10 Artists You Need to See at the 2017 Austin City Limits Music Festival

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is going on right now, as well as next weekend, with a fine array of diverse acts for every kind of fan.  And... while B-Sides is there and pumped to see them all, we also have a few that we are more than stoked to see. Below is a list of those 10 artists. Cheers and Raise Your Glass!! Glass Animals Britain's Glass Animals released their debut album in 2014 combining a pop heavy indie rock sound with an electronica underbelly. Their last record How To Be a Human Being was released in 2016. https://youtu.be/8RkJhJcfOnc Live Live formed in the tiny town of York, Pennsylvania,

ON-RADAR: The Begowatts – Grand Charade

I love good, midwestern rock n roll. Like really love it, almost as much as I love Iron Maiden, Snoop Dogg, or The Sex Pistols. There is just something inherently good about a John Mellencamp song, Ryan Adams lullaby, or Tom Petty (sob) cut. I also found that same Midwestern charm in bands like Husker Du and The Replacements. Just all around great songwriting with no pretensions. 15629

ALBUM REVIEW: The Killers – Wonderful, Wonderful

The Killers burst onto the scene in the early 00s with a fresh sound and approach with a hint to the past. Hot Fuss was a magical ride of 80s inspired pop riffs with a swanky songwriting ability that caused earworms in the brain. Sam’s Town went a little darker, a little deeper, but still with songs that cut to the core. Day and Age and Battle Born came and went, and now here we are still looking, I think, for that next Hot Fuss, which is most likely never going to happen. With a debut album as big as

ON-RADAR: Junkyardfieldtrip

Lord knows that I am a sucker for sappy, heartfelt, acoustic, Americana. There is something about riding down a two-lane, winding, highway somewhere in bum-fuck Ohio that intersects small towns, villages, and lands with single stop lights for miles. Where there are still hardware stores not called Lowe’s or Home Depot, corner stores that sell bins of tootsie rolls and lollipops, and an actual church at the center of the main street. These towns are few and far between anymore, but there are still many that offer that longing of nostalgia that we all feel from time to time. People

ON-RADAR: Lunar Hand – ‘Magic Hour’ EP

Finding really truly unique pop music is becoming increasingly hard to do with many just taking a shock value angle rather than a musical one. Many are going back in time to the 50s and 60s for musical inspiration, but while unique to this time and place, is really just paying homage to things that have already been done. However, even with that slant on earlier forms of rock n roll, there are still bands that can put their spin on things. One such group is Lunar Hand, a trio of Southern California garage rockers that make moving, jumpy, and

ON-RADAR: Rising Appalachia – Alive

Protest music is so punk rock… I mean the sentiment is… the music itself comes from many different backgrounds and strains of solidarity. Rising Appalachia is a duo of sisters, Leah and Chloe Smith, that takes that punk rockiness and funnels it through a deep, southern, Appalachian sound, and augments it with hip-hop and world music beats bringing a new sound to the protest. They have spread that sound all over the US and Europe whether it’s working with Native Americans at Standing Rock, or railing against President Trump, it all comes from a deep well of hope, and a

ALBUM REVIEW: Foster the People – Sacred Hearts Club

As a human of the world, I really love music. All music… it doesn’t matter. If it has a pulse, and breathes life into something, I am hooked. Unfortunately, this has proved harder and harder to accomplish the older I get. Maybe I am turning curmudgeon, but much of the newer music I listened to lately lacks true soul, sounds tinny and limp, and doesn’t kick you in the balls the way I remember. There is nothing like Axl Rose’s growl, Ice Cube’s snarl, or just anything Lemmy or George Clinton related. For me anyway, music in 2017 is full

ON-RADAR: FerrariLover – ‘Seventh Sky’

I have forever been a staunch ally of ambient music. Whether it was my first foray into Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music For Airports, his work with David Bowie, the Aphex Twins' Selected Ambient Works 85-92, or even the metal assault, but ambient march of ISIS (the band), all of it painted landscapes of extraterrestrials, vast oceans, cosmic dreams, and lost worlds. Music that opened something else, not fixated within three minute pop songs, but music that moves on past its sound. It always fascinated me. 15246

