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LISTEN: Top 3 Tracks ON-REPEAT – Sylvan Esso, Mother Mother, Broken Back

bsides-logo-cassette-repeatTunes tunes tunes! Our Tunes for Tuesday on our Instagram story this week puts the spotlight on great new music that’s been ON-REPEAT here at B-Sides. Sylvan Esso performed at a handful of dates in 2016 that included festival appearances, all the while working on their upcoming sophomore release. The duo released the track “Radio” over the summer and now have just released “Kick Jump Twist”. Vancouver-based Mother Mother will be releasing their sixth studio album, No Culture in February 2017, of which, the track “The Drugs” has been released as the first single. Our third artist in our spotlight is the French artist, Broken Back, the stage name for Jérôme Fagnet. Fagnet was on the path towards a bright future, having co-founded two start-ups while finishing his studies. However, a displaced vertebra forced him to immobilization, during which he utilized his spare time creating music and produced an EP that would go on to receive strong online reviews and millions of streams for the track “Halcyon Birds”. “Better Run” is off the recently released self-titled debut album, demonstrating that Broken Back is an act to keep On-Radar. Check out all the tunes!… Continue reading

LISTEN: Top 3 Tracks ON-REPEAT- Will Sparks, The Avalanches, Mr. Little Jeans

bsides-logo-cassette-repeatTunes tunes tunes! Our Tunes for Tuesday on our Instagram story this week puts the spotlight on new music that’s been ON-REPEAT here at B-Sides. The EDM community in Australia is strong with young talent that includes Will Sparks, who gained significant attention in 2013 with the track, “Bring It Back”. The track “Gorilla” is a collaboration with fellow Aussie Tyron Hapi and English artist, Luciana Caporaso. The Avalanches are another Australian act, who up until 2016, have been outside the public eye since the early 2000s. With only their second album still in the works, the track “Frankie Sinatra” was released in June 2016 and immediately got the attention of many. Mr. Little Jeans is the stage name of Norwegian singer-songwriter, Monica Birkenes who’s now based in Los Angeles. After gaining notable attention with her cover of “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire, Mr. Little Jeans has been heard in various commercials, television and movie productions. “Stitches” is in our spotlight and is a track off the album Pocketknife. Check out all the tunes!… Continue reading

LISTEN: Top 3 Songs ON-REPEAT – Charli XCX, The Shins, CRX

bsides-logo-cassette-repeatTunes tunes tunes! Our Tunes for Tuesday on our Instagram story this week puts the spotlight on new music that’s been highly anticipated and have been ON-REPEAT here at B-Sides. 2012 was when we last got new material from The Shins with their album, Port of Morrow. A one-off single, “Dead Alive” was released last week and as lead singer/songwriter James Mercer stated, it’s the band’s “Halloween gift while you wait for the album”, in reference to their forthcoming album slated to be released in 2017. A new, yet-untitled album is also in the works for Charli XCX, who just released the track, “After the Afterparty”, which features Lil Yachty. While The Strokes are working on their next album, guitarist Nick Valensi has branched out with a new band, CRX, who just released their debut album, New Skin. Check out the track “Ways to Fake It” and the other songs we have on repeat!… Continue reading

LISTEN: Top 3 Songs ON-REPEAT – Drake, Rag N’ Bone Man, BANKS

bsides-logo-cassette-repeatTunes tunes tunes! Our Tunes for Tuesday on our Instagram story this week we spotlight three songs that have been ON-REPEAT here at B-Sides. As is the status quo these days, big name artists just drop new music without much forewarning. Drake did just that last week with a handful of new tracks including the very addictive, “Fake Love” and comes from his forthcoming album, More Life. Rag N’ Bone Man is the pseudonym for British singer-songwriter Rory Graham, who started working in music as an MC and hip-hop rapper. Transitioning into a singer was natural for the UK artist, as he’s put out a few EPs since 2012 and is on the rise with the track, “Human”. BANKS is back with a new album, The Altar, which was released last month and the track, “Gemini Feed” is just one example of why we love her music.… Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Thirsty – Albatross

