TRIBUTE: Elliott Smith

Singer/songwriter Steven Paul "Elliott" Smith, was born on August 6th, 1969 in Omaha, Nebraska. He grew up in Texas and Oregon, but it was in Portland, Oregon where his music first became noticed. Between 1987-1991 Smith attended and graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, with a degree in Philosophy and Legal Theory. While in college he created his band Heatmiser with classmate Neil Gust. After graduation he added drummer Tony Lash and bassist Brandt Peterson. The band began performing in Portland in 1992. Between 1993 and 1996 Heatmiser produced a total of 4 albums, including Dead Air (1993), Cop and

ON RADAR: Wild Ones

The indie pop band known as Wild Ones came together in 2010. In 2012 while working on and producing their debut album Keep It Safe, the band hit a major bump in their journey that almost led to their departure. Guitarist Clayton Knapp had blown out his eardrum and their new drummer Seve Sheldon, was in the hospital for a punctured lung. But these issues did not phase the band and they did not lose faith as a group to succeed. 6089

PREVIEW: Treasure Island Music Festival 2013

This year at the 2013 Treasure Island Music Festival, festival attendees can expect a huge selection of bands, DJs, food, drinks, and much more! But with so many different acts to see this year, how does one know which bands to check out? That's why B-Sides is providing you with our top 10 bands to see at the 2013 Treasure Island Music Festival. 6041


LA girl band HAIM began their indie pop adventure back in 2006. The band consists of the Haim sisters -- Este, Danielle, and Alana. The girls recently released their debut album Days Are Gone this past month. Originally inspired by 1970s classic rock and growing up in a family band with their parents; the band matured and decided to incorporate pop and R&B into their music. The album reflects this music genre but with a collaboration of eighties new wave pop and nineties pop rock as well. 5915

THROWBACK: What Happened To Phantom Planet?

For those of us who watched The OC, we remember Phantom Planet's famous "California" hit. But what has become of the band since 2003? Well, the American alternative rock band came together originally in 1994 in Los Angeles, California. They produced a total of three debut albums with Geffen Records, Epic Records, and Fueled By Ramen. The band consisted of Alex Greenwald (vocals, rhythm guitar), Darren Robinson (lead guitar), Sam Farrar (bassist), and Jeff Conrad (drums). 5857

ALBUM REVIEW: Bitter Rivals by Sleigh Bells

New York noise pop duo Sleigh Bells, released their third studio album Bitter Rivals today. The music project began in 2008 and consists of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller. Overall the album depicts the bands' most known musical style, with many synthesized and electronic rhythms combined with loud guitar and vocals; however the album lacks any real direction or meaning. Majority of the songs sound very similar to one another and the background instrumentation and beat mixes lean more to sounding like noise and not so much a form of music. 5795

ON RADAR: Heavy English

Hard rock New York based band Heavy English is the creation of former Envy on the Coast band members Sal Bossio and Dan Gluszak, and added bandmate Ari Sadowitz. Enzy on the Coast was a hard rock n' roll band that formed in 2009. The two past members teamed up with Sadowitz and have come back with a new band known Heavy English. The band officially started in 2012 and they have recently released their single "21 Flights" this past year. "21 Flights" is a jam that you cannot help tap your foot to as well give the slight head

LIVE REVIEW: Bronze Radio Return

It was a fully packed house on the night of October 2nd at the little Brick and Mortar venue in the Mission District of San Francisco. Everyone was excited to see singer/songwriter Graham Colton and folk revival band Bronze Radio Return. Colton's performance was a good opening for the young band, with his witty talk and upbeat jams that warmed up the audience. Shortly after his performance, Bronze Radio Return made their way to the stage and immediately came out with a bang! The crowd was instantly enthralled by their loud and lively performances. 5755

INTERVIEW: Bronze Radio Return

Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, is the blues and folk rock band known as Bronze Radio Return. The band grew up with a background in traditional blues and jazz style music, which has shaped who they are today. They have launched their musical career by landing over 50 syncs in TV and film, and have recently released their latest album Up, On & Over, as well as started their Fall 2013 US tour. B-Sides decided to find out what lies ahead for this upcoming band! 5718

ALBUM REVIEW: Pure Heroine by Lorde

For some it may be shocking to learn that Lorde aka Ella Yelich-O' Connor is a 16 year old who hails from New Zealand and already has the voice of a singer beyond her years. The young artist has just released her debut album Pure Heroine this past week! Three of her singles off of the album including "Royals," "Tennis Court," and "Team" have already been certified Platinum by the RIAA. The album is phenomenal in every aspect, including instrumentation, beat mixes, and of course Lorde's strong and overpowering voice. 5668

