The Worst Things Rihanna Has Ever Done

Many of us haven't forgiven Riri for getting back with Chris Brown after allegedly being abused by the R&B singer. However continuing her own abuse cycle isn't the worst thing Rihanna has ever done. A lot of famous people have bad reputations, some of them are deserved, some aren't. After reading this article, we think you'll agree that Rihanna belongs in the former category.   9339

May 2014: Best New Artists (So Far)

Memorial Day hs come and gone, and for most people the summer is well underway. It's time to unpack the flip flops, and replace that expired sunscreen. But with the final blow of those winter winds sunshine isn't the only thing to look forward to. These energetic artists represent a promising future of music. Trying to make great music is no easy task and we've collected a few artists that are already coming close at the start of their careers. There's no shortness of greatness in the group below and we hope you find a new favorite act. Now that 2014

10 Greatest Supergroups

The tradition of the supergroup is nearly as old as rock and roll itself. The idea is pretty much a no-brainer, if one band sells out arenas why not form a collection of the best elements from a bunch bands.  Some supergroups are are a fun novelty while others stand the test of time. We have examples of both below. Take a look of the greatest below and let us know if we missed any in the comments. 9221

What is “Indie” and What’s Not?

Whenever someone has asked you what kind of music you list to, have you ever answered "indie?"Probably not. It's not that being indie is embarrassing, it's just that the word is confusing and not very well defined. After all, what does that word mean? What is it? What isn't it? Instead of making your tastes clear, the situation is more opaque once the 'I' word is dropped. We at B-Sides are going to try to disperse the fog around this concept, and attempt to find out why it is so dang popular. 9191

7 Coolest Concert Gimmicks

You say gimmicks like it's a bad thing! Sometimes concerts are great when they're all music accompanied by the occasional colored lights. But other times they're even better when you add explosions and flashing lasers. The point is that selling tickets is a tough business and you might need a little something extra to get butts in the seats. Below is the best of the best when it comes to crazy stunts pulled off by live performers. 9126

A Countdown of the 7 Best Concerts In Movies

There have only been a few times that live music was blended movie outside of musicals. It was done well even fewer times. Hollywood doesn't include a lot of live performances in their productions. Honestly, we don't see why. Judging by the films on this list, it seems like major motion pictures have his concert thing down. Have a look (and a listen) at some of the greatest concerts ever featured in non-musical movies. 9044

Top 9 Feuds in Music History

Patrick Carney of the Black Keys reignited his rivalry with Justin Beiber in a recent Rolling Stone article. He's joined long a standing tradition of rivalries between musical acts. Since time out of mind there have been beefs between rappers, rockers, and even comedians. Creativity is tricky business and sometimes feelings get hurt. Here's a look at some of the most notable times those feelings got hurt. 8954

Courtney Love: A Staple of Rock Music

Few individuals have had as much of an influence on modern rock as Kurt Cobain's widow.The former lead singer of Hole has left her indelible mark on music without ever producing a number one hit. The rock demi-goddess recently re-entered the national conversation when a note found on her late husband was released to the public. There are accusations in the note that suggest she was an unfit wife who "siphoned his money" among other things. For some music fans this reaffirms animosity toward Love. However she is now claiming to have written the note, which may undo some of the

7 Athletes You Didn’t Know Were Music Fans

There hasn't been much mainstream crossover between sports and music since the dubious "Super Bowl Shuffle" was performed by the 1985 Chicago Bears. Jocks have beaten up band geeks since time out of mind, and the separation of these two groups usually continues into adulthood. Sometimes however, the track star will strap on a tuba and march along to the sounds of a John Phillip Sousa song. So to speak. Recently Colin Kaepernick gained some notoriety for his Beats headphones commercial, but he's not the only music loving pro athlete. A few of his fellow pro-sporters have been known to bump

Non-EDM Party Music Playlist For Your Weekend

EDM has grown from an underground, niche portion of the alternative music genre to the dominating choice of format for top-40 mainstream radio. Popular artists from all genres are collaborating with EDM artists ranging from Calvin Harris teaming up with Florence Welch and Rihanna to Hayley Williams and Zedd, and more recently, Coldplay working with Avicii. As fun as these songs are and as much as we're fans of EDM, we're changing things up with this post and just in time for the weekend we have some awesome non-EDM songs that are just as strong to get the party going.

Gwen Stefani: Relevant or Old News?

 It's been officially confirmed that Gwen Stefani will be filling in on NBC's The Voice for the 8 months pregnant Christina Aguilera. After surprising Coachella with a performance of "Hollaback Girl" along side Pharell she will be sitting beside him in one of those puffy red chairs. While fans of her pop persona are happy for this TV appearance, we can't help but wonder if this is a last ditch effort to stay relevant. No Doubt reunited in 2012 to release Push And Shove. While it received few negative reviews, the record wasn't the smash hit it could have been. After announcing a

Artist Spotlight: The Strypes

One Direction is the latest is a long history of boy bands. Young attractive males have made shallow, easily digestible music for longer than most of us can remember. This mold was broken last year when a new group exploded on to the scene last year. Ireland natives The Strypes only album Snapshot sounds like an energetic mix between The Fratellis and The Hives. And, no one in the group is are older than 18. This band's members make four strong arguments for never cutting music funding in schools. Outside of their infections melodies and high powered riffs these kids have a lot of talent. No offense to the

Top 10 Movie Soundtracks

In a time when movie soundtracks no longer dominate radio waves the way they did in yesteryear, the original motion picture soundtrack from Frozen has stayed in the top 10 on iTunes more or less since it was released. It's hard to say if Disney's newest fairytale marks the opening of a new era. However, we thought this would be a good time to take a look back at some of the best music to ever be placed in the background of films. 8580

Throwback Thursday: “The College Dropout” Then and Now

Kanye West is one of the greats. He makes a habit of telling us. Despite the braggadocio attitude we can't help but love him. His first album, The College Dropout turned ten earlier this year and it's legacy is still making ripples in every genre of music. The 2004 album covered standard themes of women, clothes, and cars. Yet, West's artistic intelligence worked to reinvent the old stand-by subjects. While his later work is more mature in terms of lyrical topics, there is undeniable genius in Kanye's freshman LP. The blend of beats and rhymes on Dropout were a more perfect marriage than chocolate and