ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: “Chandelier” by Sia

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler or better known by her stage name Sia, began her musical career back in 1993. Originally from Victoria, Australia, this singer/songwriter's sound has been described as contributing to many different genres including: alternative rock, pop, soul jazz, and trip hop. Furler has received great recognition for her music especially for her writing. She has written for big name artists such as Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Eminem, David Guetta, Celine Dion, and many others! Furled has released a total of 6 full-length albums including her latest album 1000 Forms of Fear, which features her new hit "Chandelier." The track is

ON RADAR: Ben Khan

Originally from Oxfordshire, England and currently residing in London, is electronic R&B pop singer Ben Khan. Although his music is heavily synthesized, consists of many electronic beats, and includes a neo-soul sound, Khan's main instrument of choice is the guitar. The singer has been inspired from a range of rock such as Fleetwood Mac and Nirvana, to many different artists in the hip-hop genre such as J Dilla. In the past 9 months the 21 year old musician has reached over 2 million plays on Soundcloud, yet he is an artist that doesn't like to be in the limelight; deliberately

THROWBACK: What Happened to The Cranberries?

Known for their music dominating the rock charts of the 90s with their hits "Zombie,"Linger" and "Ode to My Family," was the Irish punk rock band known as The Cranberries! Dolores O'Riordan (vocals), Noel Hogan (guitar), Mike Hogan (bass) and Fergal Lawler (drums) came together as a band after the split of Hogan and Lawler's band The Cranberry Saw Us. 9198

PREVIEW: Primavera Sound 2014

For those who enjoy learning about other countries and culture including their food, fashion, and of course eclectic music, then be sure to plan this year's summer backpacking trip to the banks of the Mediterranean, Primavera to attend the Primavera Sound festival! Based in Barcelona, Spain is the best known music festival that originally set the model for urban festivals everywhere! Primavera Sound began back in 2001 and is mainly noted for its pop rock and underground dance groups. 9165


Originally from Mexico, is the hard rock female empowerment band known as Le Butcherettes! The band currently consists of 3 band members including, Teri "Gender Bender" Suarez (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Lia Braswell (drums), and Omar Rodriguez Lopez (bass, production). All of which moved to Los Angeles, CA when they couldn't find success in their home country. In an interview with NPR radio, Suarez spoke about how in Mexican music culture men are predominant in the genre of rock. She also mentioned that the band's departure from home is what their latest album Cry Is For The Flies centers on, especially the guilt


It was surprising to hear that Michael Jackson had released a new single yet alone a new album! Yes the King of Pop has released his new album known as Xscape, even though he passed away on June 25th, 2009. 9047

PREVIEW: BottleRock 2014!

As summertime rolls around the corner, all the best music festivals have started approaching, including one that many weren't sure would continue after being in hot water for not paying their sponsored vendors last year! 9026

GRADUATION 2014: From Diddy to Dr. Combs!

It's that time of year again, when tassels are turned from right to left and young adults become REAL adults! Yes it's graduation! But it's not only a time of celebration for the typical college or high school student; musicians and celebrities alike are also completing the education chapter of their lives. 8963

ON RADAR: Sleepy Kitty

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri is the music project and art duo known as Sleepy Kitty. Paige Brubeck and Evan Sult began creating posters for their various bands in Chicago back in 2007. The two moved to St. Louis in 2008 where they started their own screen printing studio. Along with releasing their latest LP Projection Room in January 2014 to Euclid Records, the band creates screenprinted merchandise for bands, venues, and theater companies. The band's hit track "Don't You Start," featured on their new LP, has a sound that combines The Cranberries and Dum Dum Girls. It is a track that

ON RADAR: Butter The Children

Originally from Brooklyn, NY is the four piece punk rock band known as Butter The Children. Besides their name, what makes this band unique is that all of its members were originally from other New York based bands such as Le Rug, Sweet Bulbs, and Night Manager. Recently the group signed to Downtown Records and has released two EPs. Their hit single "Spit It Out" is featured in their 2013 EP True Crime. The track is a combination of punk rock and shoegaze, similar to bands like Ladyhawke and Upset. True Crime is available for streaming on iTunes and Spotify. Check out the official


I'm sure many of us remember this band not only by their unusual name, but by their threat of explosion in their hit 2005 track, "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt." But what happened to this indie rock group you may ask? The band has continued making music to this day! Since the release of their 2005 album With Love And Squalor, Keith Murray, Chris Cain, and Andy Burrows went on to release their third full length album Brain Thrust Mastery in 2007-2008. Between 2009-2010 the band began producing a television series on MTV called Steve Wants His Money, which was featured on Lil MTV