ON RADAR: The Features

Originating back in 1994 the Tennessee indie rock band The Features began their musical journey in middle school. That was where Matt Pelham, Roger Dabbs, Don Sergio, and Parrish Yaw met each other and started the band. They created the band out of boredom and continued it through high school playing at local events, parties, and talent shows. After graduation the band went on to perform in bars and clubs near Nashville and Murfreesboro. Soon enough the band signed with local independent label, Spongebath Records and released their self-titled EP in 1997. The band then brought on member Jason Taylor to

ALBUM REVIEW: Mechanical Bull by Kings Of Leon

Garage rock n' roll band Kings of Leon have released their sixth studio album known as Mechanical Bull, this past week! The album is a continuation of the band's heavy guitar usage and prominent vocals combined with various issues including friendship, love, and of life - past and present. The best songs on the album include: "Don't Matter," "Temple," "Wait For Me," and "Comeback Story." All of which have awesome instrumentation especially that of loud and catchy guitar riffs! Since 1999, the band has been together and express their road to fame in the song "Comeback Story" bygiving the impression of the band

ON RADAR: London Grammar

If you are looking for a new indie rock group to listen to, then you should check out London Grammar! Although their name may sound like you are talking about English spelling and punctuation, the trio are actually a band that came together back in 2009. Hannah Reid, Dot Major, and Dan Rothman met each other through the University of Nottingham. They had been playing small shows at local bars until years later in December of 2012 they released their single “Hey Now” online. As of July 2013 the song has had over 800,000 views on YouTube! Soon after, the


American electro indie rock duo MGMT, has just released their latest album MGMT this month. However, for fans who only know of the "hits", this album is not as engaging or as lively as their past works, such as their debut album Oracular Spectacular, which featured popular singles "Kids" and "Time To Pretend." The album has a much more mellow approach, yet it still represents the band's psychelic electric combination of sound, in which many of the songs have a heavy 1960s and 1970s rock influence with a dash of  a modern day electronic feel. The pace and theme of the album and seem

ON RADAR: Glasser

Cameron Mesirow better known by her stage name Glasser, grew up in the world of music by the influence of her parents. Her father is a member of the Blue Man Group and her mother was a band member of Human Sexual Response back in the 1970s and 1980s. She began her own singer/songwriter career back in 2009 when she released her debut EP Apply. Mesirow grew up in the Bay Area and while in college she met Matt Popieluch, who helped guide her song writing skills. She released her debut album Ring in early 2010, and her sound has been compared

LIVE REVIEW: Stars with Trails and Ways, San Francisco, CA

It was a busy night of all different ages, ranging from young to old at Slim's in San Francisco on Wednesday September 18th. Many were eager and excited to see the Montreal band Stars perform, but before Stars made their appearance to the audience, local Bay Area Oakland band Trails and Ways performed their own kick ass show for the small rowdy venue. Each song the band performed as well as the overall vibe they presented, was that of a beachy indie rock vibe. When hearing them, one could not help but categorize them as the next Vampire Weekend. The

PHOTOS: Station To Station- St. Paul

Since the beginning of September, a traveling art and music event called Station to Station has been traveling across the United States. The event was organized by artist Doug Aitken, in which an imagined train will travel to a total of nine stops, starting in New York and ending in the Bay Area. The ideology behind the event is to connect famous names and underground artists of food, music, literature, and film together at different train stations; and the train itself is considered a moving kinetic sculpture. 5375

LIVE REVIEW: Grouplove and The Rubens

It was a lively packed house at The Independent in San Francisco on Saturday night for the sold out Grouplove show!  The Rubens opened up for the well-known LA band and as they made their way to the stage everyone eagerly crowded around to see the young Australian band. Modest yet excited to perform, The Rubens went into full swing as soon as they reached for their instruments and mics! Lead singer Sam Margin honestly announced to the crowd after performing a song, that  if we as the audience liked them then we should go purchase their music, if we

Throwback: What Are The Streets Up To?

Originally from Birmingham, England, the English hip hop/UK Garage project The Streets came together in 1994. The group consisted of frontman Mike Skinner as well as Johnny Drum Machine and Kevin Mark Trail. Together the three have produced a total of 5 studio albums including: Original Pirate Material (2002), A Grand Don't Come For Free (2004), The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living (2006), Everything Is Borrowed (2008), Computers and Blues/Cyberspace and Reds (2011). But some may wonder what happened to The Streets after 2011? Let's go back to the beginning when the group first came onto the music scene!