INTERVIEW: The Modern Bluegrass Revival – A Conversation with Mipso

Mipso are the real deal when it comes to Southern Bluegrass, Folk, and Country music. The quartet of college friends grew up in North Carolina studied the local roots music, and immersed themselves in it... Eventually making records that shied away from conventional modern songwriting, instead focusing on telling stories with a unmistakable, and infectious,  vocal harmonization. The group's third record Coming Down the Mountain, showcases Mipso's growth from string band, to something a bit more contemporary without throwing away the grit. The record is fabulous and so is the band. B-Sides was afforded some time to speak with Mipso guitarist

ON-RADAR: Builder of the House – ‘Ornaments’

Builder of the House are a duo hailing from the indie haven of Portland, OR. Formed in 2011 by Rob Cimitile with partner Eliot Heeschen; both doing heavy lifting in bands prior to coming together. Builder of the House has steadily made a name for themselves through incessant touring leading up to the release their first full length album; Ornaments. The band has fused indie pop with a groove laden folk music that begs listeners to get up and dance. The album tends to flip a switch from Appalachian style barn stompers, to Latin tinged movements disguised behind Cimitile’s fragile

INTERVIEW: B-Boys Discuss Their New Record “Dada”

B-Boys could best be described as a cross between Fugazi and Katy Perry. The Brooklyn based band recently released their first full-length album with the appropriate title, Dada. Dada is a unique mixture of fast riffs, fat drums, and an attitude not found in popular music. That and the album coasts in just around 30 minutes of unrentless energy. B-Sides caught up with chief songwriters Brendon Avalos and Britton Walker to discuss the new record, philosophy of song lyrics, and their economical songwriting style. 15203

ON-RADAR: MesAlfie – Hey Super

It’s hard to ignore MesAlfie’s old world charm when you listen to his newest release Hey Super. The singer/songwriter’s first English album drips with European influence whether it's the lyrics, lush orchestration, or accordion backdrop, he could be heard on pop radio, or a cafe in the center of Rome. MesAlfie has had a previous career in Italy, with his band Aleph, which were popular in the 90s in Italy and around Europe. This time around, he took the moment to slow down at his family home in Italy, recording the album in relative comfort, and it shows. Hey Super

ON-RADAR: The Dolly Spartans – Time Sides With No One

The Dolly Spartans are so much more than a kitschy name. The band is reminiscent of a minor league Strokes, with a pop sensibility encrusted in a rock candy shell. The Minor league thing isn't a negative connotation, they just need a longer incubation before they achieve pop greatness. The band's 2nd EP Time Sides With No one is a great start. 15131

INTERVIEW: Coast Modern and the Sunny Vibe of Los Angeles

Coast Modern

Coast Modern are an eclectic mix of hip-hop, rock, and just about everything you can think of. It’s a modern take on what pop music can and sometimes should be. Their light-hearted and fun style is certainly a byproduct of their hometown of Los Angeles, and they continue to take left turns with each of the  singles the band has released to the public. No two songs from the band sound the same. Their journey continues with their most recent release “Pockets Full of No”. B-Sides sat down to talk with the band about their hometown, major influences, and constantly

ON-RADAR: Sami Wolf – See You On The Moon

Sami Wolf

Sami Wolf is unlike anyone else at the moment. She’s a self-declared Jewish-addict-lesbian-rapper, and wants that piece of the market cornered. Her Chicago roots provide a husk around her sometimes-sweet voice on her newest record See You On The Moon. The 7 song EP goes back and forth from intimate-laden pop, to spoken word hip-hop, to tender love ballads but with none fading too far right or left of Sami Wolf’s natural sound. I believe that she would feel as home in a Riot Grrl band as she would in a Crunk palace in the deep south. It’s good, needs

INTERVIEW: Close Talker on Playing Weddings and Their Tremendous New Album “Lens”

Close Talker are an intriguing band from the province of Saskatchewan, Canada that meld the likes of blues, jazz, and hip-hop into a highly original sound all their own. We were afforded some time, with lead singer Will Quiring, recently to talk about the bands origins, how seriously cool the music scene in Saskatoon is, and their new record Lens out April 21st on Nevado Music.   So you guys were  literally in the middle of practicing when I called? Will Quiring - “We’ve pretty much since January we’ve been putting everything else on hold, preparing for the album