ON RADAR: Sharkmuffin

Originally from the Jersey Shore, is the girl group known as Sharkmuffin. Their sound has been described as noise punk meets power pop, with influences ranging from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Ventures, and Black Sabbath. Last April the band released their debut EP She-Gods Champagne Valley, and recently released their second EP known as 1097. The album features their new single "Foul Play," a rockabilly punk track that is the female version of London indie rock band The Horrors. The EP incorporates surf rock and creepy 1950s horror movie music into one genre. "Foul Play" and 1097 is currently available for streaming and downloading on

ON RADAR: The Color and Sound

Those who enjoy music with a loud voice should check out the Boston indie rock band known as The Color and The Sound. These group of friends formed the band back in early 2013. Shortly after coming together as a band they released their EP Spring Tour based on each of their individual musical tastes. Their music incorporates folk, punk, emo, hard rock, and pop, each song different from the other. 8613

ON RADAR: Marmozets

Originally from Bingley, West Yorkshire in England, is the five-piece math rock band known as Marmozets. Becca Macintyre (vocals), Sam Macintyre (vocals, guitar), Jack Bottomley (guitar), Will Bottomley (vocals, bass), and Josh Macintyre began the band back in 2011, and also released their debut EP Passive Aggressive, before officially signing to record label Roadrunner Records in 2013. At the young ages of 18, Marmozets has already performed with many big-name bands including: Funeral For A Friend, The Used, and Gallows. The band has also performed at many popular concerts such as Reeding and Leeds, Y Not Festival, and Slam Dunk Festival.

ON RADAR: Cashmere Cat

Starting his musical career back in 2003, Magnus August Hoiberg better known as his DJ/producer name Cashmere Cat, has recently released his 5th EP Wedding Bells this past February. Cashmere Cat gained popularity in the electronic music world back in 2012, after  remixing edits for big name artists such as Lana Del Rey, 2 Chainz, and Jeremih. 8534

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Christofer Drew to Release Solo Album Spring 2014

Originally known as the front man for his band Never Shout Never, Christofer Drew has now decided to release his own solo album this Spring. In an interview with Alternative Press, the singer expressed that he had been wanting to do a solo album for a while, he wants to take a step from the full-band experience and see what he can accomplish on his own. 8508

ON RADAR: Neck Deep

Do you miss the days of Blink-182? Enjoy bands that combine pop and punk? Then you're in luck! Originally from Wrexham, England is the pop rock band known as Neck Deep. Ben Barlow (vocals), Lloyd Roberts (guitar), Matt West (guitar), Fil Thorpe-Evans (bass), and Dani Washington (drums) became a band back in 2012. 8483

ON RADAR: Merriment

Growing up in a family of musicians and band managers, it's no surprise that Christie and Collin DuPree decided to follow the career path of their family's and begin a band of their very own. Since a young age the two lived life on the road following in the footsteps of siblings and cousins, Eisley. They started their musical journey around the age of 13 with songwriting and learning the guitar. 8404

PREVIEW: Outside Lands 2014

It's official! The line up for seventh annual Outside Lands  music festival has been released for 2014! This year the festival will once again feature some of music's biggest names as well as a diverse range of independent and local Bay Area bands and artists! Headliners include: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Kanye West, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Death Cab For Cutie, Tegan & Sara, Tiesto, and many others! 8378

SPOTLIGHT: The Used Then and Now

If you are in your twenties you may remember The Used as one of your favorite emo/screamo rock bands in high school, a band that you believe ended once you graduated. Yet just last week the band released their seventh full-length studio album Imaginary Enemy on April 1st, 2014. 8353

ON RADAR: Lions May Cry

Originally from Shreveport, Louisana is the rock trio known as Lions May Cry. The band consists of members Jimmy Wooten (vocals, guitar), his sister Laura Wooten (vocals, bassist), and good friend Cody Lowery (vocals, drums). The band has a distinctive hard rock and electronic sound, this especially heard in their hit track "Already Gone." 8273

PREVIEW: Sasquatch! Music Festival 2014

The critically acclaimed music festival known as Sasquatch! will return this year with an even greater lineup than ever before! The festival will continue its tradition of opening on Memorial Day weekend (May 23rd-25th), opening the doors at 12pm at The Gorge Amphitheatre in Quincy, Washington. The outdoor venue has been hosting the event for the past 13 years! Festival attendees can also expect to see a diverse range of music and talent including favorites such as Outkast, Queens of the Stone Age, Major Lazer, Cold War Kids, and many others! 8240