Since 2011 they made their way from Menangle, New South Wales to New York City to record and produce their debut album The Rubens. Shortly after the band skyrocketed onto the music scene! From reaching number 3 on the ARIA Charts, to currently touring sold out shows with Grouplove. The Rubens are continuing their musical journey and have no intention of slowing down! B-Sides caught up with the band ahead of their two San Francisco shows. 5279

ON RADAR: Jagwar Ma

Coming fresh out of Sydney, Australia is the indie rock band known as Jagwar Ma. The name of the band was an inspiration from a painting of a jaguar found by the side of a road and was given to the band by a close friend, combined with guitarist Jono Ma's surname. Gabriel Winterfield, Jono Ma, and Jack Freeman came together musically in 2011 to form Jagwar Ma. This past year they have released an EP in the United Kingdom called The Time and Space Dub Sessions as well as their debut album Howlin, which released worldwide. Their hit single "Come Save Me"

ALBUM REVIEW: AM by Arctic Monkeys

If there is one thing Arctic Monkeys' new album AM does to your ears and mind, is that it takes you back in time to the 1960s and 1970s groove! Unlike the more upbeat dance tracks in the past such as "I Bet That Y0u Look Good On The Dance Floor" this album has more of a slow trance that engulfs you with its deep guitar riffs and Alex Turner's soft and silky voice, that flows ever so perfectly with the music! The album has a mixture of the two past decades such as more of a rock n' roll psychedelic

ON RADAR: Wild Cub

Wild Cub is the creation of singer/songwriter Keegan DeWitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock, the two originally created the now five piece band in 2012. Their debut EP Youth was released last August here in the United States and has been acclaimed as The Wall Street Journal's '12 Acts to Watch' as well as having Entertainment Weekly label their hit single "Thunder Clatter" as "clattering joyful noise." 5205

ALBUM REVIEW: Hail To The King by Avenged Sevenfold

Heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold has recently released their newest album Hail To The King just this last month! Originally from Huntington Beach, California, the band came together in the year of 1999. Avenged Sevenfold consists of members M. Shadows (vocals), Zacky Vengence (backing vocals, rhythm guitar), Synyster Gates (lead guitar, backing vocals), Johnny Christ (bassist), and Arin Ilejay (drummer).  5160

ON RADAR: The Colourist

Do you enjoy pop rock indie bands that sound like a combination of Death Cab For Cutie and The Naked and The Famous?! Then check out the Orange County band known as The Colourist. The band consists of members Adam Castilla (vocal, guitar), Justin Wagner (keyboardist), Kollin Johannsen (bassist), and Maya Tuttle (drummer). Tuttle and Castilla met in a warehouse in which they discovered  how well their harmonic sound worked together, that is when the light hearted indie band was born. They began to gain attention in the music industry in 2009 when they won awards for the O.C. Music

ALBUM REVIEW: Hesitation Marks by Nine Inch Nails

Once again Nine Inch Nails has succeeded in making another haunting and eerily hypnotizing album! Founding and only official band member Trent Reznor started the band back in 1988. Hesitation Marks is the band's ninth and most recent album that released just yesterday! The album is a continuation of Nine Inch Nails' usual industrial rock feel with added awesome external sound effects such as the echoing  monsterous breathing sound playing in the background of the track "While I'm Still here" (Breyer P-Orridge 'Howler' Remix). 5112

Throwback: What Are Kaiser Chiefs Up To?

Forming in 1996 in Leeds, England is the indie rock band known as Kaiser Chiefs. The band consists of Ricky Wilson (vocals), Andrew "Whitey" White (guitarist), Simon Rix (bassist), Nick "Peanut" Baines (keyboardist), and Vijay Mistry (drummer). Their original founding band member Nick Hodgson, who was co-songwriter and drummer left Kaiser Chiefs in 2012. The band was mainly based on late 1970s and 1980s new wave and punk rock inspiration, and named themselves after the South American soccer club known as Kaizer Chiefs. They were discovered by manager James Sandom, who learned about them through Sean Adams, the founder of

