A Day-by-Day Play for Austin City Limits from a Native Austinite

When it comes to Austin City Limits, I am no rookie. And although this no longer is my first (or 4th, 5th, or 6th) rodeo, there will be thousands of music junkies entering Austin as festival virgins.  It’s a fantastic weekend for the city; days and nights filled to the brim with music, arts, food, culture, and fun. Whether you’re a newbie or returning for another year, as a local I’m here to help you create a day-by-day play for what to expect at this year’s festival. 10010

PHOTOS: SXSW 2014 Highlights

Another year of  SXSW wrapped this weekend, showing locals and tourists why Austin is Live Music Capital of the World. From secret DJ sets to main venues packed to capacity, there was something for every pair of ears in the city. There was free food and booze as far the eye can see; celebrities scattered within the thousands of music fans throughout every crowd; bright visuals and loud sound that impressed all who saw and heard; late nights followed with booze-filled brunches and snacks from food trailers in between. And when the party goes on for 10 straight days, it's

Top Acts at SXSW 2014

With literally thousands of acts from all over the world coming to play in Austin for SXSW, it's a little overwhelming. Whether you have a platinum badge or just signed up for the free parties, try and check out these great acts this week. 7925

56th Grammys: The Best Albums

The world is waiting to know who will win on Sunday. From Black Sabbath to Kanye West, the who’s who are getting their recognition. So which nominees will make the cut at the Grammys? 7466

Festival Lineups 2014

With all these lineup announcements, it’s time to make some decisions. Many large-scale festivals in America are overlapping in their artists this year; Outkast announced their return with 40+ stops at different festivals. Pretty Lights will join them at both Counter Point and Fire Fly. Hangout and Wakarusa will share the Flaming Lips and STS9 as headliners, and Foster the People seems be popping up all over the place, not to mention the hundreds of other bands that will caravan from fest to fest. Depending on who you want to see and how far you’re willing to go is all

From Outkast to Lorde, Coachella 2014 Has a Hefty Lineup

Coachella announced their lineup for 2014 last night, and like we said last week the Outkast reunion will be headlining the festival. More than 150 acts will perform across two weekends in April, 11-13 & 18-20. Muse will be headlining the Saturday nights and closing out will be Arcade Fire. The talent covers every genre of music, from EDM gods like Skrillex, Flosstradamus, and the Glitch Mob to hip-hop’s finest such as Chance the Rapper and A$AP Ferg and everyone else in between. 7321

Outkast Reunion Confirmed for 2014

Like we’ve all been anticipating, the rumors are true. It has been confirmed that Big Boi and Andre 3000 will reunite at Coachella this year, after a recent interview with producer Rico Wade hinted at the idea of getting his cousin Future a spot on the festival headliners alongside the rap duo. 7259

Seth Rogen & James Franco Recreate Kimye’s Bound 2 Video

Does it get any better than a Kimye parody with Seth Rogen and James Franco? Not. At. All. The two comedians recreated Kanye’s latest music video catastrophe Bound 2, shot for shot. After having a lot of downtown during the filming of their upcoming movie, The Interview, Rogen and Franco recreated the video and titled it Bound 3. 6929

PHOTOS: Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 took place over the weekend at Auditorium Shores in Austin, TX with many standouts from the solid lineup.  Headliners M.I.A., MGMT and Slayer brought in huge crowds that capped each day's worth of a diverse list of bands from Glass Candy and Big Freedia to The Descendents and Cromags.  The comedy lineup was just as strong with performances from Sarah Silverman, Craig Robinson, Rob Delaney and others.  The event also featured numerous athletes from the skate and BMX realm, quite noteworthy as XGames will be heading to Austin in 2014.  Check out the photo highlights!

Halloween Shows in the US

Happy Halloween! From the west coast to the east coast, there's some great music to check out tonight.  Are you in one of these cities? Who do you want to hear? Read the list below and see if one of your favorite artists is playing near you. 6315

AFI New Album ‘Burials’ Released

It’s been four years since ‘Crash Love’, and AFI continues to impress with the release of their ninth studio album ‘Burials’ on October 22. During their 20+ years as a band, the sound may have changed but the tune always remains the same, coming from a deep, dark place. From the horror punk of ‘Black Sails in the Sunset’ and ‘The Art of Drowning’ to the pop-rock on ‘Crash Love’, they’ve reinvented themselves on nearly every album. 6289

2014 Rock Hall Nominees Announced

Does it smell like induction for Nirvana? From hip-hop and grunge to blues and progressive rock, the Rock Hall of Fame released the 16 nominees for the Class of 2014. The grunge rockers are up for consideration for the first time, along with other first-time nominees Hall & Oates, Peter Gabriel, Linda Ronstadt, and Yes. 6129

Top 10 Reasons Lorde is Today’s It Girl

Since her hit "Royals" released this year, the world’s newest pop princess Lorde has made a name for herself, and she’s here to stay. The sixteen year old from New Zealand has captured the hearts and minds of all races and age groups with her no-holds barred view in her music and attitude. Not just appealing to the alternative/indie crowd, Lorde is today’s "It Girl" and we have the top 10 reasons why teenage badass Lorde is on everyone's radar. 5875

Top 10 Artists to See at ACL this Year

Austin City Limits kicks of this Friday, and the city is more than excited for all the fun.  Zilker Park will be flooded with tens of thousands of people for two weekends full of great music. While seeing the major acts like Muse and The Cure is expected, it’s always fun to explore some new sound. Check out these 10 artists below and see what appeals to your ear buds. 5622