On Radar: The Big East – Hungry Ghosts

The Big East has been lovingly referred to as “yacht rock”. I am still trying to come to terms with this moniker, as I don’t really know what it means. Does it mean that only rich people can listen to The Big East? Does it mean I need to buy a pair of loafers and part my hair to the side? Does it mean I need to love in Connecticut? Or… does it mean that I need to cut my balls off like I were a eunuch, cause that’s what I hear when I hear that particular term…

If I were The Big East, I would be pissed…

But, I can appreciate some good music, no matter what, and The Big East’s latest record,Hungry Ghosts, is no different. There are some genuinely good tunes on this record. Albeit they can sound watered-down. But that’s OK, it’s part of the charm. The record begins with some balls…. With the energetic and catchy “The Wild Life”, which then bleeds right into its sister song “Too Far Gone”. Back to back head boppers that would have fit nicely on the radio in 1994… which was a tremendous year for barely boiling rock music.

That’s when things get slower… much slower… “What Dreams May Come”, “Across the Water”, and “Shine On” could be AOR staples… and are really good pieces of songwriting. The song on this record that is really tremendously good, however, is “Muskoka Time”. A sing-along, sundown, duet that has to be sung out loud. Good Stuff….

Hungry Ghosts is atmospheric, lofty, with good songwriting, and will bring you good, quality time with your father cause he will certainly like this record too.

So… “yacht rock”? OK…. whatever… just listen to the damn record.