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Miss Ohio

On Radar: Miss Ohio – White Hot

Miss Ohio Best Of CoverMiss Ohio finds itself in esteemed company. Some have compared them to the alt-country of Wilco without the artiness. They can jangle like Pavement, without the quirkiness, and the band have been straddling this Jersey grit / Americana line for 10+ years. The band now has a “best of” record entitled White Hot – The Best of Miss Ohio which is good enough to be in the same breath as those two bands above, but never received their fair chance. White Hot – The Best of Miss Ohio is exactly what it says. 12 really great examples of songwriting that rarely finds a down point. The album is raw enough to kink the muscles in… Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Thirsty – Albatross

untitledUK’s Thirsty puts out really good music. When you mix former members of the notorious rock band The Quireboys, with renowned Russian lyricist and poet Irina D, and members of Squeeze and Saint Jude, something interesting happens. Thirsty formed in 2014 and released their self-titled debut shortly after to critical fanfare. The band typically writes songs based on the three-minute rule of 50’s rock, and the mantra of less is more, but the band’s cool mixture of rock and blues is cut from the same cloth as the Rolling Stones, Faces, or Lou Reed rather than the 80’s bands where the musicians cut their teeth.… Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Green Day – Revolution Radio

thbnoqp1ylLittle did they know it then, but Green Day would eventually give birth to a new genre of music dubbed “pop-punk”, and with it have spawned snot-nosed, nasal vocal, dye-jobs that pale in comparison to the originals. Green Day have ridden a wave from punk darlings, to multi-platinum success, critical acclaim, street-cred, and eventually the likes of Broadway never really straying to far from the formula of loud guitars, catchy hooks, and skinny ties. Their last project, 2012’s Uno, Dos and Tres were noted missteps without a real narrative. Revolution Radio comes at a time when rock n roll is having a bit of a resurgence, even though it never really went away, and works hard to fit in the band’s canon.… Continue reading

Album Review: Phantogram – Three

Phantogram released a new album named “Three.” The name suits the duo perfectly as the name Phantogram is derivative of the word describing two-dimensional images that appear three dimensional. Fun factoid for the name three as the title is only called Three however it may have ties to the origins of their performance name.… Continue reading

ON RADAR: Almanac Mountain – Cryptoseismology

untitled1Almanac Mountain is an extremely remote peak in the forests of Maine. It is also the moniker of a band fronted by one, Chris Cote. The progressive-pop sounds of the band, mirror the loneliness of the mountain itself and is translated on their new record Cryptoseismology. Recorded in the depths of a long New England winter, a cold, knife-like, uncomfortable, and isolated  sound permeates the record and brings a chill to the music. Lush, and vibrant with a monotone reserved for Depeche Mode, the record forces to be listened to with undivided attention to pick up the nuances that give Almanac Mountain such and fresh and original sound.… Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Beach Slang – A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings

beach-slang-2Beach Slang is a punk band from, the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA. The band brings an energetic mix of punk rock ruckus, melodic dissonance, and anti-pop. They have strung together a list of EP’s and compilations with one full length record, 2015’s The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us, to critical acclaim. The band has regrouped,  after what seemed like a continuous touring cycle, to record their follow up A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings. The record follows in the footsteps of it predecessor with smart, loud, and aggressive pop-hooks, driving guitars, with the fingerprints of nostalgia all over it.… Continue reading

ON-RADAR: dINMachine – The Opposite of Unity

dindiNMachine is a collective of musicians hailing from the musical bio dome of New York City. Driven by composer Michael Schumacher, and a bevy of musicians with world class pedigrees ranging from the Julliard School of Music to the Jazz Conservatory in Vienna, they put aside their classical chops in favor of a trip into electro-pop, and avant-garde dance music. The result is The Opposite of Unity an ambitious and challenging record full of interesting,  but good,  uses of the word dance.… Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Glass Animals – How To Be A Human Being

Glass Animals has a unique blend of styles which across many genres. One of their most influential undertones is Trip-Hop and Rock with How To Be A Human Being they create a precise blend of the two. When you listen to their newest album, you become engulfed by the sound as well lyrics.