ALBUM REVIEW: 6 Feet Beneath the Moon by King Krule

British singer/songwriter King Krule also known as Archy Marshall, began his musical career back in 2010. The stage name King Krule was inspired by a character called King K. Rool, before that he was part of music groups like Zoo Kid, DJ JD Sports, and Edgar the Beatmaker. His music has been described as blues, indie rock, soul, and electronic. In the past he has released a debut single known as Out Getting Ribs with House Anxiety Records, a self titled EP with True Panther Sounds, and his most recent debut album known as 6 Feet Beneath the Moon with True Panther Sounds

ALBUM REVIEW: Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action by Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand are back again with their new 2013 album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, which officially released yesterday! The album has the similar Franz Ferdinand rock n' roll feel but this time with less heavy guitar riffs and a newly added twist of synthesizer, heard especially in the song "Love Illumination." In fact the album's overall sound has a lighter and almost pop like approach added to its usual indie hard rock element. 5061

ON RADAR: Wild Belle

Wild Belle are a Chicago indie rock band, that is the creation of sister and brother Natalie and Elliot Bergman. The two siblings were raised in a house full of music due to musician parents. Older brother Elliot started an Afrobeat band called Nomo when he was attending the University of Michigan, and Natalie started performing in his band as backing vocals and playing tambourine around the age of sixteen. 5054


Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, GRiZ is an electronic mixing beats musician who is musically inspired by a variety of different time eras from both the past and the present. His music reflects different music genres from these eras such as jazz instruments combined with a 1970s vibe. It also reflects the way he sees people acting towards publicized events going on around the world, such as political issues in other countries while incorporating the people's activism and rebellion to their oppressing governments. He recently finished his "Unbanned From Canada Tour" and will now be touring back in the United States.

Throwback: What’s Smash Mouth Doing?

Majority of us know Smash Mouth by their biggest hit "All Star" which released back in 1999. Yet some may wonder what ever happened to Smash Mouth? And are they still a band today? The answer is yes the San Jose natives are still a band to this day. But let's go back to the beginning when Smash Mouth first came onto the  pop rock music scene. The band formed in 1994 when lead singer Steve Harwell chose to switch from performing in a rap group called F.O.S., to creating a rock band with the help of his manager Kevin

ON RADAR: Kopecky Family Band

Forming together in 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee by its two original band members Kelsey Kopecky and Gabe Simon, who met while attending Belmont University, is the indie rock band known as the Kopecky Family Band. Together the two went on to meet Steven Holmes (guitarist), Corey Oxendine (bassist), Markus Midkiff (cellist), and  David Krohn (drummer) a few months later. During that year the band produced their debut EP Embraces. In 2010 they followed up with two more EPs, including The Disaster and Of Epic Proportions.  4946

ALBUM REVIEW: Big TV by White Lies

London indie rock band White Lies have just released their latest album Big TV, this past week! The album is another example of how this band continues on delivering their powerful post-punk sound! Not only is their sound so powerful in their strong usage of synthesizer, percussion, and guitar; but also in lead singer Harry McVeigh's haunting and overpowering vocals! Big TV has a heavy influence of new wave and hard rock combined so perfectly into one style. The album pertains mostly about love and loss, in the sense of someone obsessing over a female. 4932


Garage/Skate rock band FIDLAR came together in 2009. FIDLAR consists of Zac Carper (vocals, guitar), Brandon Schwartzel (bass), Elvis Kuehn (vocals, guitar), and Max Kuehn (drums). Their band name stands for F*** It Dog, Life's A Risk, provided by former roommates of Carper. The Los Angeles band is currently under three record labels including Mom + Pop Music in the United States, Wichita Recordings in the United Kingdom, and Dine Alone Records in Canada. FIDLAR has produced a total of four EPs, including: DIYDUI (2011), S*** We Recorded In Our Bedroom (2012), No Waves/No Ass 7" (2012), and Don't Try (2012). 4914


Jonathan "ITCH" Fox made his mark on the English music scene in the mid 2000s when he was the frontman for the London punk band known as King Blues. The band recently split and now ITCH, has just released his own solo EP How to F***ing Rule at Life on Red Bull Records. The alternative hip hop rapper wants listeners to know that he is not any kind of gimmick, in which he only raps about specific issues. To him rapping about all different sorts of issues and the philosophies behind those issues are what makes him a sincere artist. ITCH

ON RADAR: Parade of Lights

Electro Los Angeles duo known as Parade of Lights, consists of Ryan Daly and Anthony Improgo. Their sound is considered a mixture of rock, new wave, and shoegaze, which is inspired by 80s pop stars and bands such as Madonna, U2, and Depeche Mode. The two came together in 2006, and created the band Polus and released the debut EP Wish, which became popular in the local LA music scene. However, Polus was set on the back burner because their was a demand for Daly and Improgo to start touring. Although they both had their own music projects going on, the


