PHOTO RECAP: X Games 2016 – BMX Competitions

As with its counterpart in skateboarding, BMX Vert also began the BMX action at X Games Austin 2016. But in direct opposition to Skate Vert, BMX Vert gave us a podium filled with veterans and the old guard of the sport. Returning back to his familiar place on top of the podium was Jamie Bestwick, scoring his 14th X Games gold medal, one year after being dethroned after winning gold for nine straight years. Bestwick commented that he was actually relieved to have not won gold last year, as it took the pressure off of him to continue to win

PHOTO RECAP: X Games 2016 – Moto-X Competitions

X Games' final year in Texas was kicked off in its usual manner, starting with Lifeproof Motocross Step Up at the Circuit of the America's in Austin.  The event took place after several days of heavy rain and flooding which led to concerns over dirt conditions.  The result of the event was a shocking change of medals with Ronnie Renner failing to medal in the event for the first time since 2002, and Australian Jarryd McNeil winning his first of two gold medals (Step up/Best Whip).  2016 also saw the return of popular Moto event such as Freestyle and MotoX Best

PHOTO RECAP: X Games 2016 Skate Competitions

Skateboarding’s portion of X Games Austin 2016 kicked off Friday afternoon with the Skate Vert competition. Due to the absence of longtime competitor Andy Macdonald and an injury to defending gold medalist Pierre-Luc Gagnon, the starting field skewed noticeably towards the younger side, providing a breath of fresh air into the showdown. Britain’s Sam Beckett pulled in the gold medal with a high-flying and technical run. Moto Shibata won the silver medal, becoming the first Japanese medalist in X Games skateboarding history with a throwback run filled with many airs made popular back in the early days

The Edwardian Ball Still Going Strong After 16 Years

It’s that time of year where fans of author Edward Gorey celebrate the works of the revered author and illustrator for the Edwardian Ball. This year marks the sweet 16 anniversary of the event, which takes place over the course of two nights in San Francisco, Friday and Saturday, January 22 & 23, 2016 and also in Los Angeles, February 26, 2016. As described by the event organizers, costumed and enthusiastic attendees traveling from across the nation and from all corners of the globe flock to this West Coast celebration for a delightful blend of ballroom dancing, live music, riveting

ACL 2015 Style Guide: Guys, We Didn’t Forget About You

  Festival fashion isn't just a thing for the ladies anymore.  Men's fashion at shows is now just as important.  With such a wide variety of talent playing at Austin City Limits this year, you can't really go wrong with many different style expressions.  A quirky and bright button- down, tee, or tank is a great way to stand out in a simple way.  This look is a perfect way to show style without looking like you take yourself way too seriously. 12400

Austin City Limits Style Guide: What We’ll Be Wearing

      These days, festivals are all about fashion as much as they are music.  Designers, celebrities, models, and bloggers flock to festivals rocking the latest trends, but now anyone has a good chance of ending up on a best dressed list or street style post.  As festival season comes to a close, fall pieces are hitting the stores making ACL the perfect place to try out some of the latest trends. The heat makes it slightly trickier when trying to decide what to buy, pack, and wear at ACL.  Fall styles are in, but no one wants to run from show to

Top 15 Summer Songs: August Edition

Each year, August brings with it that bittersweet realization that summer is coming to a close.  Nostalgia for crazy nights, road trips, and perfect days begins to creep up as you begin to wonder where the past few months have gone.  But don't start mourning just yet!  Plenty of time remains for a few more shenanigans and we've even got you covered with a playlist. 11969

PHOTOS: X Games Austin 2015 Day Three + Four

With days three and four of X Games Austin 2015 came a weekend of heat in the mid 90’s and high humidity, as well as amazing spectacles of action sports. Curren Caples won the gold in Skateboard Park while Scott Speed took gold in Rally Car on the other side of the circuit. Saturday was action packed with BMX dirt and big air, as well as MotoX Speed and Style. Kyle Baldock was able to 3-peat, winning gold for the third time in a row in BMX Dirt. Colton Satterfield landed the first ever double flair

PHOTOS: X Games 2015 Day One + Two

X Games Austin 2015 got its start this weekend on the front steps of the state capital in Downtown Austin, TX with Moto X Step up, which saw Ronnie Renner once again taking gold, climbing 35 feet off the lip of the takeoff. On Friday X Games was in full swing at the Circuit of the Americas for Skate and BMX vert where Jamie Bestwick was dethroned as the king of the vert ramp, and PLG took back the crown in skate. Daniel Sandoval returned in BMX Park and went from Bronze last year, to gold. Friday ended with skateboard

PHOTOS: X Games Austin Day Three + Four

X Games 2014 as in full force over the weekend in Austin, TX with a huge turnout to see the best in BMX, Skate, Moto and RallyCross. With a musical lineup that included headliner Kanye West on Saturday and Flaming Lips on Sunday, attendees were entertained in a numerous variety of ways. The popular Skateboard Street was won handily by Nyjah Huston, who took gold in the event with a score of 95.00, the best ever in the competition. Silver and bronze was a closer race with Luan Oliveira and Alec Majerus winning medals, respectively. Unfortunately,

PHOTOS: X Games Austin Day Two- Big Air, BMX Street, Enduro X

The second day of competitions at X Games 2014 in Austin, TX showcased exciting events in Enduro X, Big Air and the Moto X Best Whip and Step Up Finals. Tom Schaar excited the crowd with his gold medal win in the Skateboard Big Air Final to become the youngest gold medal winner in the competition at age 14. Schaar won over Big Air veteran Bob Burnquist and was punctuated with a 720 over the gap and a 900 on the quarter-pipe. The BMX Street Finals started off the day with the seventh gold medal win by

PHOTOS: X Games Austin Day One- Skateboard, BMX Vert

The Summer X Games 2014 began its inaugural run in Austin, TX with world class athletes in the disciplines of skateboard, BMX, motocross and rally car. The event's first day was ushered in by the vert competitions in downtown Austin in front of the state capital and numerous events at the Circuit of Americas. Thursday's competitions kicked off with the BMX Vert and Skateboard Vert with the latter showcasing veterans Bucky Lasek, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Andy McDonald dueling it out with the likes of the younger Mitchie Brusco, 17, Jimmy Wilkins, 20 and Tom Schaar, 14. Wilkins would

How To Look Like Your Favorite Star

Have you ever stared at a picture of your favorite celebrity and wished you could look like them? Well thanks to many beauty and fashion lines partnering with celebrities of all sorts, now you can! For as long as the public has been infatuated with the beauty of certain celebrities, they've been partnering with brand names to help you achieve that look. 9286