untitledUK’s Thirsty puts out really good music. When you mix former members of the notorious rock band The Quireboys, with renowned Russian lyricist and poet Irina D, and members of Squeeze and Saint Jude, something interesting happens. Thirsty formed in 2014 and released their self-titled debut shortly after to critical fanfare. The band typically writes songs based on the three-minute rule of 50’s rock, and the mantra of less is more, but the band’s cool mixture of rock and blues is cut from the same cloth as the Rolling Stones, Faces, or Lou Reed rather than the 80’s bands where the musicians cut their teeth.… Continue reading

LISTEN: Top 3 Songs ON-REPEAT – Lido, Declan McKenna, Christine and the Queens

bsides-logo-cassette-repeatTunes tunes tunes! Our Tunes for Tuesday on our Instagram story this week we spotlight three songs that have been ON-REPEAT here at B-Sides. There’s been a lot of momentum behind the artist, Lido since his performance at Coachella earlier this year, where he debuted his entire album live. Speaking of, he just dropped his debut album Everything which features some collaborative contributions from Jaden Smith, Halsey, Vic Mensa, Towkio and others. B-Sides has been a supporter of Declan McKenna since the release of his song, “Brazil” and he’s been on a roll since. McKenna has performed at numerous U.S. festivals and getting plays at radio in both the US and UK. Christine and the Queens is Nantes-born Héloïse Letissier. She wrote, composed, arranged… Continue reading

LISTEN: Top 3 Tracks ON-REPEAT – Judah and the Lion, MUNA, Kings of Leon 

bsides-logo-cassette-repeatTunes tunes tunes! Our Tunes for Tuesday on our Instagram story this week has three great tracks that have been ON-REPEAT. Judah and the Lion released their sophomore album Folk Hop N’ Roll earlier this year and have been on the road since. Riding on the increased profile from the song “Take It All Back”, the Nashville based band has played numerous sold out shows, SXSW and their first appearance at Bonnaroo. After catching the world’s attention with a string of self-released songs in 2015, MUNA released their debut EP Loudspeaker in mid 2016. The addictive title track is described as “a song about being alive in a world which demands that when we suffer abuse, we silence ourselves…and about essentially refusing… Continue reading

ON RADAR: Almanac Mountain – Cryptoseismology

untitled1Almanac Mountain is an extremely remote peak in the forests of Maine. It is also the moniker of a band fronted by one, Chris Cote. The progressive-pop sounds of the band, mirror the loneliness of the mountain itself and is translated on their new record Cryptoseismology. Recorded in the depths of a long New England winter, a cold, knife-like, uncomfortable, and isolated  sound permeates the record and brings a chill to the music. Lush, and vibrant with a monotone reserved for Depeche Mode, the record forces to be listened to with undivided attention to pick up the nuances that give Almanac Mountain such and fresh and original sound.… Continue reading

LISTEN: Three Tracks ON-REPEAT – Billie Eilish, Knox Hamilton, Green Day

bsides-logo-cassette-repeatA lot of great music has come out recently and we just featured three awesome tracks on our Instagram story! Born and raised in Los Angeles by two actor/musician parents, Billie Eilish grew up surrounded by art. She began singing in the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus when she was 8 years old. Now at the “seasoned” age 13, Billie has begun releasing her own original material, produced and co-written by her older brother Finneas O’Connell (Of The Slightlys). Late 2015, Billie’s song “Ocean Eyes” and entire presence made a very impressive impact within the music world from Hypemachine #1, to Zane Lowe and Jaden Smith’s endorsement on their respective Beats1 shows, to local LA KCRW radio support from the likes of Jason Kramer, Chris Douridas, and Anne Litt – all the way across the Atlantic to Annie Mac playing it on her BBC1 show. Knox Hamilton is back with new material this year with their self-described “sound that’s as likely to make you want to visit the beach as it is to move your feet.” Their track “Washed Up Together” does just that. Finally, Green Day is coming back strong this year with their 12th studio album set to be released on October 7, 2016. The title track, “Revolution Radio” was released last week and showcases the trio from Oakland, CA on point.… Continue reading