Coming out of Stockholm, Sweden are the indie trio known as NONONO. The three consist of singer/songwriter Stina Wäppling, and production team Astma and Rockwell. The band met through a close friend and created NONONO in the Spring of 2012. Their hit single "Pumpin Blood" was released this past April and the band is currently working on their debut album release. The song "Pumpin Blood" is a very catchy indie pop jam that anyone would enjoy. With its chorus being whistled throughout the entire song and its bouncing beats mixed in with Wäppling's quiet and whisper like voice, one can only picture

A Recap of Outside Lands 2013

As Golden Gate Park returns back to its normal woodsy atmosphere, everyone who attended the annual Outside Lands music festival can now take the time to recuperate as well as reminisce about all their favorite bands they saw perform live this past weekend! As many already know, so many popular acts played the three day event, including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails, and of course probably the most memorable would be that of the legendary musician, Sir Paul McCartney. 4858

Outside Lands Preview: Beer, Wine, and Food Lands

As many regular Outside Lands attendees know, Outside Lands not only provides its music fans with an amazing concert experience of all their favorite musicians and artists, the festival also brings people delicious and cultural food, beer, and wine to savor as well! B-Sides is giving you a taste of what kind of mouth watering food and vast wine and beer selection Outside Lands 2013 will be bringing you this year! 4786

Outside Lands 2013: Top 11 Acts You Must See

Many of you music fans are already aware that the annual San Francisco music festival known as Outside Lands, is upon the Bay Area in just over a week starting Friday August 9th in the beautiful Golden Gate Park. In honor of the three-day music infused event, B-Sides is providing you with our Top 11 musical acts every Outside Lander should not miss! 4688

ON RADAR: Clean Bandit

English house band Clean Bandit, came together in 2009. Clean Bandit consists of Jack Patterson (bass, sax, deck), Luke Patterson (drums), Grace Chatto (strings), and Milan Neil Amin-Smith (strings). In December of 2012 they released their single "A+E" which reached number 100 on the UK Singles Chart. In February of that year they also released a music video online for their song "UK Shanty" that featured supermodel Lily Cole. 4647


Indie pop duo TeamMate who consists of Dani Buncher and Scott Simons, began their musical journey together after their ten year relationship ended when Dani came out to her boyfriend Scott. A few years after the break up, the two paired up and created TeamMate as a way to express what they felt through the break up and how they have grown as friends. The two released their EP Sequel this past April 2013 and are currently touring in the United States. 4602

ON RADAR: Disclosure

Electro synthesized and R&B infused duo Disclosure, are two brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence that grew up together in Surrey, England. The two started their music project back in 2010 in which they released their debut single "Offline Dexterity" in August of 2010, and later in 2011 released their second single "Carnival/I Love ...That You Know." The duo received radio airplay with their third single "Tenderly/Flow," that released in January 2012, which brought attention to their EP called The Face that was released in June 2012. A remix version of the song "Running" with Jessie Ware, charted in the Netherlands and

Top 11 Most Influential Female Artists Today

We have heard all about their love lives, individual personalities, where they began to where they are today, and of most importance we have heard the voices that led them to their rise to fame. That's right; B-Sides is providing you with our Top 11 Most Influential Female Artists of Today! Coming from all different music genres, we are giving you our picks of the top ladies we feel have created the most impact in today's music industry. 4511

ON RADAR: Palma Violets

Forming in 2011 out of Lambeth, London, Palma Violets is a garage rock band that consists of Samuel Fryer (vocals, guitar), Chilli Jesson (vocals, bass), Peter Mayhew (keyboards), and William Doyle (drums). The band originated from the music collaboration of Fryer and Jesson. The band made a major fan base through the Internet before the release of their debut 2012 single, Best of Friends/Last of the Summer Wine. This past January the band released their latest song, "Step Up For the Cool Cats" and the track received airplay in the United Kingdom on BBC Radio 1. 4479

OPINION: What’s Punk Rock in 2013?