Trip-hop is a subgenre that originated in the 90s time frame and attributed to being created in the UK. The first mainstream duo to gain traction was Massive Attack. Moving forward artist like RJD2 and Nightmares on Wax paved the way for bands like Glass Animals to gain an already created audience.… Continue reading

ON-RADAR: The Grand Undoing – Sparks Rain Down from the Lights of Love

The%20Grand%20Undoing%20publicity%20photo%20by%20Steven%20DuarteI love music that sets open spaces on fire. David Bowie would do that. He would take something completely original and make it even more original, and then make it just fucking weird, and then would set it on fire. I think what I mean by that is he would take a concept that was avant-garde, and way on the fringes, and make it mainstream….. essentially setting it ablaze. While many would think that an abomination, Bowie was so fucking cool, that avant-garde would gravitate toward him, and not the other way around. Springsteen was like that too, and The Talking Heads, and REM, and Patti Smith, and Sonic Youth, and Aphex Twin, and host of other iconic artists that set everything around them ablaze.… Continue reading

ON-RADAR: The Tigerlillies – 123456 EP

The Tigerlilies Publicity PhotoGarage Rock is alive and well in Ohio. The Tigerlillies bring their post-punk anthems of cotton candy with bloody stems and feedback to light on their new EP 123456. The band brings a mash up of The Kinks, The Beach Boys, and The Buzzcocks that is hard to ignore, with hooks that would make any teeny-bopper, producer turn their heads. The Tigerlillies offer a smashing live show; amassing a cult following touring with the likes of Joan Jett, Paul Weller, and Guided by Voices.… Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: ZHU – GenerationWhy

Hot off the press! ZHU has dropped his debut album called GenerationWhy. Who is Zhu? He’s a Chinese-American electronic genius that signed to Mind of a Genius label back in 2014. GenerationWhy is his debut album, and ZHU did not fall short of his expectations. Working with huge names like Kaskade and Skrillex he is definitely in the right crowd.

As intellectually amusing as the GenerationWhy album’s title is the music is ever wittier. When you first drop the needle on the Intro, you feel like you are in some femme fatale nightclub scene where it’s about to go down. The album is very eclectic and reminds you of Daft Punk but with Skrillex attitude. ZHU’s grooves on GenerationWhy are certainly in line with such a picturesque film-noir movie scene.… Continue reading


Dinosaur Jr. – Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

When people think of the pioneers of alternative and indie rock they tend to focus their energy on Sonic Youth or Radiohead. While debatably they are considered great bands it leaves much to be desired because of the over hype and excessive play. The are many times that you hear a song from a band that’s overplayed, and you become extremely uninterested and possibly bored. If you find yourself in that position, you may need a different band to keep it fresh.

Dinosaur Jr. arrived on the scene around the same time as Sonic Youth. However, they are rarely backlogged when bringing up that era of music. Dinosaur Jr. is an underappreciated band, and it’s about time that they are in the spotlight once again. Their album Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not was their first reunion release since 2012. It’s been four years of waiting for the fans and music community.… Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Shura – Nothing’s Real

Most debut albums are produced without any artistic restriction from major record labels. Without corporate control, the artist can create music with more freedom. Thankfully, Shura was able to show her true talent with Nothing’s Real. The album is lyrically genius to the likes of Joni Mitchel’s Blue and modernly energetic to the feel of Yelle.

The first song on Nothing’s Real is “(i)” or what could be the entrance song to a planetarium. Upon entering the exhibit, you embrace the humble, warm, and welcoming tones of Shura’s music. You immediately sense the emotion, love, and her tender feelings as you would staring at the universe through a telescope for the first time. The album is a telescope to Shura’s universe, and it’s epic.… Continue reading

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