7 Indie Acts to Catch at Coachella

With Coachella approaching quickly, the number of performing acts over the two weekends may seem overwhelming, which is why we're here to break down the top 7 indie acts you should totally catch while you're at the festival. Of course headliners, Drake, Jack White and AC/DC are givens but there are numerous acts whose performance can be a springboard towards growing their fanbase and/or catapult them into headlining themselves one day. 11251

Twenty One Pilots Set to Release New Album

Last week Twenty One Pilots released a new single titled Fairly Local along with the official music video. This is the first we've seen so far from the new album Blurryface, set to release May 19th.  The song has a brand new sound we haven't yet heard from the duo, and its instrumentals are reminiscent of Die Antwoord's style of music. If Fairly Local is any indication of what we'll see from Blurryface, it's clear that the album will be straying far from the path Vessel has set them on, which might bode well for them. 11188

TRACK REVIEW: “Psycho” by Muse

Music exists primarily in waves, be it the waves that physically bring the sound to your ear or the figurative waves of a band's popularity, and when you have a genre such as alternative rock that is so often coming and going, it is incredibly easy to fall to the tragic ranks of one-hit wonders and have-beens. Muse became a band in the early 90s and after a series of name changes landed on Muse in 1994. The band raced to the top of charts in the UK in the early 2000s and slowly found its way to the Billboard Top