LIVE REVIEW: Nico Vega in Morrison, CO

Los Angeles act, Nico Vega, has been bouncing around the music scene for quite a while now but with an opening spot for Imagine Dragons and their new EP "Fury Oh Fury", they are now taking their energetic live shows to a whole new level. "This is one of the biggest tours we've ever played. Thank you so much for watching us and for listening to us play." gushed front woman Aja Volkman before launching into a whirlwind set that had a little something for everyone, including dancy-pop tracks ("Gravity"), heart-warming ballads ("Wooden Dolls") and powerhouse rock songs ("Fury Oh Fury").

LIVE REVIEW: Family of the Year in Denver CO

There is not much better than a cold beer and a warm venue on a cold Denver night. B-Sides came out to see Los Angeles band, Family of the Year, in Denver, CO after having heard so much about their dynamic live shows and falling madly in love with their single, "Hero." 3176

LIVE REVIEW: A Day to Remember, Denver CO

There are few bands who can put on a show quite like the lineup of A Day to Remember's "Right Back At It Again" tour. For those of you who weren't able to catch this tour, you missed out on some of the best bands currently representing the past, present and future of hardcore music. Up-and-comers Issues started off the night with a bang. Playing through their debut EP Black Diamonds, including debut singles "King of Amarillo" and "Princeton Ave", the band warmed up the crowd for the sure insanity that was to come. These boys represent the future

LIVE REVIEW: Night Verses in Denver, CO

With a lineup that has most alternative rock fans drooling in anticipation, Letilive, HRVRD, Night Verses, Conditions and Rescuer all held their own for the night in Denver Colorado, delivering dynamic performances that would certainly put most other tours in 2013 to shame. However, we here at B-Sides were here to see one band in particular and that band is Night Verses. Night Verses was born when former The Sleeping vocalist Douglas Robinson joined instrumentalists Nick DePirro, Reilly Herrera and Aric Improta out in Los Angeles after Robinson heard the band play at a local venue. Formerly an instrumental band, Robinson's

LIVE REVIEW: Shakey Graves in Austin, TX

Alejandro Rose-Garcia, known as Shakey Graves, is my favorite Austin act of the year and possibly my favorite local performer ever. NPR just named him one of, “10 Artists You Should Have Known in 2012,” and they couldn't have made a better selection. Aside from breaking hearts with his music, he played “The Swede” on Friday Night Lights a few years back as the heart throb life guard who lured little Julie Taylor away from Matt Saracen. As much as I was obsessed with the Julie/Matt love fest, I can't blame the girl for falling for his big ol' brown eyes and

LIVE REVIEW: Motionless in White in Denver CO

2012 has been a big year for goth-metalcore band Motionless in White. After becoming one of the “Must-See” bands on this year’s impressive Warped Tour line-up, Motionless debuted their new sound on their second full-length album Infamous. MIW is now on the Infamous tour, their first full-headlining tour across the nation, and one thing is for sure - there is nothing “motionless” about this band. Support bands Crown the Empire, Upon this Dawning, Stick to Your Guns and Chelsea Grin riled the crowd each in their own right but nothing matches the devotion and intense energy evoked by the black-clad crowd

LIVE REVIEW: Anberlin in Denver 10/16

Anberlin recently released their 6th studio album Vital to glowing reviews and embarked on one of their most prestigious tours to date, opening for the Smashing Pumpkins.  We here at B-Sides got to see the band perform in Denver the day their new album was released and if there is one band that seems to get better with every performance, its Anberlin. The first track off their new album “Self-Starter” started the set with a storm of sound and energy that have marked Anberlin as one of the most dynamic live bands on the scene - and despite the lackluster response from the

LIVE REVIEW: Marilyn Manson in Denver, CO 10/2

As a fan, you often wonder where your $60+ for a ticket to a big show goes. The band just stands there and plays – you need $60 for that? This isn’t the case at a Marilyn Manson show. You have no doubt that 100% of that ticket price goes towards giving you, the fan, one of the most memorable nights of your life. The theme music to “Suspiria” faded and the curtain fell. A masked Manson strutted out onstage, instantly commanding the attention of the hoard of black-clad, heavily made-up fans who roared their adulation. He launched the set with

