VIDEO: Interview Warped Tour 2015- 3PM Talk Catering, Social Media

3PM-bandWarped Tour is known for giving young bands a chance to get lots of exposure while putting them through the paces of non-stop touring and gaining new fans. 3PM know the value of this and signed onto the 2015 Warped Tour as the catering band. The Baltimore-based band may not be a billed performer but helping serve food to the bands on the bill will ultimately help 3PM build relationships with other bands and get them in front of potential new fans. Recent catering bands, Boy Meets World(2014), and Uh Huh Baby Yeah!(2012) had gone on to play Warped Tour as a billed performer. The trio of 3PM have a strong following and with a couple of albums under their belt, the Warped Tour crowd should welcome them into their ears.

B-Sides met up with 3PM during the second Warped Tour stop in Mountain View, CA. The band spoke with B-Sides host, Pete Mar, about a variety of topics to get to know the band, what they’ve learned as a catering band and more.

Check out the interview here-

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