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Throwback Thursday: “The College Dropout” Then and Now

College Dropout CoverKanye West is one of the greats. He makes a habit of telling us. Despite the braggadocio attitude we can’t help but love him. His first album, The College Dropout turned ten earlier this year and it’s legacy is still making ripples in every genre of music.

The 2004 album covered standard themes of women, clothes, and cars. Yet, West’s artistic intelligence worked to reinvent the old stand-by subjects.

While his later work is more mature in terms of lyrical topics, there is undeniable genius in Kanye’s freshman LP. The blend of beats and rhymes on Dropout were a more perfect marriage than chocolate and peanut butter in a Reese’s. The collaborations on the record didn’t hurt it either. Jay-Z, Jaime Foxx… Continue reading

Ten Must-Own Releases on Record Store Day


Teeth grit in anticipation, fans of music everywhere have two major holidays to celebrate this weekend. The most obvious of course being Easter (what did you think I was going to say?), the other being the ever holy Record Store Day. Always held on the third Saturday in April, Record Store Day was founded in 2007, inspired by the spirit of Free Comic Book Day. As such, many artists are supporting their local record stores by scheduling special vinyl and CD releases to mark the occasion. Here are ten coming out April 19th that you shouldn’t miss out on.… Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Shaun Cooper and Mark O’Connell of Taking Back Sunday

TBS-Happiness-Is-social Taking Back Sunday exploded onto the music scene in 2002 with their debut album “Tell All Your Friends.” About a year after the release, members John Nolan and Shaun Cooper left the band to start another band, Straylight Run. Taking Back Sunday carried on, but seven years and a few line-up changes later, the two former members reunited with the band, and the classic line-up has been going strong ever since. On March 18th, the band released their second album since reuniting the original band, “Happiness Is.”
“Happiness Is” does a great job of mixing the Taking Back Sunday you know and love, with a new twist of something you haven’t heard from them before. While the lyrical poetry of Adam Lazzara remains comfortably familiar, the music surrounding it is certainly a departure from the bands previous effort. B-Sides spoke with drummer Mark O’Connell, and bassist Shaun Cooper when Taking Back Sunday rolled into Boston on their co-headlining tour with The Used this past Saturday.… Continue reading

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Lindsey Stirling

lindsey-stirling-650-430In this day and age bands are plentiful in a variety of genres; one genre that doesn’t get represented as much though is classical music. People in this day and age associate this timeless art as being old, outdated, and not really relevant. One young lady however is changing this mindset. Lindsey Stirling is one of the most talented violinists today but she’s not playing the usual Pierre Rode.… Continue reading

Our Top 7 Suggestions for Colbert’s New House Band

Stephen Colbert David LEttermanStephen Colbert nearly broke the internet last week when it was announced he would be replacing David Letterman at the Late Show on CBS in 2015. While there has already been rampant speculation about the show few questions have actually been answered. Between now and the premier, there are likely to be exciting revelations. But what’s a good late night show without the back up band? With that in mind, here are a few ideas from your friends at B-Sides.… Continue reading

ON RADAR: Neck Deep

Do you miss the days of Blink-182? Enjoy bands that combine pop and punk? Then you’re in luck! Originally from Wrexham, England is the pop rock band known as Neck Deep. Ben Barlow (vocals), Lloyd Roberts (guitar), Matt West (guitar), Fil Thorpe-Evans (bass), and Dani Washington (drums) became a band back in 2012. … Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Sweet Disarray by Dan Croll

Sweet_DisarrayIn late 2013, British artist Dan Croll caught the ears of fans and critics alike with his funky sound on his tantalizing singles “Home” and “Compliment Your Soul”, the second of which was featured on FIFA 14. The indie-pop artist released his debut album “Sweet Disarray” in March to rave reviews and marked himself as one of the artists to watch in 2014.

“Sweet Disarray” features a seamless blend of global influences and eclectic arrangements. Tracks like “From Nowehere”, “Thinkin Aboutchu” thrive on a electronic hum and funky beats while slow jams like “Wanna Know”, “Can You Hear Me” and title track “Sweet Disarray” drift dreamily from heartfelt and romantic to bittersweet and tragic. Croll is a master at carefully… Continue reading

Top 10 Nirvana Covers Of All-Time

Nirvana Band PhotoOn April 10, 2014, the grunge gods, Nirvana, will be inducted by Michael Stipe of R.E.M. into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rumors are abound that Joan Jett may front the band with surviving members, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic at the ceremony, which will be televised on May 31. With only three three studio albums Kurt Cobain’s trio has undoubtedly left a lasting and meaningful impact on every facet of today’s music. Since his tragic suicide in 1994 musical artists from every different genre have done their best to pay respect to Cobain’s memory.

Along with KISS, Hall & Oates, Linda Rondstadt, Peter Gabriel and Yusef Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) Nirvana will be immortalized through induction. Here are some of the best covers ever done in the name of acknowledging this true artistic genius.… Continue reading

ON RADAR: Merriment

Growing up in a family of musicians and band managers, it’s no surprise that Christie and Collin DuPree decided to follow the career path of their family’s and begin a band of their very own. Since a young age the two lived life on the road following in the footsteps of siblings and cousins, Eisley. They started their musical journey around the age of 13 with songwriting and learning the guitar. … Continue reading

Why We Love Lana Del Rey


Click click. Refresh. Click click click. Refresh. This is the mindless repetition that fans of singer-songwriter Elizabeth Grant, better known by her stage name Lana Del Rey, have burdened upon themselves since new billboards in Brooklyn promoting the musician’s new album Ultraviolence, due perhaps as early as May 1st, emerged this week. Reports that radio stations received copies of “West Coast,” confirmed as the first single off Del Rey’s second LP, has sparked speculation throughout the blogosphere that the highly anticipated track will either hit iTunes or be leaked shortly.… Continue reading

Wherefore Art Thou, Kurt Cobain?

Since Rock n’ Roll woke  America up in the 1950′s, music has taken on a role beyond itself. Each decade of popular music helps to document the times, representing the feelings and taste of the mass majority of each generation. With the invention of the internet, the ability to get your voice out there had it’s doors blown off. Suddenly, anybody could share their music with anyone across the world with websites like Purevolume, Myspace, and Youtube eventually vastly increasing this output.
So much music is available nowadays, it can be difficult to sort through it all, and even more difficult to remain relevant in such a fast paced industry. Due to this, it’s hard to really pinpoint the Kurt Cobain of the current generation. Yet, we’re more exposed to the real world than we’ve ever been, the country is going through incredible economic woes, is still involved in two wars, and college students are graduating with debt into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, where’s our John Lennon? Where’s our Bob Dylan? Who’s representing us in popular culture?… Continue reading