TOP 11 Albums of 2017

A lot of great music was released in 2017 and made it quite difficult to narrow down the field of a list of the top albums of the year. After much deliberation and discussion, we've gathered a list of the top 11 rather than inundate you with a list of 100 albums to cull through. Ranging from the originality of Kendrick Lamar and SZA to the strong outings by Lorde and The War on Drugs, there's something for everyone in our top 11 albums of 2017. 15864

INTERVIEW: Jaymes Young Talks Songwriting, Humbling Moment While on Tour

Jaymes Young takes pride in being a songwriter first than being considered a singer and performer. Early on, Young spent countless hours holed up in his bedroom piecing together compositions, penning lyrics, and exploring various sounds. In 2013, Young independently released the critically acclaimed mixtape, Dark Star, leading to much praise and an eventual signing to Atlantic Records. The EP, Habits of My Heart, spawned viral hits such as the title track and “I’ll Be Good,” which both surpassed 20 million Spotify streams. Young topped that in 2015 with his collaboration with Phoebe Ryan on “We

LIVE REVIEW: The Menzingers – Worcester, MA

It is always refreshing waiting outside your local venue in weather that does not involve shivering in your ripped converse as snow falls onto your head. In this case The Menzingers' fans lined up on a cool summer night outside The Palladium for the sold out show. The indie rock band ended their three night appearance in Massachusetts on Sunday night before moving onto Buffalo, New York. Prior to the show, many remarked how fortunate they are to see the talented band in such an intimate venue. Right from the start, it was clear that the crowd was

PHOTO REVIEW: Warped Tour 2017 – Mansfield, MA

As soon as the Warped Tour lineup comes out, the anticipation for the day-long music festival begins. Rain or shine, fans line up early in the morning to beat the rush. In the case at the Mansfield, MA stop, it was no shine, and all rain. The weather, however, did not stop anyone's dedication to stand in the pouring rain walking from stage to stage and jam out to their favorite bands. Some band members shared their thoughts about the gloomy day. Bryan Garris from Knocked Loose stated, "I heard it rains in Mansfield, MA, every Warped Tour." John Floreani from

Must See Bands at Warped Tour 2017

Ever summer, pre-teens, young adults, parents, and straight up wild music lovers come out to their local venue or even travel, to spend a long awaited scorching day to see their favorite bands perform. This year the lineup is killer once again and in no particular order, here are the must see bands of Warped Tour 2017! 15002

INTERVIEW: MAYBIRD Talk Writing, Working with Patrick Carney

Maybird just wrapped up their tour through the States and what better way to end it than in their hometown of Rochester, New York. In 2013, Maybird made their recording debut with an ambitious independent album, Down and Under. As Maybird developed a growing following on the East Coast, they were approached by producer Danger Mouse, who had heard and enjoyed the record. Danger Mouse asked Maybird to sign with his new label, 30th Century Records, and the group's first project for 30th Century, the EP Turning into Water, was released in April 2016. The group is due for another

LIVE REVIEW: Coast Modern – Boston, MA 4/12/2017

Is there anything better than seeing your favorite band live? How about leaving a show with a NEW favorite band? Coast Modern is the type of band that can stop someone in their tracks, with their indie, pop, and reggae vibes, and make them wonder "who is that?" This American duo got together in 2013 but do to the mainstream scene in their hometown of LA, they did not make a name for themselves until 2015. Coast Modern recently made their way across the country to Boston, MA and were beyond entertaining. They opened up and definitely got

LIVE REVIEW: Never Shout Never, Me Like Bees – Boston, MA 4/9/2017

A band generally tours to debut a new album or to get their name out there and show their fans some love. Never Shout Never just wrapped up the first leg of their U.S tour, and in this case, they are touring for all their long-time fans. Following a band from the beginning is dedication to say the least. The lead man Christofer Drew Ingle started NSN as a solo career. This made the tour special considering he would be playing his one man band songs with a full band behind him. 14770

Warped Tour Going Back In Time In 2017?

