Weird Al’s Comeback

You might have noticed a large increase in the amount of news coverage over Weird Al Yankovic lately and unless you chose to ignore it completely, you know that he's been releasing singles everyday off of his new album Mandatory Fun. From spoofing Lorde and Iggy Azalea, to Pharrel Williams and Robin Thicke, Weird Al has certainly covered many of the hottest songs from this past year, creating quite the buzz for his newest album. Is this the ultimate comeback? 9675

ON RADAR: The National Parks

Many bands are known for supporting different causes. From animal rights to helping children, but not many bands actually name their band after a cause. Indie folk band, The National Parks, however did just that. Members Brady Parks, Sydney Macfarlane, and Bae Sorenson are the trio that make up this band that many people are calling something between the Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men. 9651

R.I.P. Tommy Ramone

It is sad news for everyone to hear that the last living member from hit punk rock classic the Ramones, Tommy Ramone, passed over the weekend at the age of 65, after a long fight with bile duct cancer. Growing up in Queens New York, Tommy Ramone became 9641

ON RADAR: Milky Chance

Electronic, indie, folk, and reggae styles are all the rage these days with artists like Avicii, Magic!, and NONONO making these styles popular. One of the latest bands to emerge in this world is German duo Milky Chance. Led by vocalist Clemens Rehbein and musician Philip Dausch, together in 2012 they began playing around and recording a couple of tunes outside of their jazz quartet band and in 2013 they released their debut album Sadnecessary. 9632

Pink Floyd Announce First New Album In Twenty Years

There is no need to explain who Pink Floyd is. Sure, their prime years were back in the 60's and 70's but as members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and having been named as one of the most influential and successful bands of all time, there is no doubt that their name is not unheard of. Which is why the news of a new album, set to be released in October of this year, from this psychedelic rock band comes as an awesome surprise to us all. 9612

Magic! Who Are They?

As like many bands Magic! seemed to pop up out of nowhere, taking over the charts with their catchy hit "Rude". While they might not be the newest out there, they're definitely making their mark in the world and quickly becoming one of the hottest bands of the summer. But who exactly is Magic!? 9582

Everything They Touch Turns To Gold

It's not a surprise that most of what celebrities own are worth a lot of money. Expensive watches, fast luxury cars, and billion dollar homes are the norm in the industry, but even the things some celebrities spent little or no money at all on are suddenly worth quite a bit more after a celebrity graces their fingers across them. This was proved once again after a handwritten lyric sheet from rock 'n' roll legend Bob Dylan was sold for $2.045 million dollars at an auction site in New York this past week. 9572

Spoon Is Back!

In the music business four years is a long time. It's a place where in a span of a week a new "hit" band can be named and another forgotten. So when bands take a break or wait around to release new music, it's almost a guess as to whether people will continue to follow them. But one band we are glad to see is releasing a new album soon is Spoon. 9543

6 Of The Best Disney Covers

For most, Disney is a part of growing up. It's one of the first introductions of music and dancing to kids, which many never forget. The tunes we've heard over and over, learning word for word as children become nostalgic. While some may see these songs as being childish, some bands are proving they are not just for children. Recently one of the biggest American rock bands, Pearl Jam, included a rendition of one of the newest Disney films Frozen during one of their concerts, which got us wondering who else has been covering their favorite Disney tunes. 9523

Ed Sheeran: More Than Just A One Hit Wonder

You probably know Ed Sheeran from his hit song "The A Team" released back in 2011 but aside from that, his music might be a little fuzzy. The song which launched his career was featured everywhere from movies to television but unfortunately that's the most many have heard from him. He quickly got categorized as a one hit wonder teen heartthrob, but this English singer has much more to offer to the public and he's not going to go away anytime soon. 9481

ON RADAR: Twin Forks

Twin Forks is an American folk rock formed in Boca Raton, Florida in 2011. This seven piece band is packed full of talent including members Chris Carrabba, Suzie Zeldin, Ben Homola, Jonathan Clark, Shawn Zorn, Kelsie Baronoski, and Kimmy Baronoski. From previous bands like Dashboard Confessional, Bad Books and The Narrative, most of these members have all had a pretty good career in the music business prior to Twin Forks, but like most musicians the passion to continue and pursue the art will never fade. It all begins with one person.  9453

Ramones Debut Album Goes Gold

The Ramones are one of the most successful and recognizable punk bands in America. Since their start in the 70's they've been a symbol of rebellion and rock, so it comes as a surprise that after all of these years their self-titled debut album, which was released April 23 1976, has just now sold 500,000 copies, certifying it gold. 9415

NEWS: Rise Against Announce New Album “The Black Market”

American punk-rock band Rise Against is a name you're probably already familiar with. Whether you're a punk fan or not, these guys have been around for a while, forming in 1999, and have made quite a name for themselves. They've been nominated for MTV awards and worked their way up the charts in countries all over the world, so people are obviously watching out for them. 9374


Some people try their entire life to sound natural and at ease whilst playing music but few rarely achieve this. Ray Lamontagne on the other hand is a pure natural. Born in Nashua, New Hampshire this singer/songwriter found a passion for art in many different forms. 9353