I.C.Y.D.K: Atlas Genius

I'm sure many have heard the repetitive catchy tunes of Atlas Genius. Both "Trojans" and "If So" are upbeat rock tracks that everyone enjoys listening to and that many identify the band with. Upon their release, both songs charted on the Alternative Songs Chart with "Trojans" reaching number 4 and "If So" charting at number 8! 8161

ON RADAR: Big Data

Originally from Rochester and Brooklyn, New York are the electro pop duo known as Big Data. The band consists of members Daniel Armbruster and Alan Wilkis, focusing their music on issues of people and the Internet and technology world. Their music primarily puts an emphasis on NSA surveillance. The band’s hit song “Dangerous” has garnered airplay on multiple commercial radio stations and has topped the top 10 chart here at B-Sides! 8112

Fall Out Boy: Then and Now

As many already know Fall Out Boy recently released their latest music video “Rat A Tat: Part 9 of 11 of The Young Blood Chronicles.” The band has come a long way and has changed dramatically since the days of their underdog look and lyrics, back when their musical career skyrocketed after releasing “Sugar We’re Goin Down.” 8102

ON RADAR: Dana Falconberry

Originally from Michigan, but later moved to Austin, Texas is singer/songwriter Dana Falconberry. Falconberry's music has been inspired by writers, artists, and films, as well as the different landmarks she visited as a child, such as the Great Lakes State's Leelanau Peninsula. 8056

ON RADAR: Still Corners

Indie rock duo Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes came together originally in 2007 in London, England. The two signed with Sub Pop records in 2011 with their music project known as Still Corners, and released their debut album Creatures of an Hour. This past February 2013 the band released their second full-length album Strange Pleasures, which features their hit track "The Trip" a song that literally provides the listeners' mind a trip through their mind and imagination. 8046

ON RADAR: I Break Horses

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden is the indie shoegazing band known as I Break Horses! The band is made up of a male and female duo known as Maria Linden and Fredrik Balck, I Break Horses was created in 2008. They have released a total of two full length albums, Hearts their debut album released in 2011, and their most recent album Chiroscuro, released this past January! Both albums released by Bella Union Records. 8032


Originally from New York City is the indie rock band known as SKATERS. Singer/songwriter Michael Ian Cummings met guitarist Josh Hubbard in Los Angeles back in 2011. Within a few months Hubbard met up with Cummings in New York, as well as bassist Dan Burke and drummer Noah Rubin. The band played a total of three shows before officially signing with Warner Bros. Records. 7955

I.C.Y.D.K: Bastille

Now I’m sure many of you have heard Bastille’s “Pompeii” at some time or another. The song has had very big commercial success, that naturally it is featured in the the2014 film Pompeii. 7938

ON RADAR: Marissa Nadler

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts is singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler. She began her musical career back in 2000, and has released a total of 6 full-length albums including her recent album July, that released just this last month! Her music has a haunting ghostlike sound to it, with echoing backing vocals, acoustic guitar, and lost wandering lyrics. She began playing the guitar at a young age and sings about life experiences as well as references famous poets in her music, such as Edgar Allan Poe. 7909

I.C.Y.D.K: Avicii

As I’m sure many of you already know, there is not one place you can go without hearing Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” on the radio! Anywhere from the office, to the mall, to even your local diner! It is a huge commercial hit, but it is not the only song to check out by this artist. In case you didn’t know, the Swedish DJ and producer actually released a whole album!  7869


Originally from the electronic duo The Tough Alliance, is solo Swedish electropop artist Eric Berglund and his new music project known as ceo. Berglund and childhood friend Henning Furst created The Tough Alliance in 2003 and released a total of three EPs and three full-length albums with the band. Their live performances received much backlash from the media, stating the band glorified violence due to a recent show in Stockholm, in which they swung a baseball bat on stage! 7860

ON RADAR: Mark McGuire

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio Mark McGuire began his musical career at the young age of 9 when he started playing the guitar. He was in various bands while attending high school one of them known as Emeralds. He promoted his music on CD-Rs and cassettes to his friends, and he released his debut EP Solo Acoustic Vol. 2 (2009), which received positive reviews including that of Al Doyle from Hot Chip. In 2010 the multi-instrumentalist released his debut solo album Living With Yourself. 7824

Pharrell Williams: Why He Stays On Top

Pharrell Williams began his musical career back in 1992 when he and his friends Shay Haley, Mike Etheridge, and Chad Hugo formed an R&B group called The Neptunes. The group was discovered at their high school talent show by manager Teddy Riley. Shortly after being signed, the group turned the name into a production company for artists, and produced for groups like Blackstreet and Mase. Williams and The Neptunes gained attention after producing N.O.R.E's "Superthug" in 1998; the hit charted number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100. 7808

Why We Love Dream Pop!