ON-RADAR: dINMachine – The Opposite of Unity

dindiNMachine is a collective of musicians hailing from the musical bio dome of New York City. Driven by composer Michael Schumacher, and a bevy of musicians with world class pedigrees ranging from the Julliard School of Music to the Jazz Conservatory in Vienna, they put aside their classical chops in favor of a trip into electro-pop, and avant-garde dance music. The result is The Opposite of Unity an ambitious and challenging record full of interesting,  but good,  uses of the word dance.… Continue reading

ON-RADAR: vverevvolf, Falcon A!, BullyWest

vverevvolfThe San Francisco bay area music scene is thriving with lots of great musical talent that’s as diverse as its population. Three bands who are On-Radar include vverevvolf, BullyWest and Falcon A!. Berkeley-based synthpop duo vverevvolf is comprised of of Kelsey LaRae and Dylan Gallagher, who met in a music class while in college and decided to collaborate when each were impressed with the other’s talent. They described their music as “navigating the huge canvas of pop music and using it as a means to explore shifting identities.” The track “Cruel Games” is bubbling up and is a great introduction to what the band has in store. BullyWest is a four-piece from the East Bay consisting of Manny Velez(vocals, guitar), Jesse Gale(guitar), Shane DeLea(bass) and Bernt Strom(drums). The band recently released their EP Bet on Black and are playing select California dates in support of the release. Falcon A! is a punk band whose raucous energy and sound translates well in its recordings as well as their live sets. Their album, So Rad, was recently released and four-man band from Antioch, CA will hit the road in support of the album.… Continue reading

ON-RADAR: Story Untold

story untoldIn today’s generation it’s common to find rising stars on social media. YouTube is a main contributor to finding incredible talent floating around.  In this case, YouTube brought Story Untold’s lead man, Janick Thibault, into the spotlight. Thibault created his YouTube channel back in 2007, covering hit songs with a rock vibe to them.  Five years later, Thibault created a four-man band known as Amazing and in 2016, Amasic was renamed Story Untold after making the announcement on YouTube in a comical fashion.  Now consisting of Janick Thibault (vocalist and songwriter), Jessy Bergy (lead guitarist), Mehdi Zidani (drummer), Max Cloutier (rhythm guitarist), and Aiden Von Rose (bassist).  Together, the band creates pop-rock songs that have quickly gained attention. … Continue reading

ON-RADAR: The Grand Undoing – Sparks Rain Down from the Lights of Love

The%20Grand%20Undoing%20publicity%20photo%20by%20Steven%20DuarteI love music that sets open spaces on fire. David Bowie would do that. He would take something completely original and make it even more original, and then make it just fucking weird, and then would set it on fire. I think what I mean by that is he would take a concept that was avant-garde, and way on the fringes, and make it mainstream….. essentially setting it ablaze. While many would think that an abomination, Bowie was so fucking cool, that avant-garde would gravitate toward him, and not the other way around. Springsteen was like that too, and The Talking Heads, and REM, and Patti Smith, and Sonic Youth, and Aphex Twin, and host of other iconic artists that set everything around them ablaze.… Continue reading

ON RADAR: DJ Ansolo and Ansel Elgort- “Home Alone”

Ansel Elgort

There’s a new player in the music game and it’s not his first time in the spotlight. DJ Ansolo and Ansel Elgort have created a smash hit EDM jam. “The EDM is in Our Stars” as Ansel Elgort known for his role in “The Fault in Our Stars” hit the track right out of the park. On July 22nd DJ Ansolo, which “true-mor” has it is Ansel Elgort’s DJ alter persona, released his very first track named “Home Alone.”

This track is by far the best tease. You listen to “Home Alone” and have no other choice but to hit repeat over and over again because that’s all they gave you. DJ Ansolo and Ansel Elgort provides an excellent appetizer with Home Alone leaving you starving for a killer album.… Continue reading

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