ALBUM REVIEW: Dark Sky Paradise

DarkSkyParadise_DeluxeI’ve listened to Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise twice through, under two circumstances, and my opinion varied wildly on the second listen through.

The first time I listened to the album, I focused only on the music, intently listening to his lyrics, the production, how the songs flowed together. It made me realize that Big Sean is like that rich kid in your high school who gets all the girls, all the attention, has all the blessings that money brings. He has a cocky attitude because, hey, he’s got everything.… Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Paul Van Dyk Talks Politics of Dancing, Relationship with New Order

paul van dykInternationally renowned composer and DJ Paul van Dyk has spent the majority of his life creating and performing original music for a large and loyal fan base. Van Dyk takes pride in creating music that breaks boundaries on the technology side as well as the music side. This approach has led Van Dyk to great success that includes a Grammy nomination and his own record label, Vandit Records. Most recently, Van Dyk has released two compilation albums under the title, “The Politics of Dancing”, which mainly featured remixes of existing tracks. The third installment, however, boasts a collection of original material that has completed the recording process with a few tracks already been released, such as the addictive “Guardian” that features his collaboration with Egyptian duo, Aly & Fila and vocalist, Sue McLaren. B-Sides spoke with Van Dyk about the new album, his history with the legendary New Order and more!… Continue reading

VIDEO: Interview – Van McCann of Catfish & The Bottlemen Talks Childhood, The Streets

vanmccann-catfishbottlemenHailing from North Wales, Catfish and the Bottlemen was initially formed by singer/songwriter Van McCann and childhood friend and guitarist Bill Bibby. Although Bibby would eventually leave the band, McCann carried on with the main songwriting responsibilities with new members, Benji Blakeway, Johnny Bond and Bob Hall. The band broke through in mid-2014 with the tracks, “Kathleen” and “Cocoon”, playing the Governor’s Ball in New York City and numerous European festivals. Although their debut album, “The Balcony” was released in the UK in September 2014, the U.S. didn’t get the proper release until January 2015. Standout track, “Kathleen” received notable airplay in the U.S. and established a solid fan base for Catfish and the Bottlemen even before their first U.S. tour date.… Continue reading

VIDEO: Interview- Coasts Talk Coachella, Reality TV, A Rush of Blood

coastsThe track “A Rush of Blood” by Coasts has been On-Rotation at B-Sides since its release. With a few EPs under their belt, the UK band are in the midst of their first U.S. tour which includes stops at Coachella, Lollapalooza and SXSW. The members of Coasts met at University of Bristol and spent their early rehearsals in the crypt of a church before having played any kind of shows. The success of their debut EP, “Paradise” was led by the track “Oceans”, which landed the band a guest spot on the reality show, “Made in Chelsea” and signing to a major record label.… Continue reading

VIDEO: Interview – Saint Motel Talk FIFA, My Type

saintmotelThe breakout track, “My Type” by Saint Motel may be part of EA Sports’ FIFA 15 soundtrack, but the track is more than just a sports anthem. The blaring horns, upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics are accompanied by a video that is full on 70s. The Los Angeles-based band has been on a steady rise since releasing their debut album, “Voyeur” in 2012. Playing SXSW shortly after its release, Saint Motel toured in support of the album with notable acts such as, Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons and Weezer.… Continue reading

VIDEO: The Wombats Interview – Making of Glitterbug, Romance Tips

wombatsIt’s been four years since the release of the last album by The Wombats, “This Modern Glitch”. The album was well-received with standout tracks, “Jump Into The Fog” and “Tokyo” elevating the band’s profile and a tour schedule consisting of numerous festivals and headlining tours. With lead singer Matt Murphy in Los Angeles, CA for part of the songwriting process, the other members, Dan Haggis and Tord Overland Knudsen remained in Liverpool to work on instrumentation and other aspects of creating the music. The result is the band’s third studio album, “Glitterbug”, which will be released on April 13, 2014 and features lead single, “Greek Tragedy”.… Continue reading

TRACK REVIEW: “Go Out” by Blur

tumblr_nk0xeun8Dh1rxwzp4o1_1424357670_coverFollowing a cancelled gig in Japan, Blur, one of Britain’s most cherished acts of the last two decades, decided to go into studio and record some fresh material. Not long after this, Damon Albarn proudly announced the band’s plans to their Hong Kong audience in May of 2013. This moment sparked the fire that led to Albarn being suffocated with numerous questions regarding a new Blur record, all to which he ambiguously replied. … Continue reading

Kanye West’s Upcoming Album

cd8c9dd0-6c6f-43bb-92a0-db8f3b47035f-1020x612Kanye West debuted the lead single of his next album, entitled “Wolves,” at his fashion show, subsequently preforming the song on SNL last Saturday night, stealing headlines for the performance.