Dream Pop is a music genre that was created back in the 1980s  from England yet the name originated in the United States. According to Allmusic Guide to Electronica, it is a genre of rock that contains “an atmospheric sub-genre of alternative rock that relies on sonic textures as much as melody.” But what makes this genre popular in the indie music world today? Perhaps it is the escape route the music provides for the listener! 7794

ON RADAR: Glitter Wizard

For those of you who enjoy heavy metal bands like Led Zeppelin, and would like to take a musical trip back in time with the glitz and glam included, check out local Bay Area '70s inspired metal band, Glitter Wizard! 7699

Top 4: Successful Young Musicians

As many of us already know recent teen heart-throb Justin Bieber has recently been having his fair share of run-ins with the law including, drag racing in Miami, causing $20,000 worth of damage by throwing eggs at his neighbor's home, and drug possession. And let’s not forget Miley Cyrus the Disney child star that rebelled against her innocent image in her music video for "Wrecking Ball," twerking, and drug possession. Yet today there are some young celebrities that are still famous for their music and not for their criminal activity. B-Sides is providing you with our top 4 musicians that

The Night That Changed America: A Beatles Tribute

The Beatles made history when they appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show 50 years ago on February 9th, 1964! In celebration of the Liverpool band that changed the world with their music; CBS hosted a memorable and entertaining tribute on the anniversary night of their first Ed Sullivan Show appearance. The tribute was taped shortly after The Grammy's last weekend and featured the two remaining Beatles, Ringo Starr and Sir Paul McCartney. 7598

NEWS: Pussy Riot

The 2014 Winter Olympics have officially begun! And this year the world's most talented athletes will compete in Sochi, Russia. A country that is well-known for its own political battles between its government and its people. Rebellion against the Russian government has been heard and seen in many different forms including its music. Pussy Riot, an 11 piece feminist and activist punk rock group from Moscow, that openly speaks out against Russian president Vladimir Putin and the country's government; had two of its band members arrested back in 2012 after performing their song "Punk Prayer" in the Orthodox Cathedral.

MUSIC VIDEO: “A Song About Love” by Jake Bugg

For those who are looking for a more realistic and relatable love song to celebrate Valentine's Day this year, one should check out the music video and single "A Song About Love" by indie folk/blues singer/songwriter Jake Bugg. The video features Bugg walking alone around the streets of Paris outside of iconic buildings such as The Louvre and Pont de l'Archevêché. 7580

ON RADAR: Rounds

London electro band Rounds, released their second EP Falter, this past January to European record label, Blind Colour. The EP features their single "Falter," which features various electronic beats combined with ghost like vocals. 7569

Band Spotlight: Daughter

Originally a solo singer/songwriter was London musician Elena Tonra, who formed her band Daughter back in 2010. The quiet and melodic folk band consists of Tonra, Igor Haefeli (guitarist), and Remi Aguilella (drummer). The three came together at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. 7543

ON RADAR: Royal Blood

English rock duo Royal Blood consists of band members Mike Kerr (vocalist, bassist) and Benji Talent (drummer). The two friends started their band last year and Brighton, England. In November of 2013 they released their hit single "Out of the Black." 7534

Artist Spotlight: Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma is singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer Ryan Tedder of the band OneRepublic. Although Tedder has gained most  of his recognition as the lead singer of the pop rock band, he has also produced for various big name artists and bands such as Adele, Maroon 5, and Ellie Goulding. But how did Tedder get his start in the music industry? 7453


Originally known for its mark in the 1980s is the music genre that has made its way back for a successful revival in the music scene today! Many different bands and artists continue to incorporate the genre into their music everyday. But what exactly is Synthpop? And how did it become a genre that continues to be successful through the decades?  7431

ON RADAR: Gemini Club

Originally from Chicago, Illinois is the electronica band Gemini Club. The band consists of Tom Gavin (vocals), Gordan Bramli (DJ), Daniel Brunelle (production), and Ryan Luciani (drums). The group is well-known for their live remixing shows, their songs are performed differently at every performance! Their first single "Ghost" gained popularity through the blogging world and soon became remixed by DJs such as Barretso, Golden Bug, and Only children. Their single "Sparklers" featured on their album Here We Sit that released in 2012, is a fast upbeat electro song that would compliment a futuristic film perfectly! Fans of Editors and Generationals would appreciate the

