LIVE REVIEW: LANY – Ft. Lauderdale, FL Oct. 14, 2016

For the 2nd time in LANY’s music history, they played in Florida and performed an epic concert in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They loved it so much that they told the audience they'd come back to show again. The energy was very high, and the crowd was incredibly excited at their entrance. A majority of the time you’d expect for a band to walk into some randomly obscure sounds or to the drummer kicking it off. That was not the case for LANY as they provided a grand entrance to Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem on a giant screen. It all

Album Review: Phantogram – Three

Phantogram released a new album named "Three." The name suits the duo perfectly as the name Phantogram is derivative of the word describing two-dimensional images that appear three dimensional. Fun factoid for the name three as the title is only called Three however it may have ties to the origins of their performance name. 14303

Album Review: Tycho – Epoch

It’s very hard to find a good ambient, downtempo album that you can sit back and unwind. In 2014 Tycho released the album Awake, which was an addictive album to listen to. It’s the perfect background music for a task or meditation. Tycho fans were not ready for a random surprise of their new album Epoch. 14287

LISTEN: Yoga Vinyasa Flow Playlist

Summer may be over, but that’s not an excuse to let your summer energy go. We’ve created the perfect upbeat yoga vinyasa flow to keep you pumped and centered at the same time. Whether you are practicing at home on your own or teaching a hot yoga class, this playlist will certainly give you the best harmony of excitement and zen. The music in this mix isn’t just for yoga it could be used for any workout that requires you to warm up, workout, and warm down. 14202

ALBUM REVIEW: Glass Animals – How To Be A Human Being

Glass Animals has a unique blend of styles which across many genres. One of their most influential undertones is Trip-Hop and Rock with How To Be A Human Being they create a precise blend of the two. When you listen to their newest album, you become engulfed by the sound as well lyrics. Trip-hop is a subgenre that originated in the 90s time frame and attributed to being created in the UK. The first mainstream duo to gain traction was Massive Attack. Moving forward artist like RJD2 and Nightmares on Wax paved the way for bands like Glass Animals to gain

ALBUM REVIEW: ZHU – GenerationWhy

Hot off the press! ZHU has dropped his debut album called GenerationWhy. Who is Zhu? He’s a Chinese-American electronic genius that signed to Mind of a Genius label back in 2014. GenerationWhy is his debut album, and ZHU did not fall short of his expectations. Working with huge names like Kaskade and Skrillex he is definitely in the right crowd. As intellectually amusing as the GenerationWhy album's title is the music is ever wittier. When you first drop the needle on the Intro, you feel like you are in some femme fatale nightclub scene where it’s about to go down. The


When people think of the pioneers of alternative and indie rock they tend to focus their energy on Sonic Youth or Radiohead. While debatably they are considered great bands it leaves much to be desired because of the over hype and excessive play. The are many times that you hear a song from a band that’s overplayed, and you become extremely uninterested and possibly bored. If you find yourself in that position, you may need a different band to keep it fresh. Dinosaur Jr. arrived on the scene around the same time as Sonic Youth. However, they are rarely backlogged when bringing

ON RADAR: DJ Ansolo and Ansel Elgort- “Home Alone”

There’s a new player in the music game and it’s not his first time in the spotlight. DJ Ansolo and Ansel Elgort have created a smash hit EDM jam. "The EDM is in Our Stars" as Ansel Elgort known for his role in "The Fault in Our Stars" hit the track right out of the park. On July 22nd DJ Ansolo, which "true-mor" has it is Ansel Elgort’s DJ alter persona, released his very first track named “Home Alone.” This track is by far the best tease. You listen to "Home Alone" and have no other choice but to hit repeat

ALBUM REVIEW: Shura – Nothing’s Real

Most debut albums are produced without any artistic restriction from major record labels. Without corporate control, the artist can create music with more freedom. Thankfully, Shura was able to show her true talent with Nothing's Real. The album is lyrically genius to the likes of Joni Mitchel's Blue and modernly energetic to the feel of Yelle. The first song on Nothing's Real is "(i)" or what could be the entrance song to a planetarium. Upon entering the exhibit, you embrace the humble, warm, and welcoming tones of Shura's music. You immediately sense the emotion, love, and her tender feelings as you

ON-RADAR: Chace Releases Debut EP

If you are looking for something fresh that your friends haven't heard of, here's your gem- Destination. Destination is the debut EP by DJ, producer, drummer Chace, a 17 year-old from China, but you'd never know of his young age by listening or watching him perform. Chace grew up in a musical environment with his touring musician father and started learning how to drum at 
2 years old. He took drumming and audio engineering courses in the Shanghai Conservatory of Music for 7 years and worked on acapella covers. Exposure to the music of Tiesto and Swedish House Mafia inspired


The Canadian duo MSTRKRFT certainly outdid themselves with their newest album Operator. Since 2005, Jesse Keeler and Al-P, the creators of MSTRKRFT have been creating a great hybrid electro-dance-punk house sound. This album is under an hour long but tends to play out as if it was longer. 13994

ALBUM REVIEW: The Hunna – 100

When a band shuts themselves from the world to spend time together honing their craft and sound they can create excellent music that you can't help but feel completely engaged and connected too. Since before October 2015, a 4-piece band from the UK have to work steadily to create their masterpiece first debut album. In August of 2016, The Hunna will release an album entitled "100." Here are some reasons why you should experience this album as soon as it is released:   13951

ALBUM REVIEW: Bat For Lashes – The Bride

The Bride by Bat For Lashes is the newest theatrical concept album, set to be released on July 1, 2016. Bat For Lashes, aka Natasha Khan, recently had an interview with Rolling Stone on her perspective of the Brexit. Little does she know that Bat For Lashes has her very own "Brexit" from the norm of her indie alternative and electronic scene. Concept albums are nothing new and you may already know this, especially in the progressive metal scene. What are some reasons you should care about another concept album you might call as yourself? Part of the

ALBUM REVIEW: Tacocat – Lost Time

  April 2016 was an exciting month for Tacoca fans! Not only was their newest album Lost Time released they also had their world debut of the new Powerpuff Girls theme song. Lost Time was certainly a two for one taco special! TacoCat made sound waves in 2014 with their album NVM. Fans all over the world fell in love with their tunes. NVM was at the top of college charts which helped them schedule the United States and Europe tour. It has been two years since NVM was released and fans had great anticipation for Lost Time. 13714

PHOTO REVIEW: STRFKR Brings Energetic Concert to South Florida

It’s been three years since STRFKR released the album Miracle Mile but that hasn’t kept the band away from hitting the road to connect with their fans. The trio has played a series of short tour runs lately, and even released the single, "Never Ever”, which fans hope will signal even more new material in the near future. The band is currently on tour with electronic producer Com Truise and darkwave band, Fake Drugs. An enthusiastic crowd greeted Com Truise as he opened the show with his brand of unique and captivating electronic jams. The energy levels were very high