walk on stage. Most of the time, people outside of the rock music scene view these bands and artists as “scary”. When in reality they are nothing but creative musical geniuses. 10 of the “scariest bands” may be Slipknot, Mayhem, Marilyn Manson, KISS, Slayer, Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White, Rammstein, Disturbed, and Suicide Silence.… Continue reading

B-Sides Top 10 Songs: Week Ending 10/22/2016 – Two Door Cinema Club On Top

top-10With their latest album, Gameshow, recently released, Two Door Cinema Club keeps a hold of the top spot on the chart with minimal movement in the top four positions. The 1975 maintain the fourth slot as COIN moves up to the runner-up position. New music by Kings of Leon debuts on the chart, coinciding with the band’s latest studio album, Walls, which was just released. Check out this week’s Top 10! … Continue reading

LIVE REVIEW: Rooney – Ft. Lauderdale, FL Oct. 18, 2016


On Tuesday, October 18th Rooney played in South Florida at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It’s not the first time that Robert Coppola Schwartzman of Rooney has visited the Sunshine State or the venue in a small strip mall around the mile from the beach. Being near the beach was highly appropriate for the tour of the newest album Washed Away.

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