On Radar: The Big East – Hungry Ghosts

The Big East has been lovingly referred to as “yacht rock”. I am still trying to come to terms with this moniker, as I don’t really know what it means. Does it mean that only rich people can listen to The Big East? Does it mean I need to buy a pair of loafers and part my hair to the side? Does it mean I need to love in Connecticut? Or… does it mean that I need to cut my balls off like I were a eunuch, cause that’s what I hear when I hear that particular term… If I were

On Radar: Mike Llerena – Absence & the Heart

Mike Llerena

Gainesville, FL has always been a lightning rod for great rock music. The home of The University of Florida provides a cradle for up and coming musicians that served as jump starts for original acts from Tom Petty to Against Me! and everything in between. This is the same place that singer Mike Llerena calls home, and drives his DIY ethos like those that came before. Llerena recently released a 4 song EP entitled Absence & the Heart that culls as much influence from punk as it does folk, much like the city where he is from. The record is four

On Radar: Vaureen – Violence EP

Vaureen, Violence

  Vaureen is a trio from Brooklyn, NY, and they are pretty good. But that’s not the point. The point is that as I sit in my back patio, I notice that the guitars on their three song EP Violence, scrape a little lower, the vocals soar a little higher, and the drums punch a little harder. And then I realize that Vaureen is the band that I want to hear. I miss that 90s sound… the sound of the air covered with a wet blanket, the sound of tangible gravity, when pop met metal and you found yourself humming “Pretend We’re

On Radar: Miss Ohio – White Hot

Miss Ohio

Miss Ohio finds itself in esteemed company. Some have compared them to the alt-country of Wilco without the artiness. They can jangle like Pavement, without the quirkiness, and the band have been straddling this Jersey grit / Americana line for 10+ years. The band now has a “best of” record entitled White Hot - The Best of Miss Ohio which is good enough to be in the same breath as those two bands above, but never received their fair chance. White Hot - The Best of Miss Ohio is exactly what it says. 12 really great examples of songwriting that

INTERVIEW: The Strokes Guitarist Nick Valensi at Home With CRX

Nick Valensi is the charismatic, high-energy lead guitar player in The Strokes. Valensi recently formed CRX, a creative outlet where he stepped out in front of the stage as the lead vocalist and chief songwriter. The album, entitled New Skin, was produced by the badass, and very prolific, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age fame, and offers a glimpse into Valensi’s world outside one of the most important rock bands of the 21st century. In short, Valensi just wanted to play music on stage, and needed a vehicle to do so. New Skin is a tremendous record, and

INTERVIEW: Josh Lemay of Citizen Zero Talks Detroit, Recording ‘State of Mind’

It's hard to find a good path for unapologetic, straight up, rock n' roll. Citizen Zero just happen to be a beacon of light  in a landscape flooded with everything but badass rock.  B-Sides spoke with Citizen Zero lead singer Josh LeMay and had a very poignant discussion on everything from the decline of the "rock god", lack of integrity in the media, Detroit legend Bob Seger and more. 14477

INTERVIEW: Joshua Radin Talks Cleveland, New Music

Joshua Radin is as naturally charismatic, and organically genuine as they come. B-Sides recently interviewed the celebrated American singer-songwriter on everything from growing up in Cleveland, to the state of the music industry, to his new album, The Fall, slated for release January 27th.  Check out our conversation highlights: 14458

ALBUM REVIEW: Thirsty – Albatross

UK’s Thirsty puts out really good music. When you mix former members of the notorious rock band The Quireboys, with renowned Russian lyricist and poet Irina D, and members of Squeeze and Saint Jude, something interesting happens. Thirsty formed in 2014 and released their self-titled debut shortly after to critical fanfare. The band typically writes songs based on the three-minute rule of 50’s rock, and the mantra of less is more, but the band’s cool mixture of rock and blues is cut from the same cloth as the Rolling Stones, Faces, or Lou Reed rather than the 80’s bands where

