ALBUM REVIEW: Crush Songs by Karen O

  Back in 2006 and 2007, at the center of the hype-storm for the Yeah Yeah Yeah's grammy success, Karen O wrote and recorded the material on her current 2014 album release “Crush Songs”. The album offers a wistful retrospective as O looks back on where she was emotionally during that time. “When I was 27, I crushed a lot,” she says of her new solo album, “I wasn’t sure I’d ever fall in love again. These songs were written and recorded in private around this time. They are the soundtrack to what was an ever-continuing love crusade.”   Karen O has now

ALBUM REVIEW: Get Hurt by The Gaslight Anthem

  The Gaslight Anthem have come a long way since their last “punk” album “American Slang” (2010). The former-punk outfit have consistently been moving away from their old sound and embracing a more modern rock sound. The last album “Handwritten” (2012) showed a more mellow side to the band's sound, a sound they continue to explore and grow in on their new album “Get Hurt”. Some fans and critics have openly knocked the new album for its “in-cohesive sound” and calling the album an experiment “gone awry” for the band. However, regardless of the critiques on sound, there has to be something

ALBUM REVIEW: Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey

  As talented as she is controversial, sultry songstress Lana Del Rey is back with her third studio album “Ultraviolence”. While promoting the album last month, Del Rey came under fire for her comments in an interview when she romanticized the early deaths of artists like Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain, saying “I wish I was dead already.” While such comments may be a bit extreme, Del Rey delivers one of the strongest albums of the year with “Ultraviolence”, keeping in that same dark, romantic melancholy that fans have come to know and love while pushing herself as a artist as

ALBUM REVIEW: Lazaretto by Jack White

  Rock-n-roll maestro Jack White is back in fine form with his new album "Lazaretto". Fans and critics alike were foaming at the mouth for the new album after hearing debut tracks “Lazaretto”, “High Ball Stepper” and “Just One Drink”. In an interview with Rolling Stone, White described his guitar solos as “an attack” - but its not just his guitar solos that are on the attack on "Lazaretto". White launches a full scale offense on this album , attacking each song with a gusto. His last album Blunderbuss showed a softer side to White's work, with the songs barely rising above a

ALBUM REVIEW: Turn Blue by The Black Keys

The Black Keys have just releaed their 8th nstudio album Turn Blue. This latest effort showcases a different side to the band's sound, gliding through with a a hazy, blues-infused vibe that dominates throughout the album. The Black Keys are a band that is constantly pushing themselves from album to album, always challenging themselves to bring a new sound and new vibe to their work and “Turn Blue” is no exception. This is also the band's second time working with producer Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton. The majority of the album shies away from staple Black Keys elements like big hooks and

ALBUM REVIEW: The New Classic by Iggy Azalea

Rap-Pop sensation Iggy Azalea (moniker for Amethyst Kelly) has just released her debut studio album "The New Classic" which has landed on the US Billboard 200 Chart at number three, selling over 52,000 copies and solidifying her status as a bona fide starlet in the rap scene. When asked about the title of the album, Iggy simply said that it was a statement on the rap industry. “I represent a new's not me saying my stuff’s classic. It’s me saying I think hip hop’s evolving and the face of hip hop can be different…it can be me, it can

ALBUM REVIEW: Sweet Disarray by Dan Croll

In late 2013, British artist Dan Croll caught the ears of fans and critics alike with his funky sound on his tantalizing singles "Home" and “Compliment Your Soul”, the second of which was featured on FIFA 14. The indie-pop artist released his debut album “Sweet Disarray” in March to rave reviews and marked himself as one of the artists to watch in 2014. “Sweet Disarray” features a seamless blend of global influences and eclectic arrangements. Tracks like “From Nowehere”, “Thinkin Aboutchu” thrive on a electronic hum and funky beats while slow jams like “Wanna Know”, “Can You Hear Me” and title

ALBUM REVIEW: Forcefield by Tokyo Police Club

For those of you who haven't already heard, indie-rockers Tokyo Police Club are back with their first album since 2010's “Champ”. The band teased fans when they debuted the first song off the new album “Argentina (Parts I, II, III)” and further incited the frenzy when they officially released “Hot Tonight” as their first single. “Since writing started for “Forcefield” in mid-2011 there have been so many trends and every kind of ‘wave.’ We saw them all come and disappear or change into something broader. It left us wanting to make something that would last.” stated the band's vocalist and

ALBUM REVIEW: Supermodel by Foster the People

Pop-sensation Foster the People rode a meteoric rise to fame with their insanely catchy tune “Pumped Up Kicks”. Blending their unmistakable mix of 80's synth, global pop and 60's influence, the trio is back with the sophomore album “Supermodel” which is one the most highly anticipated albums of the year. Debut single “Coming of Age” has already been blowing up the airwaves but how does the rest of the album measure up? “Supermodel” serves a continuation of 2011's “Torches” but instead of making an album that is a note-for-note copy, as is expected for a follow-up album, the band explores their

ALBUM REVIEW: Morning Phase by Beck

Alt-rock icon Beck is set to release his 12th studio album this week and we here at B-Sides were more than happy when the artist put the album up for streaming a week early. Allegedly the sequel to 2002's “Sea Change” (often hailed as the masterpiece of Beck's career), “Morning Phase” shows a peaceful, pastoral side to Beck's work instead of the introspective brooding that marked “Sea Change”. The recurring theme throughout “Morning Phase” is new hope or a new dawning (hence the title). Instead of dark tones, Beck gives the meandering tracks a light, airy feel. From the beautiful subtly

ALBUM REVIEW: Voices – Phantogram

To say that we have been eagerly awaiting Phantogram's new album would be an understatement. The electro-pop duo are back with their long-anticipated follow-up to 2011's EP, Nightlife. Easily one of the best releases this year, Voices chronicles a new chapter for the band as they explore changes in their sound and push themselves as artists. “It's basically our original sound, just a lot more mature and developed” singer Sara Barthel told LADYGUNN. “With the songwriting, we wanted to make sure the production wasn’t taking over or overwhelming the songwriting. We paid close attention to that. We tried to add

ALBUM REVIEW: Transgender Dysphoria Blues – Against Me

Florida punk band Against Me! are back with their 6th studio album Transgender Dysphoria Blues. This is the band's first new music since lead singer Tom Gabel began the transition to becoming a woman. Gabel is now known as Laura Jane Grace and she still brings the same ferocity and vulnerability to the music as she did before she assumed her new identity. 7386

INTERVIEW: New Beat Fund

G-Punkers New Beat Fund are one of the bands to watch this year. With a whirlwind summer filled with spot on Warped Tour and the debut of their EP Coinz, we managed to catch up with the band at Riot Fest in Denver to talk to the guys about Macgyver skills, crazy party experiences and what's next for New Beat Fund. 5747


Lydia released their new album Devil back in March and have been going nonstop ever since. With a big tour with Anberlin, The Maine and From Indian Lakes coming up soon, we caught up with frontman Leighton Antelman at Riot Fest Denver to talk about Devil, their big tour plans and the meaning behind their awesome album artwork. 5599