ACL 2015 Style Guide: Guys, We Didn’t Forget About You

  Festival fashion isn't just a thing for the ladies anymore.  Men's fashion at shows is now just as important.  With such a wide variety of talent playing at Austin City Limits this year, you can't really go wrong with many different style expressions.  A quirky and bright button- down, tee, or tank is a great way to stand out in a simple way.  This look is a perfect way to show style without looking like you take yourself way too seriously. 12400

How To Look Like Your Favorite Star

Have you ever stared at a picture of your favorite celebrity and wished you could look like them? Well thanks to many beauty and fashion lines partnering with celebrities of all sorts, now you can! For as long as the public has been infatuated with the beauty of certain celebrities, they've been partnering with brand names to help you achieve that look. 9286

Fashion Recap: Grammy Awards 2014

Awards shows are a goldmine for celebrity fashion and trends that make a buzz. This year's Grammys had it all: lots of sparkles,dangerous necklines and classic men's suits. Of course, we can't ignore Pharrell's hat, the robots of Daft Punk or Madonna's grill. Let's take a look at some of our favorite looks by the women at the 56th Grammy Awards! 7483

Video Style: Ellie Goulding-“Goodness Gracious”

Ellie Goulding's latest video for her single "Goodness Gracious" is electrifying and an 80s dream. Shot in L.A., Ellie takes to the streets and beach in full-on neon, sequins and LED kicks. She's demonstrated she has the flare for style and her latest video exemplifies that. Let's take a look at what she has going on! 7334

Fashion Analysis: Taylor Swift Parties with New Bestie Lorde

Taylor Swift celebrated her 24th birthday earlier this month with an Australian garden party--and new best friend Lorde in tow. Tay shared photos from her whimsical and classy party on her Instagram account but the media couldn't keep their eyes off Lorde's presence. As you might remember, Lorde was feuding with Tay's bestie Selena Gomez earlier this summer after she slammed Gomez's "Come and Get It" for not agreeing with her views on feminism. Selena responded that pop queen bee Lorde is not supporting other women. 7138

Top 6: Ankle Booties

Boot season is in full swing. Bust out the Docs, the knee highs, the leather, the suede, and the favorites that have been around for years. When it comes to winter kicks, every girl's closet should contain a great pair of black boots for Monday through Friday, but when you want something fun and a bit unique for Saturday, great booties are the way to go. They pair well with both dresses and jeans, look great in bold colors and take up far less space which means you can own more (yay). I love every pair I have ever bought

90s Fashion: Should These Pieces Make a Comeback? (Part 2)

Last time we revisited 90s classics like crop tops, daisy print, Doc Martens, Spice Girls-inspired LBDs and chokers.  There was plenty more that encapsulated 90s fashion than the trademark plaid shirts and overalls of the early part of the decade.  The decade ended with a hodge-podge ranging from backwards red baseball caps courtesy of Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit to the frosted tips and all white outfits from the impending ubiquitous boy bands.  Now we take a look at the trends we couldn't escape during the decade that Michael Jordan dominated in basketball, Howard Stern brought "real talk" to the

90s Fashion: Should These Pieces Make a Comeback? (Part 1)

Every decade of fashion comes back around: 60s & 70s floppy hats, wide-legged jeans and flower head pieces; 80s bright colors and flashy kicks and we've seen the 90s wave coming for a while now. The Nirvana flannel and beanie look is expected, but what about these long lost items below? Would you try and relive the 90s through these pieces? 6017

What is up with Alexa Chung?

She’s got a new book out called "It", a Mulberry bag named after her, official awards for her style, collaborations with retailers, a makeup line, and is a co-anchor for Fuse News. But is Alexa Chung really our new It Girl? Is she our modern pinnacle of cool and the new subject of international emulation? If she is, I suppose you can count me out of the cool crowd. 6478

Top 6: Halloween Costumes That Keep on Giving

Tis the season for expression through fashion in its most exaggerated and creative way... Halloween costumes. My offenses include a repeat princess phase, many classic skeletons, zombies and pumpkins, and one year as an elaborate recreation of Mt.  Rushmore that almost got me thrown off a bus. I've since decided that the idea of a disposable outfit representing hours of work doesn't do it for me or my budget. 6282

Top Picks: 5 Great Coats for Fall

It is a good indication that Summer is in her death throes when I can no longer take the dog for his nighttime walk without bringing something cozy along. This of course means that the search for the perfect fall coat begins. San Francisco weather makes the classic light-weight puffy coat a  la Uniqlo or GAP ideal for unexpected weather and versatility, but I urge you to expand your wardrobe and invest in a piece that will carry you fashionably though the these colder months. Here are my picks for a season of warmth and style: 5895

Video Style: Kings of Leon- “Supersoaker”

King of Leon's "Supersoaker" video released last month is a pretty good visual tribute to Grease with an Instagram filter. Their album Mechanical Bull is out this week and while past "Video Style" posts have mainly focused on women's fashion, the boys who originally grouped together in Nashville brought a solid combo of white tees with rolled sleeves and leather moto jackets. Main man Caleb Followill sports a good denim-on-denim look with a  worn grey tee under a jean vest. Denim-on-denim work a lot better with different washes--a lighter denim vest is safe with darker wash jeans and a comfortable heather grey

What to Wear: Austin City Limits Music Festival

Heading to Austin City Limits for both or one of the festival weekends?  Even if you're indigenous to the area, the weather is never a surefire bet.  It could be hot and humid in the afternoon and suddenly you may find yourself in the midst of a thunderstorm.  Anyone remember the downpours at ACL 2012?  Either way, ACL is a time to take in the great music, make new friends, enjoy the amazing food and of course, look somewhat presentable all the while!  Regardless if you're into EDM, folk-rock or have an adult-contemporary side that will be filled to the