LIVE REVIEW: Built to Spill- Denver, CO

Sister Crayon opened the show with a moody vibe that matched their equally moody electronic sound. Enigmatic front-woman Terra Lopez bobbed and weaved in between the low lights, her haunting vocals resonated over the crowd. Songs like “(in)Reverse”  showed off the “techie” side of Sister Crayon’s sound but unless you are a techie-music nerd, you probably won’t appreciate half of what’s going on onstage during a their show. Where they really shine is during songs like “Thief Boxer, Asleep”, which has an authentic human element when Terra Lopez abandons the technology and sings out in an almost-opera soprano voice. She lowered the

LIVE REVIEW: August Burns Red in Denver, CO

The Overseer knew they had a tall order as the opening band for some of hardcore’s titans but they managed to rile the crowd into a tumultuous pile with songs like “Arkansas” and “Traitor”. The passion emoted by the band during the performance was impressive – this band clearly understood that as an opening band, they had to give more than 110% if they wanted to be remembered the next day after the performances the crowd was about to witness from the next few bands. I can guarantee more than a few people were converted to Overseer fans and we

LIVE REVIEW: Refused in Denver, CO

"People ask why we came back - we came back because of you, the fans, because we love you!" confessed Refused frontman Dennis Lyxzen to a packed show in Denver, CO. After a 15 year hiatus, Refused are back in action performing and touring, despite not having any new material to promote. We had the privilege of seeing the band in action at their show at the Ogden Theater and all we can say is, it was nothing short of a rock-n-roll religious experience. Fans sat in the dark for a good 10 minutes before the lights rose and the band

LIVE REVIEW: Neon Trees in Austin, TX

 Neon Trees lit up the stage at La Zona Rosa in Austin, TX. The venue was filled to capacity as Neon Trees had sold out the show. The line to get in before doors opened wrapped around the venue, as 1,200 fans camped out for the best spots in the Texas summer heat. The doors opened up and the crowd filed in. The lights went down as JJams and Penguin Prison opened up the show. A combination of slow rock and 80's beats got the crowd ready for the headlining performance by Utah native's Neon Trees.   Most people are familiar with Neon


When a band has become known for their explosive live sets and experimental rock sound, you never know quite what to expect when said band puts out a 100% electronic record - but then again, Los Angeles rockers Liars aren’t your average experimental rock band. Armed with their first fully electronic album “WIXIW” (wish you), Liars seem to have had little trouble in taking their cacophony of electronic sounds and fitting them into an already impressive live performance. Liars graced us with their presence at The Bluebird Theater in Denver on a balmy summer night. The fog rose in time with

LIVE REVIEW: Coldplay in Dallas, TX

 The lights go down and the crowd goes wild. B-Sides caught up to Coldplay in Dallas, TX last Saturday at the American Airlines Center. From the moment the stage is done being setup, it is apparent to the entire audience (all 18,000 or so) that this isn't just a concert. It is a celebration of music. Now after having played two nights in a row on most of their tour stops, you might expect a lack of energy from the second night. Not even a little bit. Chris Martin was as energetic as any front man could be, making the stage

LIVE REVIEW: Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat in Austin, TX

Tuesday night at The Backyard in Austin, TX brought together some truly talented artists for a great show, and B-Sides was there! Colbie Callait came onstage after Andy Grammer warmed up the crowd on the warm Texas afternoon. Speaking to the crowd about the perils of love, and sharing heart felt advice with all the women in the audience, Colbie Callait managed a cute, and warm beginning to a nice evening. Playing songs from her latest album "All of You" and her latest single "Favorite Song,"  along with hits like "Bubbly" and "Brighter than the Sun."   After a great set by Colbie,

LIVE REVIEW: Snoop Dogg in Austin, TX

2 months after announcing his new album "Reincarnated" which will also feature a documentary, Snoop Dogg hits the stage at Austin's historic Stubbs BBQ, and B-Sides was there.  Drawing a crowd of all ages and from all walks of life, the sold out show this past Friday night was ripe with anticipation. After a truly crowd rousing opening by Phranchyze, people were ready for Snoop. The subwoofers were cranked to 11, and the crowd began to cheer. Snoop appeared on stage in a rasta-colored beanie, sporting equally rasta-themed glasses, and his iconic, enormous, Snoop Dogg "ring." 1051

LIVE REVIEW: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros just dropped their new album but we here at B-Sides got to see the band in action back in March, fresh off their highly-acclaimed performance and screening of “Big Easy Express” at SXSW. The Magnetic Zeros delivered a spell-binding performance to the sold-out crowd at the Ogden Theater in Denver, CO. The venue hummed with the sound of conversations that  turned into a chorus of cheers when the band members strode out on stage. Lead vocalist Alex Ebert crouched down in front of the stage mumbling something about how they had just been in the