The 2014 CMJ Music Marathon Artists to See

The 2014 CMJ Music Marathon has begun! With 2 days almost finished, you still have 3 days to check out some pretty killer acts. Below is a recommendation of some artists that deserve your attention amongst the insane amount of music happening at this year's festival.  10447

ALBUM REVIEW: Weezer’s Everything Will Be Alright In The End

Released earlier this week, Weezer's Everything Will Be Alright In The End takes us back to a simpler time in the band's history, delivering on what their fans want most: catchy pop punk and rock and roll music that addresses the usual issues, like fights with Dad and girl drama. Having not released a record since 2010, the songs Weezer produced on their ninth album beg their loyal fan base to get cozy and warm up to lyrics and melodies that will make us wonder why they ever went away.  10299

10 Years of Green Day’s American Idiot

By nature of being artists, musicians often strive to make a certain statement with their work. Whether it be emotional, topical, or political, their ability to create something that will have a powerful influence on their listeners is relied upon heavily by the cohesiveness of an album and clarity of the message. One of the most effective uses of power in this avenue has been Green Day’s American Idiot. 10154

ON RADAR: Ty Segall

After launching his solo career back in 2008, Ty Segall has been known for producing knee-jerk records that have kept his fans on the edge of their seats. Whether it be between songs or albums, Segall has a knack for keeping his listeners guessing. Each album examines different levels of his musicianship and every song tells us something new. 10029