LIVE REVIEW: Beach Slang – Orlando, FL October 14, 2016 

Beach Slang just released a new record in September entitled, A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings, the record continued the punk ethos and emotional outpouring they had  come to be known for. For a band to release a record, distribute, market, and tour is a hard thing to do. Blessings need to line up in just the right quantum structure for it to become an idea, let alone a physical thing. It’s even harder when you are the only one left of a trio in the middle of that record release circus. Beach Slang vocalist, James Alex, was caught in

ALBUM REVIEW: Green Day – Revolution Radio

Little did they know it then, but Green Day would eventually give birth to a new genre of music dubbed “pop-punk”, and with it have spawned snot-nosed, nasal vocal, dye-jobs that pale in comparison to the originals. Green Day have ridden a wave from punk darlings, to multi-platinum success, critical acclaim, street-cred, and eventually the likes of Broadway never really straying to far from the formula of loud guitars, catchy hooks, and skinny ties. Their last project, 2012’s Uno, Dos and Tres were noted missteps without a real narrative. Revolution Radio comes at a time when rock n roll is having a

ON RADAR: Almanac Mountain – Cryptoseismology

Almanac Mountain is an extremely remote peak in the forests of Maine. It is also the moniker of a band fronted by one, Chris Cote. The progressive-pop sounds of the band, mirror the loneliness of the mountain itself and is translated on their new record Cryptoseismology. Recorded in the depths of a long New England winter, a cold, knife-like, uncomfortable, and isolated  sound permeates the record and brings a chill to the music. Lush, and vibrant with a monotone reserved for Depeche Mode, the record forces to be listened to with undivided attention to pick up the nuances that give

INTERVIEW: A.J. Haynes of Seratones

Seratones are a garage, punk, revival. The band hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana offer a raw, unfiltered, and unapologetic stance on what rock n roll is for the future. Their continuous touring, and recent chainsaw buzz from their May record release, Get Gone, has critics and fans showing them much warranted love. B-Sides had a chance to catch up with the bands energetic, and high-spirited, lead singer and guitarist, A.J. Haynes via phone while on tour in El Paso. TX. 14235

ALBUM REVIEW: Beach Slang – A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings

Beach Slang is a punk band from, the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA. The band brings an energetic mix of punk rock ruckus, melodic dissonance, and anti-pop. They have strung together a list of EP's and compilations with one full length record, 2015's The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us, to critical acclaim. The band has regrouped,  after what seemed like a continuous touring cycle, to record their follow up A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings. The record follows in the footsteps of it predecessor with smart, loud, and aggressive pop-hooks, driving guitars, with the fingerprints of nostalgia

ON-RADAR: dINMachine – The Opposite of Unity

diNMachine is a collective of musicians hailing from the musical bio dome of New York City. Driven by composer Michael Schumacher, and a bevy of musicians with world class pedigrees ranging from the Julliard School of Music to the Jazz Conservatory in Vienna, they put aside their classical chops in favor of a trip into electro-pop, and avant-garde dance music. The result is The Opposite of Unity an ambitious and challenging record full of interesting,  but good,  uses of the word dance. 14216

ON-RADAR: The Grand Undoing – Sparks Rain Down from the Lights of Love

I love music that sets open spaces on fire. David Bowie would do that. He would take something completely original and make it even more original, and then make it just fucking weird, and then would set it on fire. I think what I mean by that is he would take a concept that was avant-garde, and way on the fringes, and make it mainstream….. essentially setting it ablaze. While many would think that an abomination, Bowie was so fucking cool, that avant-garde would gravitate toward him, and not the other way around. Springsteen was like that too, and The

Who To See at FYF Fest 2016- Los Angeles, CA

FYF Fest is an annual two-day music festival held in Los Angeles, started in 2004. FYF Fest, short for the eloquent “Fuck Yeah Fest Fest”, showcases a multitude of music including rock, electronic, and hip-hop mashing them all together at the Los Angeles Sports Arena & Exposition Park. The festival has brought out some heavies for the 2016 lineup this year including Kendrick Lamar, LCD Soundsystem, The Strokes, and Air, but it’s always the lesser known bands on the bill that we like to give exposure to. Below are 10 acts to look for as you wind your way to