The song will be the lead track on his new album, one in which he said will be a surprise album, recently saying in an interview with The Breakfast Club that release dates are “played out.”… Continue reading

Up We Go: Lights and the Rising Star

LIGHTS Facebook Page

LIGHTS Facebook Page

Everyone here is ready to go
It’s been a hard year, and I only know
From down this low
It’s only up we go, up we go
The refrain from the first single released off of Lights’ newest cd “Little Machines” is something that reflects an intimate image of how this album was made and what it means for Lights as she continues her rise in the music world. After her second album “Siberia” was met with critical acclaim and rose to as high as #3 on the Canadian charts, Lights’ newest effort is on pace to match

Op-Ed: Florence + the Machine: “What Kind of Man”

Florence + the Machine

As we wait for Florence + the Machine to release their upcoming album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” on June 2nd, the band’s newest single entitled “What Kind of Man” can paint a very clear picture of the sound that will come from their new record.

“What Kind of Man” is a tune that is a slow build, taking a full minute before the audience hears the powerful guitar rift that carries through the rest of the tune. However, the real pull of the song comes from the emotional build up that takes place before the instruments kick in. The lyrics bring a question to a type of love that is characterized by frightening attraction, “And with one kiss,You inspired a fire of devotion, That lasted 20 years, What kind of man loves like this”. The question of how this type of love can exist resonate as she continually asks herself “what kind of man loves like this”.… Continue reading

The Curious Case of Drake’s New Album

Drake-If-Youre-Reading-This-Its-Too-LateDrake dropped a brand new 17 track album on Thursday night, titled If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late. What’s strange about this album release is that Drake had revealed that the follow up to Nothing Was The Same would be Views From the 6. It was also widely believed that Drake would release a mixtape in early 2015, after DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors let it slip to NBA TV a few months ago that Drake had a mixtape planned for January. Now not even a full two weeks into February, we have If You’re Reading This.… Continue reading

The Future of Blink-182


Image Source: Flickr - Will Fresch

Image Source: Flickr – Will Fresch

The lives of Blink 182 band members Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker have been tumultuous over the past few weeks. After planning on releasing a new Blink 182 album, rumblings about the band’s relationship with Tom DeLonge began to surface. DeLonge was described as “ungrateful” by Travis Barker in an interview with Rolling Stone in late January. Things got much stranger when DeLonge made a comment that he and Hopper had discussed letting Barker walk from the band.

Since these comments, Tom DeLonge has publicly left Blink 182 and is pursuing a solo life without the band as well as releasing new music with Angels and Airwaves.… Continue reading

The Most Overlooked Hip-Hop Release of 2014

joe-budden-some-love-lost-coverJoe Budden. You may know him from his rather infamous appearances on Love & Hip Hop. You may know him as one quarter of the Shady cosigned Slaughterhouse. You may even know him as the artist of the The Fast and the Furious made-famous Pump it Up, a track that bears some resent from Budden.

What you should know Joe Budden for is his ability to combine clever lyrics with an open diary storytelling.

Some Love Lost is the second installment, following No Love Lost (2013) and preceding All Love Lost (TBA), and it gives fans exactly what they want. Even the casual fan knows Joe Budden makes his best music after heartbreak. Hell, even Joe knows this.

That’s exactly what Joe Budden is on Some Love Lost. Heartbroken and depressed.… Continue reading

And The Winner For Best Rap Album Of The Year Is…

grammy-2014The Marshall Mathers LP 2 has taken home the top prize at the 57th annual Grammy Awards. The album, released in November of 2013, beat out Childish Gamino’s Because The Internet, Common’s Nobody’s Smiling, Schoolboy Q’s Oxymoron, Wiz Khalifa’s Blacc Hollywood, and most notably, Iggy Azalea’s The New Classic. Eminem also took home the award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration with Rihanna for The Monster.… Continue reading