  There is no hiding the fact that in the past year, audiences everywhere have witnessed amazing bands from the 90's and early 2000's release new content. Long time punk lovers are head over heals for the amount of groups making a come back like Sum 41, Green Day, Good Charlotte, and New Found Glory. Their new albums and singles are just the beginning. Warped Tour's Instagram page recently announced Warped Rewind At Sea, a four day cruise from New Orleans to Cozumel. The post has exploded with comments from fans eager to hear details as the account posts teasers about the

B-Sides Top 10: Best Hard Rock Albums of 2016

2016 was a complex year for society. Whether citizens viewed it as a successful year or a time they wish they could erase, Hard Rock enthusiasts had a lot to appreciate about this year. Up and coming bands, and bands who have continued their position in their audience's hearts, have both released records that strive in perfection. Whether its Green Day who have shown the world they are musical geniuses from day 1 back in '86, or Knocked Loose who are growing at a rapid rate and beginning their journey of touring over seas. 2016 left no disappointment for hard rock

Top 10 Scary-looking Bands (Who Aren’t Scary At All)

Some bands develop their persona with their sound, and others develop it through a style. Both forms of creativity give audiences and fans an opportunity to portray bands/artists as a "character" when they walk on stage. Most of the time, people outside of the rock music scene view these bands and artists as "scary". When in reality they are nothing but creative musical geniuses. 10 of the "scariest bands" may be Slipknot, Mayhem, Marilyn Manson, KISS, Slayer, Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White, Rammstein, Disturbed, and Suicide Silence. 14368

SPOTLIGHT: 10 Year Anniversary of The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance caused quite the uproar when they split up in 2013. Their fandom still find spite in it to this day, but that just shows how MCR possesses overwhelming talent and dedicated followers. Gerard Way (lead vocalist), Mikey Way (bassist), Ray Toro (lead guitarist), Frank lero (rhythm guitarist), and Bob Bryar (drummer) released their third studio album, The Black Parade, after four months of recording, in October of 2006. This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the album in which the band decided to celebrate and post the piano intro of "The Black Parade" to their Youtube

ON-RADAR: Story Untold

In today's generation it's common to find rising stars on social media. YouTube is a main contributor to finding incredible talent floating around.  In this case, YouTube brought Story Untold's lead man, Janick Thibault, into the spotlight. Thibault created his YouTube channel back in 2007, covering hit songs with a rock vibe to them.  Five years later, Thibault created a four-man band known as Amazing and in 2016, Amasic was renamed Story Untold after making the announcement on YouTube in a comical fashion.  Now consisting of Janick Thibault (vocalist and songwriter), Jessy Bergy (lead guitarist), Mehdi Zidani (drummer), Max Cloutier

WARPED TOUR 2016 INTERVIEW: Pat Kirch of The Maine

  Although Warped Tour was first established with a lot of punk and rock bands, over the years the main genre affiliated with the tour became more broad. The Maine is one of the bands that could play on the main stage right after a metal core band like Motionless In White. Completely opposite sounds but similar in the support from their fans love for music. Formed in 2007, from Tempe, Arizona, this alternative band now consists of vocalist, John O'Callaghan, lead guitarist, Jared Monaco, bassist, Garrett Nickelsen, drummer, Patrick Kirch, and rhythm guitarist, Kennedy Brock. The Maine doesn't just play songs on a stage,

WARPED TOUR INTERVIEW: Maxx and Zach of Set It Off

Set It Off isn't the typical rock and punk band usually seen at Warped Tour. They mix together traditional punk sounds with pop vocals and beats. But they always put on a high tempo and energetic performance that placed them a spot on the Main Stage at this year's Warped Tour. Formed in 2008, in Tampa, Florida, Set It Off began making a reputation for themselves. Currently made up of vocalist, Cody Carson, lead guitarist, Dan Clermont, rhythm guitarist, Zach DeWall, and drummer, Maxx Danziger. The group is packed with genuine and extremely talented guys that made a great addition


In 2004, the hardcore band known as Vanna, emerged from Boston, MA. Currently made up by lead vocalist, Davey Muise, clean vocalist and lead guitarist, Joel Pastuszak, rhythm guitarist, Nicholas Lambert, bassist, Shawn Marquis, and drummer, Seamus Menihane. They are growing more each day, especially after releasing their newest album, All Hell. Vanna's Warped Tour performances in New England were a big deal, but their hometown show in Mansfield, MA, was even bigger. Muise spoke about his experiences at Warped Tour and how much the event means to those attending. He was overwhelmed with excitement for the hometown show and the whole