ON-RADAR: The Tigerlillies – 123456 EP

Garage Rock is alive and well in Ohio. The Tigerlillies bring their post-punk anthems of cotton candy with bloody stems and feedback to light on their new EP 123456. The band brings a mash up of The Kinks, The Beach Boys, and The Buzzcocks that is hard to ignore, with hooks that would make any teeny-bopper, producer turn their heads. The Tigerlillies offer a smashing live show; amassing a cult following touring with the likes of Joan Jett, Paul Weller, and Guided by Voices. 14124

Lollapalooza 2016: Preview & Recommendations

In 1991, Perry Farrell and Jane's Addiction were calling it quits. One of the foremost bands to start the late 80s and early 90s movement into the Alternative wanted to go out with a party. So they invited along some friends to tour with them on their farewell venture. The first incarnation of the event is a history guide to that movement including Living Colour, Nine Inch Nails, Ice T & Body Count, Rollins Band, and the Butthole Surfers. The anything goes, dance party, heavy metal atmosphere was a staple of that time and moved on to permeate the tour.

ALBUM REVIEW: Dreamers – This Album Does Not Exist

Brooklyn, New York’s Dreamers are here to make your day brighter. The trio play smart, sunshiny, pop, and are unapologetic about it. Their debut LP This Album Does Not Exist is way more than their notion of “three minute tunes to perk you and make you shake”, and it’s spectacular. There are times in life when everything, even music, seems so damn heavy, and this band certainly understand that. I think Dreamers could make the next great indie record, but instead said “fuck it” and made a great pop record, just the type of record they wanted too….. And the

ON-RADAR: Dan Lipton – Breathing In

Dan Lipton’s nomadic wanderings are the heart and soul of his new record Breathing In. The album was recorded in various intimate settings, mostly cabins in the woods, throughout the Eastern US. The singer songwriter has drawn comparisons to Ray Lamontagne but with this new record has branched off that line to come into his own as an artist. Breathing In runs the gamut of emotions from the fun and whimsical, to the downtrodden and sullen. His voice is inviting and warm and sounds at home in front of a fireplace with a blanket and a bottle of wine. 13945

ON-RADAR: Wonky Tonk – Stuff We Leave Behind

Country and Punk Music are natural cousins, however unnatural that sounds. Both come from an underground, rebellious, music of the people. The Clash knew this, as do, Ryan Adams, and Social Distortion. There is a soul in both genre’s that are fueled by angst, sorrow, and attitude. Unfortunately, new-age country is mere pop-music with the occasional banjo, but there are saviors of the old sound including Kacey Musgraves, Chris Stapleton, and Kentucky born Jasmine Poole who goes by the name Wonky Tonk. 13936

ON-RADAR: Kim Killspeed – “Inside”

Kim Killspeed is a quintet hailing from Australia. With one EP, Ultrasound, and some studio demos under their belt, the band is about to break on the strength of their new single “Inside” from their forthcoming record due out late 2016. The easy feeling and vibe of the song pushes Kim Killspeed into new directions of their sound. Production duties from The Tea Party’s Jeff Martin, sets the single on a blues roller coaster shying away from the pop sheen of Ultrasound. Martin also provides backing vocals and has his fingerprints all over the song, from the deep bass and drums

Summerfest 2016 Festival Preview

2016 Summerfest Preview Set on the shores of Lake Michigan in downtown Milwaukee, Summerfest is listed as the World’s Largest Music Festival. The festival is 11 days long with 800+ acts across 11 stages on the concert grounds bringing a range of diverse music. 2016’s lineup includes Paul McCartney, Sting and Peter Gabriel, Luke Bryan, Weezer, Willie Nelson, and Pitbull, among others. Behind the headliners, the 45+ food and beverage vendors, interactive exhibits, and shopping marketplaces, there is a bevy of activity that truly brings home one of the largest parties in North America and we have a bunch of acts

ON-RADAR: The Begowatts – Photoelectric

Apparently there is a South Central Wisconsin… I’m not being funny, I have just never really thought about that area of the country. I can imagine that it’s a beautiful place, home to The Dells, “The Mad City” of Madison, Wisconsin, and The Begowatts. The latter making the place stink with their no nonsense brand of rock. Their website boasts, and I love this, “Our hard-hitting Rock and Roll will embolden the weak, cure the sick, save the damned, soften the heat, and melt the face of all True Believers”. Photoelectric just happens to also be the band’s debut record.

