ALBUM REVIEW: Gooch Palms – Introverted Extroverts

Gooch Palms are all about dichotomy. Two homes: Necastle, Australia and Los Angeles. The band is made up of one man, Leroy, and one woman, Kat. Punk and pop dominate their sound. Their latest album, Introverted Extroverts, is an oxymoronic duality of sorts. But anyone who’s even glimpsed Gooch Palms knows they’re too multifaceted to simply be divided in halves. The band is kooky. Leroy wears a lot of midriff shirts, dons a sharp mullet, and often plays completely nude. Kat has bright hair, dresses in clashing prints, thrashes on stage. Their promo photos are silly, fun. Their videos are slapstick.

2016 Firefly Festival: Who To See 

Festival season is flying by. Coachella, Hangout, Bonnaroo—now, we have Firefly this weekend in Delaware. Feeling overwhelmed by the lineups and who’s playing where is normal. And we’ve got you covered. Just make sure to write down these bands in your Firefly must-see list: 13825


Kristin Kontrol is the latest incarnation of Dee Dee—aka Kristin Welchez—of Dum Dum Girls. Her current identity recalls the decade of excess: the budding goth clubs, synthesizer-heavy songs, and eyeliner that teeters between punk rock and art project. Her voice echoes the best female icons of the ‘80s. Think the silverly sounds of Terri Nunn, the melodic darkness of Siouxsie, and the etherealness high pitches of Kate Bush. Kontrol doesn't stray far from Dee Dee. Dum Dum Girls weren't afraid to thread synth-layers between their actual instruments. X-Communicate’s pacing existed in Dum Dum Girls’ “Coming Down.” 13796

LIVE REVIEW: Bloc Party in Nashville 5/23/2016

Nashville’s Cannery Ballroom had a specific type of crowd on May 23rd. They wanted to dance. Maybe they were struggling against the Monday lull or remembered Bloc Party from electroclash club nights in the early 2000s. Either way, they weren't sitting still. Openers the Vaccines satiated their need. Two girls told security, “We came all the way from Atlanta just to see the Vaccines. We don't even know who this other band is.” The Vaccines' energetic performance warranted their devotion. Frontman Justin Young’s rubbery expressions, punk rock eyes, and convulsive dance moves are mesmerizing, perfectly suited to the Vaccines' musical concoction

12 Bands You Must See at the Hangout Festival 2016

The Hangout Music Festival takes place this weekend, May 20-22 on the white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama.  The festival consists of a couple of stages, a dance tent and family-friendly activities including amusement park rides and games.  If you’re already stoked to see Alabama Shakes, Ellie Goulding, and Florence + the Machine. And those other names beneath them? You should be excited about them, too. Especially the following twelve: 13704