It is said to have been a music genre that developed in the mid 1970s in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. Yet some would say the Punk Rock genre had its first appearance in the 1960s with such artists like Iggy Pop and Patti Smith. It was created in rebellion to the mainstream music scene; and since then punk rock music has been changing, in fact there are so many subgenres in the genre itself like Skate Punk, Psychobilly, and Garage Punk to name just a few. When punk rock originated, its main focus was short aggressive songs

ON RADAR: Queen Kwong

Originally from Denver, Colorado but discovered by Trent Reznor in his New Orleans studio, Carré Callaway, also known as the front woman of Queen Kwong began her fame into music when she opened for Nine Inch Nails on the 2005 With Teeth Tour.  When Callaway met Reznor, she moved to Los Angeles, California where she followed his influence for her music career, at the time her style was considered folksie singer/songwriter. She left the music scene for a few years before returning in 2009 as a band called Queen Kwong. The band became well known in LA, especially due to Queen

ALBUM REVIEW: Jinx by Weekend

Fellow San Franciscan band Weekend, formed together in 2009. The band consists of Shaun Durkan (vocals, bass), Kevin Johnson (guitar), and Abe Pedroza (drums). During 2009 they recorded two EPs and in 2010 they released their debut album Sports under Slumberland Records. The band is now releasing their latest album Jinx on July 23rd, 2013. Jinx represents the band's lo-fi and shoe gazing atmosphere. The whole album has an airy echo feel with its vocals, there is also constant guitar strumming and intense drumming throughout the album's entirety. 4346


Australian band Pond came together in 2008, the band was created by two members of the band Tame Impala. Pond consists of Nick Albrook (guitarist) and Jay Watson (drummer) - both from Tame Impala, along with Joseph Orion, Jamie Terry, and Cam Avery. The idea behind the band was that everyone in it could play what instrument they wanted in a collaborative music project. Their debut album Psychedelic Mango, was released in 2009 as well as another album called Corridors of Blissterday, which was completed in 5 days and recorded live with an 8 piece band. Their third album Frond was

Top 11 One Hit Wonders of the 2000s

Every year, there's that one artist that comes out of nowhere with an incredibly catchy tune that leaps to the top of the charts. The artist then becomes the music darling for millions of fans whose phones are blaring the track as the ringtone and then just when people crave more, the artist disappears into oblivion. Before "Face Down" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, there was "Headstrong" by Trapt. Let's run through the Top 11 One Hit Wonders from the 2000s! Songs that everyone loves and will never forget, yet what happened to the artists/bands that created

ALBUM REVIEW: Ice On The Dune by Empire of the Sun

Aussie duo Empire of the Sun has done it again! Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore released their latest album Ice on the Dune this past June, and it is a continuation of their musical brillance. Steele and Littlemore met back in 2000 in a bar in Sydney, Australia; each of them had separately been signed to EMI with their own solo music acts at the time. It was not until years later, the two developed Empire of the Sun and went into the studio with Peter Mayes to record their music, (all of which they produce themselves). The band's name was

ON RADAR: Cayucas

California indie rock band Cayucas (pronounced ky-yook-us) consists of Zach Yudin (vocals, guitar), twin brother Ben Yudin (bass), Christian Koons (guitar) Banah Winn (keyboard), and Casey Wojtalewicz (drums), the five formed in 2011. The band really began when they signed with record label Secretly Canadian in October of 2012. Singer Zach Yudin, the main driving force behind the music, originally had called the band Oregon Bike Trails when it was his solo project. The band name changed to Cayucas, in which it was named after a small town located in the San Luis Obispo county that has stayed in the surf, jukebox,

OPINION: What Happened To Dubstep?

What ever happened to the dubstep craze? When everyone you knew loved this new genre of music and their favorite DJs like Deadmau5 and Skrillex? Well in all actuality, Dubstep originated back in the early 1990s and has always been considered an electronic dance genre that began back in South London, England. It is a mixture of 2-step garage singles infused with dark and experimental remixes. These remixes have less vocals and instead more breakbeat, drum, and bass properties. In 2001, this music began gaining exposure and popularity at a well known London night club called Plastic People, mainly at

ON RADAR: Said the Whale

Vancouver, Canada indie rock band Said the Whale started back in 2007 by original band members Ben Worcester (vocals, guitar) and Tyler Bancroft (vocals, guitar). The band released their debut EP Taking Abalonia in 2007 and re-released the EP in Canada one year later with seven new songs and as a full LP called Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia. In 2009 they released their EP The Magician shortly before releasing their debut full length album Islands Disappear, which released October of that year. 4116

