Vinyl Round Up: September 19, 2014

It's that time again folks! Time to sit back and wait for that special fizzy pop that means the needle has hit the groove. Our Round-Ups are here to give you a way to change your tastes. If you don't know what you like yet, B-sides will be happy to tell you. Think of us as your liaisons for all that is good in vinyl LPs. This week's collection, like the rest of them is the equivalent of medicine but for your ears. 10018

Vinyl Round-Up: September 12, 2014

Have you been feeling an emptiness? Is there an emptiness that needs to be occupied? Hopefully B-sides can fill the holes in your life, or at least let you know about some of the best music available for your listening enjoyment. Vinyl records are good for your soul, and we've got just what you need. We've carefully decided upon five more albums to add to your record collection as soon as possible. Here's the albums you should be spinning right now. 9916

Vinyl Round-Up – 9/5/14

Rejoice audiophiles! B-Sides is here to guide you're superior sense of musical taste.  This week the round-up is populated by underground and lesser-knowns.  We're here to shed light on the vinyl that isn't making the cover of Rolling Stone. Whether you're into rock, rap or something a little more unusual we've got you covered. Check out our recommendations for additions to your collection. 9887

Vinyl Round-Up: August 29, 2014

As a culture, we are craving authenticity more everyday. The masses are clamoring for more things to be more genuine. Vinyl records provide that. The textural experience of old school albums puts the listener into intimate contact with the music. Our enjoyment of the sounds emanating from the grooves is a loving bond with the fabric of our music taste. Not to mention, they're pretty cool to show off to your friends. Here's a list of the 33's that should add to your collection post haste. 9865

Vinyl Round-Up: August 22, 2014

  Vinyl is really in right now. We at B-Sides have decided to compile the best records every week. We're here to give a selection of the albums we think your should be listening to. Of course, we mean through the medium they are meant to be listened to. Check out our eclectic mix of old and new music you should discover and/or rediscover. You're welcome. 9850

Music Festivals: A Dying Art?

Music festivals are like mini-meccas for music lovers of a certain temperament. A weekend-long party filled with great music, interesting characters, and excitement at every turn are these modern day Woodstocks. But it's not all multicolored flowers and cheap drugs, there's an ugly side to these bastions of the hippy lifestyle. Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo aren't only filled with cheering crowds. B-sides is here it answer the question, music festival: friend, or foe? 9804

10 Best Foo Fighters Songs

The Foo Fighters recently announced they were releasing a new album in the fall of this year. Few modern rock bands can boast the success of this group. They have had five of their seven albums go platinum and the other two were certified gold. Needless to say, they're pretty great. Before they grace our ears with new genius lit's look back at their best work from yesteryear. 9803

9 Chicks That Rock

It's a man's world, but these ladies are out to prove that it wouldn't be nothing without a woman or girl.  Female rock stars don't always get the attention they deserve, but B-Sides is here to change that. So, let's give it up for girl power. Below are the gals that really know how to wail. Feel free to let us know which chicks you think rock in the comments. 9765

The Beastie Boys: An MCA Tribute

Today would have been the fiftieth birthday of rapper Adam Yauch, better known as MCA. We're taking this opportunity to look back at the legendary group he was a part of. The Beastie Boys have left an indelible mark on music as a whole. From every corner of the musical spectrum a piece of their sound can be heard. They've influenced the stylings of artists from every genre including Rage Against The Machine, Incubus, and Sublime as well as newbies like Ke$ha, and Iggy Azalea. 9756

Diary From Firefly Music Festival Pt. 2

After the wildly successful first installment of my diary from a music festival I've returned to finish the story. The people are clamoring to find out what it is really like to go to one of these modern Woodstocks. When we last left off I was still settling in at Firefly. After the end of the second day I was exhausted but excited. There was much more to explore in the dusty landscape. Outkast and Jack Johnson were in my future, after all. My journey wasn't even half way over, and things only got better as time went on. 9588

Diary From Firefly Music Festival Pt. 1

500,000 people went to Woodstock in 1969. That sounds horrific. Last weekend I went to Dover Delaware's own Firefly Music Festival, there were fewer than 80 thousand and I felt like I was being punished for all of the freedom I've ever had in my life. Lack of elbow room aside, I believe that music festivals have something for everyone. There's great bands, lots to do, delicious food, and interesting people. There is no one alive that could go to music festival and find themselves bored at any point during the festivities. 9561

Throwback Thursday: Superunknown

Soundgarden's fourth studio album had no reason to be as popular as it was. The LP was entirely unusual and should have been the furthest thing from mainstream. Superuknown has a tendency to be forgotten in the modern age in light of the success of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. But Chris Cornell and friends are notable in their own right. Cobain and Vedder are giants of the 90's and it's easy to forget that grunge was more than just two people. If anyone deserves the bronze medal in the genre, it's Soundgarden. Here's a look back at the record that turns 20 this

5 Albums That Sound Better On Vinyl

Music played on vinyl is a beautiful and somehow textural thing. You feel the sound in a much more intimate way. Sure, some tunes are perfectly fine when you play them through an iPod through regular earbuds. Yet other tracks need to be heard on this black 12 inch discs. Analog oozes honesty in a way digital sound doesn't. Drop a needle and take in all the pops and hisses with these  five vinyl worthy LPs. 9408

5 Best use of Songs in Commercials

If watching Mad Men has taught us at B-Sides anything, it's that making commercials is an art form. In a time when most people fast foreword through advertisements the five below made us rewind to take a second look. We hope you will too. Don't be thrown off if you see your favorite band here, we don't think they're corporate slaves. You say they're selling out? We say, now way! Here are some artists that lent their talents to awesome products in an awesome ways. 9358