phish-rolling-stone1This past Tuesday, Phish phans were given another scoop of audible Phish Food, with the release of the bands twelfth album “Fuego.” While new music is always exciting for fans of any band, Phish is a different breed of artist. Where some bands expand on their sound for years, Phish tends to play it safe, because their fans know as well as they do, it’s all about the live experience. Phish are known for their live jam sessions, which sometimes end up leaving the band with a four song setlist played over the course of a couple hours.

The band formed in 1983 at the University of Vermont, and are still runniphish-logo-blackng stronger than ever, despite never landing a song in the Top 20 Billboard charts. The band boasts a fan base that resembles more of a cult following, akin to Deadheads, or the Kiss Army, the fans call themselves “Phans.” It’s this dedicated following that allows the band to continue with such success, despite never really breaking through to a mainstream audience.

Phish is certainly not for everybody, but with over 8 million albums sold, countless sold out concerts and festival appearances, and even a Ben & Jerry’s flavor named after them, it’s hard to argue with their longevity. Aside from their four year hiatus from ’04-’08, the band has been going strong for thirty-one years, and with a new album out, and plans for a summer tour, they show no sign of slowing down.