ON RADAR: The Orwells

Originally from Elmhurst, Illinois is the rock band known as The Orwells. The band consists of singer Mario Cuomo, guitarist Dominic Corso, guitarist Matt O'Keefe, bassist Grant Brinner, and drummer Henry Brinner. 7349

Artist Spotlight: Macklemore

We know him as the man who can find a good deal when thrift shopping, believes in equality when it comes to love, and cannot be held down by anything! But did you know Ben Haggerty, better known as rapper/hip hop artist Macklemore; is the first independently released artist since 1994 to chart number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100? 7323

ON RADAR: Jake Bugg

English singer/songwriter Jake Bugg began his music career back in 2011. Bugg grew up with parents who both had musical backgrounds, and he began playing the guitar at age 12. In 2011 he was chosen by BBC to perform on their Introducing stage at the Glastonbury Festival. Shortly after he was signed to Mercury Records, and released his self-titled debut album on October 15th, 2012. 7278

Top Songs of 2013

As the year 2013 comes to an end, B-Sides is taking a look back at what songs were popular during the year, and who we can expect to reach even greater heights in the new year! 7203

ON RADAR: Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band

Brooklyn singer/songwriter Kevin Devine and his backing band known as The Goddamn Band, released not one, but two new albums! Bubblegum and Bulldozer were both released this past October. Devine is known for his acoustic yet political songwriting, he has been influenced by indie artists/bands like Nirvana, Elliott Smith, and Pavement to name a few. The albums were produced by a fundraiser that Devine created himself. 7089


Indiana indie rock band TV Ghost, originally came together in 2006. With their many bandmate changes throughout the years the band currently consists of Tim Gick (vocalist/guitarist), Jimmy Frezza (vocalist/guitarist), Brahne Hoeft (keyboardist), Tristan Ivas (bassist), and Jackson VanHorn (drummer). They released their 7" Atomic Rain in 2007 and their self-titled EP in 2008. In 2008 the band also signed to record label In the Red, and released their debut full length album Cold Fish in 2009. 7059

ON RADAR: J Roddy Walston & The Business

Originally forming in Cleveland, Tennessee back in 2002, is rock n' roll band J Roddy Walston & The Business. The band consists of members J Roddy Walston (vocals, guitar, piano), Billy Gordan (lead guitar, vocals), Logan Davis (bass, vocals), and Steve Colmus (drums). They have released a total of 3 EPs and 3 albums, including their most recent album Essential Tremors, which released this past September to ATO Records. 6984

ON RADAR: The Ceremonies

Matthew, Mark, and Michael Cook started The Ceremonies back in 2010 but did not release their music to the world until 2012. Inspired by their favorite writers, poets, and philosophies, the Cook brothers chose the band name The Ceremonies. 6936

ON RADAR: Basic Vacation

Indie pop trio Basic Vacation, began their musical journey through tough times and found their big break when Grammy Award winning producer David Kahne came across their early demos. Impressed by their sound, Kahne decided to produce their featured hit "I Believe." The song was released on their self titled EP that dropped this past October. 6903

ON RADAR: Bad Suns

Originally from Southern California, Bad Suns came together in the year of 2012. The band consists of members, Christo Bowman (vocalist), Gavin Bennett (bassist), Miles Morris (drummer) and Ray Libby (guitarist). 6892

ON RADAR: Bear Hands

Brooklyn, New York Post indie emo rock band Bear Hands started as a band in 2006. The band was created by Dylan Rau and Ted Feldman, who met each other at Wesleyan University. Val Loper and TJ Orscher who were involved in other bands and the local New York punk scene joined Bear Hands later on. 6843

ALBUM REVIEW: Snow Globe by Erasure

British synth pop duo Erasure have just released their 15th studio album Snow Globe this month. It is a Holiday album that includes classic Christmas covers such as "Silent Night" and "White Christmas" as well as the pop group's own original songs such as "Bells of Love (Isabelle's of Love)" and "Blood on the Snow." 6826

ON RADAR: Magic Man

Before Boston band Magic Man, became the 5 piece band it is today the band originally started in 2010 as a duo with original members Alex Caplow and Sam Lee. Three years later bandmates Justine Bowe, Daniel Radin, and Nolan Robert became part of Magic Man. 6789