ALBUM REVIEW: Magna Carta Holy Grail by Jay-Z

So much anticipation has been stowed upon the release of Jay-Z's 12th studio album called Magna Carta Holy Grail. The album is set to be released this coming Tuesday yet thanks to illegal file sharing it has already leaked online to the public. As many already know Jay-Z had paired up with Samsung in order to promote the album release and had even set up an app in which fans who owned Galaxy and Note phones could download the app, and could stream the new album at the stroke of midnight on the end of Independence Day. Unfortunately the app crashed

ON RADAR: Little Green Cars

Coming out of Dublin, Ireland Little Green Cars is a five piece band who infuses their sound with a great amount of heavy guitar riffs, bass, percussion, and a harmonic mixture of vocals from Stevie Appleby and Faye O'Rourke. The band actually formed back in 2000 but under the name of The Revolts. Later on the band became Little Green Cars and released their debut EP Volume I and their second EP known as Volume II  both in 2008. Little Green Cars has recently released their first full length album known as Absolute Zero this past May. 3767

ON RADAR: San Cisco

When hearing a band name like San Cisco, you would automatically think that the band is a San Francisco native. Wrong! This four piece band is actually from Frementle, Western Australia. They were originally called King George back in 2009 when they came together as a band but changed their name due to a vote from friends and fans. San Cisco consists of band members Jordi Davieson (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Josh Biondillo (vocals, guitar, keyboard, synthesizer), Nick Gardner (bass), and Scarlett Stevens (vocals, drums). 3734

ALBUM REVIEW: Impersonator by Majical Cloudz

Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto are the Montreal duo that make up the music project known as Majical Cloudz. Although this band is very synth pop based, the lyrics in their second full length 2013 album called Impersonator, give off  more meaning than previous work they have done before. Impersonator is the band's third album release but their first one from Matador Records. In 2011 they had released a full length album called II on Arbutus Records, and in 2012 they also released their Turns Turns Turns EP.  Impersonator differs greatly from II with its overall sound and style. II is much more instrumental, mixed beats, and muffled vocals; whereas Impersonator


In 2010 Long Island, NY based band NGHBRS released their debut EP called Hellomind. Since then the band has stayed in the estate of famous journalist and poet William Cullen Bryant, and recorded their debut upcoming album Twenty One Rooms which is to be released in the US on July 16th, 2013. NGHBRS has been deemed as one of the "Top 100 Bands to Watch Out For in 2013," by both Alternative Press and Absolute Punk. They are ready for the release of their new record and the touring that is to begin this summer! 3699

ON RADAR: Bastille

The London four piece band known as Bastille, consists of band members Dan Smith (vocals, keyboard, percussion), Kyle Simmons (keyboard, percussion, backing vocals), Will Farquarson (bass, keyboard, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), and Chris "Woody" Wood (drums, backing vocals). The band came together back in 2010, when Bastille first began as a solo project that Smith had originally created. Bastille is named after Bastille Day, the French celebration of July 14th, 1789; which is the anniversary of  the Bastille fortress prison being stormed and was seen as the uprising of a modern France. In 2011 they were signed to record label


Pronounced Miss Mister, MS MR are an American duo from New York that consists of Lizzy Plapinger (vocals) and Max Hershenow (producer). Their debut full length album Secondhand Rapture was released last month, and their latest hit single on the album is their song "Hurricane." The song gives off a dark and mysterious vibe, especially with Plainger's echoing and haunting vocals. 3647

Vans Warped Tour 2013

It's that time again that unites every indie, punk, emo, and any other rocker each summer. Yep! The Vans Warped Tour for 2013 has arrived in California today! For those of you who don't know, the Vans Warped Tour is a huge traveling music festival that tours all through the United States and Canada. Since 1995, the skateboarding shoe company known as Vans has sponsored the tour every year and features a variety of musical artists and genres. 3625

ALBUM REVIEW: Lost At Seventeen by Emily’s Army

Sounding like a young Green Day and from Oakland, CA as well, up and coming punk rock band Emily's Army just released their second full length album called Lost At Seventeen. Cole Becker (vocals/guitar), Max Becker (bass), Travis Neumann (guitar), and Joey Armstrong (drums) formed the band back in 2004 but under the name Raining Souls. They were inspired to change the name when the Becker brothers learned their young cousin Emily, had been suffering with Cystic Fibrosis her whole life. In 2011 when they were between the ages of 15 and 16 years old, the band released their debut album Don't