PHOTO RECAP: Vans Warped Tour 2016- Mansfield, MA

Warped Tour is a summer long party, full of renowned, up and coming, and insane bands. It is not only an event that many across the country anticipate, but it is the one day a year that music is celebrated with a loving and accepting community, all thanks to the founder, Kevin Lyman. The 2016 Warped Tour was a special edition to the tradition, considering its main sponsor, Vans, celebrated its 20th Anniversary and the festival's lineup was a little different than previous years. 2016 Warped featured several throwback punk bands, like Sum 41, New Found Glory, which both made

SPOTLIGHT: Pierce the Veil

Since the release of their latest album, Misadventures,  Pierce the Veil has gotten more attention and new fans to their already-solid following.  The band, howver, did not just come out of nowhere and become an instant sensation.  Frontmen and brothers, Vic (vocalist) and Mike Fuentes (drummer), formed the American post-hardcore band back in 2006 out of San Diego, with bassist Jaime Precaido and guitarist Tony Perry.  Equal Vision Records supported Pierce the Veil's early success with albums like A Flair For The Dramatic and Selfish Machines.  Then in 2011 they signed with Fearless Records and released the albums, Collide With The

INTERVIEW: David Rapaport aka STITCX from Maszer

  Experience is far from what David Rapaport of the band Maszer lacks. From touring with Black Sabbath and Pixies, to playing at renowned festivals, not to mention his skills on the bass, guitar, keys, and vocals, David has been adapt to the music world even before moving to the United States ten years ago. Bandmates, Katie Blackstock on vocals and Joseph Braley on drums and banjo, have assisted David on the journey through creating their new EP "Dreamsz". Maszer is not only known for keeping themselves busy by writing and touring, but also by their generosity. The band is dedicated to

Must See Bands On Warped Tour 2016

Every year since 1995 Vans Warped Tour has traveled all over the country bringing together music lovers in their city for a day of crowd surfing, meet and greets, singing, sweating, and excitement, surrounded by amazing bands. Kevin Lyman is the master mind behind this festival and it has turned into a summer tradition for many rock and pop punk fans. Vans Warped Tour has given the opportunity to many up and coming artists to make their mark in music world. The 2016 Vans Warped Tour is packed with classic pop punk bands like Sum 41, New Found Glory and Good

ALBUM REVIEW : Ephemera by Little Green Cars

When Little Green Cars released their debut album Absolute Zero in 2013, audiences fell hard for the band’s catchy harmonies and melancholy dark lyrics. Overall positive reviews for the album, as well as their live performances, set Little Green Cars up for the dreaded momentum and expectations for a strong follow-up. The realities of life, however, took over as personal experiences from a death in one of the band member’s family and other issues took precedence and also influence on their approach to the new album. The result is Ephemera, which was released on March 11, 2016

On-Radar: Run River North

Making their debut in 2011, formally known as Monsters Calling Home, Run River North is a Korean-American alternative/indie band. Consisting of 6 members, Run River North makes music inspired by their parents backgrounds. Traveling around California playing small shows was the beginning of their career. Following the band filming a music video in Honda cars, the car company gave the young band an opportunity to play a gig on Jimmy Kimmel Live, continuing their life in the spotlight. 13235

On-Radar: A Great Big World

A Great Big World is an American duo group formed by Ian Axel and Chad King who met studying at NYU. These two music business majors decided to work together after King heard Axel sing. Axel was the first under the spotlight when he released a solo album which contained songs all co-written by King. Although they had yet to call themselves A Great Big World, as the world knows them now, they were a great team from the beginning. 13199

10 Year Anniversary of AFI Album Decemberunderground

2006 introduced many great new bands and provided a lot of great albums ranging from the debut of Arctic Monkeys to Black Holes and Revelations by Muse, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me by Brand New, Broken Boy Soldiers by The Raconteurs and Decemberunderground by AFI. Decemberunderground was the follow-up to AFI’s breakthrough album, Sing The Sorrow and catapulted the band’s profile to the mainstream.  13123