Brandon Boyd, frontman of Incubus, will debut a new musical project called Sons of the Sea with a four song EP titled ‘Compass’. The material will be released digitally on June 25th and will feature work from Boyd and longtime Incubus producer Brendan O’Brien, (Pearl Jam, The Killers, Rage Against the Machine).

Centered on piano and guitar and brimming with strings, bells, organs and retro synth, ‘Compass’ recalls the sound of songwriting greats like The Beach Boys and Harry Nilsson while still hinting at the alternative rock Boyd is known for with Incubus. In recent years, Boyd, who co-founded Incubus in 1991, has focused on building a body of work that also includes visual art and writing. Boyd released his solo debut, ‘The Wild Trapeze,’ under his own name in 2010, and will publish his third book of paintings titled ‘So The Echo,’ concurrently with ‘Sons of The Sea’.

Track listing:
1. Space & Time
2. Come Together
3. Where All the Songs Come From
4. Lady Black