ON RADAR: Told Slant – ‘Going By’ Album Review

  Told Slant comes from the mind of Felix Walworth who lovingly refers to the band’s music as “bedroom punk", I have no idea what that means, but I love it. I also like to think the group comes from a select pedigree of minimalist, melodic, drone-pop straight from beautiful New York City. The new album, Going By comes out of left field and is a very challenging listen, which is why I love music in the first place. This record forces the listener to actually listen. Told Slant is not something to put on in the background while you are washing

Top 15 Fabulous Red Hot Chili Peppers Classics

There is not much more one can say about The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their sound is like no other taking snippets of funk, metal, rap, and punk and combining them effortlessly into something that is only described as “Chili-Pepper “like. They have influenced numerous bands to dive deep into their own influences and comb the music for new inspiration. They have been hit with tragedy, but came back with a more melodic and mature sound that still pays homage to the funk. And…they made socks really cool. Their 11th album “The Getaway” was released on June 17th, but we felt

ON RADAR: Ships Have Sailed – Whispers EP

Ships Have Sailed are known for their pop savvy earworms unleashed in epic force on 2015’s record Moodswings. The Los Angeles duo has since then taken their songs and won numerous awards including The John Lennon Songwriting Competition, as well as showcased at varied locations including SXSW, Canadian Music Week, and NPR. It is clear that the two major players, Will Carpenter (guitar, vocals), and Dan Hange (bass), know how to write really good tunes, and it is refreshing to hear those songs stripped down to acoustic guitar and bare-bones production on their new 5 song EP Whispers. The EP begins

2016 Bonnaroo Music Festival Recommendations

The Summer festival season is upon us, and no summer is complete without the diverse oddities emanating from the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, TN. Each year the small town grows to 8x its usual population for 3 days of music, art, and good eats against a rural backdrop. This year marks the 14th incarnation of the festival which has launched many acts into the stratosphere. Headliners this year will include Pearl Jam, two sets from Dead & Company and LCD Soundsystem. For those just catching up, Dead & Company consists of Grateful Dead members

Governors Ball 2016: Who To See

This weekend marks the 6th annual Governors Ball held on Randall’s Island, New York City. Beginning on June 3rd, the festival offers 3 days of music in every genre from hip-hop to rock. 2016’s iteration of eclectic acts features The Strokes, Beck, The Killers, Kanye West, and Death Cab For Cutie. There will be a fine array of food, a stellar and easy atmosphere with the party ongoing. MTV will be sponsoring a Governor’s Ball After Dark including Eagles of Death Metal, and Miguel playing venues close by the festival. As we take a long look at the weekend ahead

ALBUM REVIEW: Catfish and The Bottlemen – The Ride

Remember the term Brit-Pop….. OK, I’m not a fan of that term, however, the bands and songs that came from the 2nd wave of the British Invasion were timeless. Bands consisting of Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Stone Roses, etc, they pulled you in so hard you felt like you were a part of the gang. They made you vulnerable at every chord progression, romantic during each verse, and majestic at each chorus. There have been few records that have reached that pinnacle in the past 20 years, Catfish & The Bottlemen’s 2nd effort The Ride comes extremely close. Catfish & The Bottlemen couldn’t

The Top 10 Anthems By The Clash

The Clash’s influence on modern music is well documented and well deserved. The band broke through with the legendary British punk rock movement of the late 70’s with the likes of The Sex Pistols and The Damned. The quartet pooled together a mixed bag of musical styles fusing rockabilly, ska, and reggae with a political slant and deafening attitude to augment an already provocative sound. 13740

On Radar: The Shelters

The Shelters roared onto the scene in 2015 bringing with them a Southern California sound that has been sorely missed in recent years. The band quickly issued The Shelters EP in October 2015 featuring a signature sound of jangly guitars, pop-hooks, and sneered sass catching the attention of none other than Tom Petty. Petty was so enamored that he worked directly with the band allowing them to use his personal home studio. The result of that experience is chronicled on the band’s raucous self-titled debut, The Shelters. Co-produced by Petty, first single “Rebel Heart” offers the listener a taste of