Kan Wakan is a name inspired by the word in Tagalog (Kristianne and Ian’s native language) for interstellar/outer space, “Kalawakan,” which aptly describes the style of music from the emerging band. The Los Angeles-based group was started in early 2012 by composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Gueorgui I. Linev and expanded as the music grew with the addition of vocalist, Kristianne Bautista. Kan Wakan combines orchestra instrumentation, soul, and even has influences from punk rock inspiring a unique sound all of their own. Kan Wakan’s full-length debut, entitled “Moving On,” is slated to be released in early 2014. While currently


LA trio Sir Sly are an upcoming electronic indie band that recently released their second EP Gold to Interscope Records. The band consists of members Landon Jacobs, Jason Suwito, and Hayden Coplen. The band is pretty scarce in regards of information pertaining to who they are. 6599

ALBUM REVIEW: Demonstration by Tinie Tempah

English rapper Tinie Tempah has just released his second full length album Demonstration this past week! The new album depicts the rapper as a greater continuation of his sound and music. Although the album has a mainstream hip/hop sound, there is more depth in meaning as compared to the common topics of money, drugs, and women.  6492

ON RADAR: Echosmith

Originally from Southern California and formed in 2009, is the indie pop band known as Echosmith. The band consists of four siblings by the names of Graham, Sydney, Noah, and Jamie Sierota. In 2012 the band was signed to major record label Warner Brothers Records and their first hit “Tonight We’re Making History” was featured in an NBC promo for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Echosmith grew up in a house full of music and were inspired by artists such like Coldplay, The Smiths, and Joy Division among countless others. 6365

ALBUM REVIEW: Matangi by M.I.A.

When first listening to Matangi your ears are instantly hit with a wave of loud synthesizers, electronic beats, and Indian music instrumentation, all combined into one sound. This is M.I.A's fourth studio album that was released this past Friday November 1st, 2013. The album takes electronic dance music to a new level, to the point of almost too much sound experimentation. It is so loud with all the different sounds and different musical styles, that it is hard to focus on the English rapper's lyrics. The combination of sounds and M.I.A.'s prominant vocals are a creative entity all on their own, her

INTERVIEW: Robert Schwartzman

Originally from Los Angeles, California and born into a family of film and creativity, Rooney frontman and actor Robert Schwartzman is moving into a new direction with his new solo electronic pop project known as StarSystem! 6324

PREVIEW: Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013

For those of you who don’t already know, the Fun Fun  Fun Fest is just on the horizon! Located in Austin, Texas, the annual independent music festival dates back to 2006. The festival features particularly underground musicians and bands. But it isn’t only known for its great music acts, attendees can also expect comedy, food, action sports such as skateboarding and wrestling, and poster art adventures! 6310

ON RADAR: Terraplane Sun

Originally from Venice, California is the indie blues rock band known as Terraplane Sun. The band consists of Ben Rothbard (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica), Cecil Campanaro (Bass, Vocals), John Zambetti (Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals), Lyle Riddle (Drums), and Gabe Feenberg (Keyboard, Lap Steal Guitar, Accordian, Trombone).  The band came together back in 2010 and have recently recorded their new EP Ya Never Know with producer Dave Trumfio who has worked with Wilco and My Morning Jacket. The new EP features their song “Get Me Golden,” which depicts the bands’ sound, in which they themselves describe as “blues indie rock folk dance soul.”

ALBUM REVIEW: Lightning Bolt by Pearl Jam

Although some consider Pearl Jam as one of the pioneering bands of the nineties grunge movement, their latest album Lightning Bolt seems more mediocre than unique. The album was released on October 11th, 2013, and is a continuation of Pearl Jam's usual hard rock style, it does not really stand out or capture one's attention. Everything from the instrumentation, vocals, and music itself sounds like a very generic rock band. The album is versatile on topics such as heartbreak in "Sleeping By Myself" and new love in "Future Days." It also talks about family in "My Father's Son" and the band's love

ON RADAR: Bad Things

Did you know Olympic gold medalist and professional athlete Shaun White is also in a rock band? His band is known as Bad Things and consists of members Davis LeDuke (vocals), Jared Palomar (bass), Anthony Sanudo (guitar), Lena Zawaideh (drums, vocals), and Shaun White (guitar). The band recently signed to Warner Brothers and are set to release their debut self-titled album in January 2014. Their single "Anybody" resembles that of an indie rock n' roll style with loud drums and guitar playing throughout the song, and vocals familiar to that of Kings of Leon and The Hives. Although the song