Sixteen year old New Zealander Ella Yelich-O'Connor, or better known as her musician name Lorde, released her debut EP called The Love Club back in 2012 and digitally re-released it last month online. Her latest EP called Tennis Court EP, was released in New Zealand earlier this month and is set to be released in late July for the United Kingdom, but no word for its release  in the US yet. Her hit single “Royals” from The Love Club was awarded Platinum twice in New Zealand shortly after its release. The track and her music itself has a fun pippy

ALBUM REVIEW: Yeezus by Kanye West

As many of us have heard the hype, Kanye West is dropping his sixth full length album this Tuesday called Yeezus. However according to the Los Angeles Times, the album was leaked four days before its release online through various illegal file sharing websites. The album has many different artists featured on multiple tracks, such as Frank Ocean, King L, Kid Cudi, and Chief Keef. Music critics are rating the rapper's new album with great reviews. 3567

Pixies Bassist Kim Deal Leaves Band

After 25 years of playing bass for The Pixies, Kim Deal has decided to leave the alternative rock band. According to USA Today, the band posted a statement earlier today on their Facebook page about Deal's departure. "We are sad to say that Kim Deal has decided to leave the Pixies. We are very proud to have worked with her on and off over the last 25 years. Despite her decision to move on, we will always consider her a member of the Pixies, and her place will always be here for her. We wish her all the best." --Black Francis, Joey

ALBUM REVIEW: Hush by The Limousines

San Francisco based indie electronica band The Limousines, released their latest full length album Hush last week! This is the band's third album which officially released June 6th, 2013 here in the United States. The album expresses the band's electro style to the max! With so much synthesizer and 1980's techno beats, listeners can even hear some '80s jazz saxophone powering away at the end of "Fool's Gold!" But although all of the songs on the album are very catchy and make everyone want to just get up and dance, the lyrics are about lust, love, 3524

ON RADAR: Alpine

Aussie indie pop band Alpine should be prepared for all the success they will face this year! The 6 piece band consists of singers Phoebe Baker and Lou James, guitarist Christian O' Brien,  bassist Ryan Lamb, keyboardist Tim Royall, and drummer Phil Tucker, all which are from Melbourne, Australia. In 2010 they signed with Sydney's Ivy League Records and released their debut EP called Zurich. Soon after the release they toured with some big names in the indie pop scene like Sia, Cloud Control, The Naked and Famous, Jinja Safari, and Tim and Jean. In March of 2012 they performed 10

INTERVIEW: Jeremy Malvin of Chrome Sparks

He grew up in a world of classical percussion music yet quickly began experimenting with synthesizers and sounds as a music student. Jeremy Malvin the previous drummer in the bands Stepdad, Miniature Tigers, and Rich Aucoin, is now the creator of Chrome Sparks, an electro beats mixing project. He started Chrome Sparks when he left the University of Michigan  in order to pursue drumming and touring with the previous bands. He then moved to Brooklyn, New York to pursue his solo act in electronic music as a DJ. He recently released his debut EP in March 2013 called Sparks EP, and

ON RADAR: Smallpools

With the mixed sound of Passion Pit and Empire of the Sun, Los Angeles band Smallpools is the next big indie pop band! Members Sean (vocals/keyboard), Mike (guitar), Joe (bass), and Beau (drums) of the band formed earlier this year in February. The only single they have currently released is their song "Dreaming," which was produced by Captain Cuts. The single was released on Soundcloud on May 16th, 2013. The catchy song is full of ooohhs and ahhaahhs, sythensizer, guitar, drums and groovy beats that make you want to dance around with your friends at a party or take a

LIVE REVIEW: Total Control, San Francisco CA

Rocking straight out of Melbourne, Aussie garage rock band Total Control created a packed house, mosh pit infused show this past weekend at The Eagle Tavern in San Francisco. For those of you who missed the show, this might be the last time Total Control will be playing in a small and intimate environment. Bringing in such a large following, we can expect the band will perform at larger concert venues in the city with future American tours. Total Control came together in 2008, with its band members coming from a mix of other bands, such as lead singer Daniel

ALBUM REVIEW: …Like Clockwork by Queens of the Stone Age

American hard rock band Queens of the Stone Age have just released their new album called ...Like Clockwork. This is the band's sixth full length album which was released June 3rd in the United Kingdom and June 4th here in the United States. The album is a continuation of their heavy guitar riffs, dark lyrics, and founding member/lead singer Josh Homme's haunting voice. Just like the band's previous work, there is a collaboration with different guest appearances on this album, such as Dave Grohl from Nirvana and Foo Fighters and Elton John; as well as past band members (Nick Oliveri and