TRACK REVIEW: The Party Line by Belle and Sebastian

_1414520403_coverAdored Scottish collective Belle and Sebastian has been around for nearly two decades now, and in that time they’ve gained a loyal following. Their last studio album was 2010’s charming Write About Love, and last year they released The Third Eye Centre, a compilation of b-sides and rarities following 2005’s Push Barman to Open Old Wounds. Their upcoming ninth album, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, will see the light of day in January 2015. Earlier this week they premiered the lead single from the record, titled The Party Line.

Album Review: Rancid “Honor Is All We Know”

The first track of the legendary punk band’s new album is aptly titled “Back Where I Belong,” a fast, raging anthem that feels like diving headfirst into a pool of freezing cold water, and a testament to Rancid’s comeback after their last two more pop-friendly albums.  Fans will be happy to know the punk has not been lost, and that Tim Armstrong and the rest of the band are getting back in touch with their roots.… Continue reading

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Odesza Talk “In Return”, Dating, Coachella

odeszaElectronic duo, Odesza, have been making music together for only two years yet have garnered positive reviews and increasing buzz. They released their second studio album “In Return” earlier this year that earned approval from critics and fans alike. Incorporating more guest vocals than their previous album and EPs, Odesza, comprised of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, have created a catchy and infectious album that weaves an international flavor into the music ranging from Indian to Japanese influences. Odesza has been on tour since the release of the album and have been selling out venues.… Continue reading

TRACK REVIEW: In the Heat of the Moment by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

noel-gallagher-in-the-heatAfter his turbulent fallout with former band Oasis, Noel Gallagher introduced himself to the world as a solo artist. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ was his brand, and their eponymous debut the voice behind it. The much anticipated record was a rebuttal of sorts, to the first post-Oasis split project Beady Eye, lead by younger brother/rival Liam Gallagher. High Flying Birds, though, seems to have been taken way more seriously than the latter, and it proved Noel could do better on his own, singing his own songs. After all, he was the main songwriter in his former group.… Continue reading

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Sam Fogarino of Interpol

interpolInterpol returned in 2014 as a trio after their longtime bassist, Carlos Dengler, left the band in 2010.  Taking a breather after Dengler’s departure, the remaining members of Interpol embarked on individual projects- lead singer, Paul Banks released his second solo album, guitarist, Daniel Kessler laid the groundwork for his work with sound designer Joseph Fraioli in Big Noble, and drummer Sam Fogarino formed his own band called Empty Mansions.  The time away gave the band a renewed perspective and energy that has Banks playing bass on “El Pintor” and evokes the sound that brought attention to the band when they first broke through with “Turn On The Bright Lights”.… Continue reading

11 Years Gone: Tribute to Elliot Smith

This week marks the 11-year anniversary of the death of American singer-songwriter and musician Elliot Smith.  Having endured a difficult childhood filled with unspeakable traumas, Smith suffered from drug dependence, alcoholism and depression, all topics and themes that influenced his music.  Despite such a rough experience, the artist found a way to contribute to the world of music and live a successful career that spanned twelve years.… Continue reading


IMG_2534Finch broke onto the post-hardcore scene with 2002′s “What It Is To Burn,” a pivotal album in the scene, that the band recently celebrated the anniversary of with a tour which saw them playing the fan favorite front to back every night. The band reformed for that tour after having been broken up for a couple years, and on the fuel provided by their reunion anniversary tour, wrote a killer new album, “Back To Oblivion,” their first full length in nearly a decade. B-Sides caught up with the guys at their stop in Boston on Monday, and chatted about the new album, their return to the scene, and more. … Continue reading

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Colony House Talk Origins, Pranking, Alex Trebek

colonyhouseColony House hail from Franklin, Tennessee, the same small town as Paramore, but their sound is different than the Hayley Williams-fronted pop punk band. The trio comprised of brothers Caleb and Will Chapman and longtime friend, Scott Mills, have a wealth of experience in music, having grown up with award-winning Christian music singer/songwriter, Steven Curits Chapman. The band’s origin started with Caleb’s solo work that morphed into a band sporting his namesake, CALEB. The name change was inspired by the confusion it would cause during live performances and the band has been on a roll since the release of the song, “Silhouettes” off their debut album, “When I Was Younger”.… Continue reading

LIVE REVIEW: St. Vincent – Miami Beach, FL

FullSizeRender (6) One of the most peculiar, yet fascinating acts of their time is St. Vincent, AKA Annie Clark. St. Vincent has been around for a while, gaining a devoted and passionate following thanks to her wondrous guitar playing and tasteful shift of styles within each release. This talented act is currently promoting her eponymous fourth album, through her Digital Witness Tour, which included an October 6th show at The Fillmore in Miami Beach, FL. Compared to big cities such as New York, we usually don’t usually get as many exciting acts coming down to South Florida, so it was refreshing to have St. Vincent back since their last show here in 2012.… Continue reading

Nice Boys: The Axl Rose Story (part three)

Nice Boys
The Axl Rose Story: Part Three
By Joseph Feeney III


After what was referred to as the “Hell Tour,” the five members of Guns N’ Roses pledged musical and personal allegiance to each other, as they set off on their journey to the top of the rock world. From June 1985 on, they were going to do anything it took to get there, even while they occasionally sabotaged themselves and burnt bridges along the way.

The band’s lineup was finally solidified. Lead Singer, Axl Rose; Lead Guitar, Slash; Bass, Duff McKagan; Rhythm Guitar, Izzy Stradlin; Drums, Steven Adler. For the remainder of 1985, they played any LA clubs that would have them, including The Troubadour, and The Roxy.

Some members of the band kept a side job for extra cash during this time period. Axl worked as a manager at Tower Records, and was part of a scientific study, smoking endless packs of cigarettes for $8 an hour at UCLA. Izzy? Well, Izzy sold heroin, and somehow Joe Perry and Steven Tyler knew Izzy extremely well before the band started to make a buzz.… Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Stars – No One Is Lost

3a8c0e6fStars just dropped their new album “No One In Lost,” and over here at B-Sides we plugged our headphones in, turned the volume up to a hard seven, and found out if no one is truly lost. The Toronto based band’s seventh full length affair was recorded at Mount Zoomer in Montreal, which sits atop what used to be a gay disco. The disco seems to have managed to creep through the floorboards and into the bands songwriting, with a clearly audible influence lingering throughout “No One Is Lost.
The album gets right into the new found disco appreciation with “From the Night,” cranking out funky guitar and bass licks over high-hat dominated choruses, all lead by alternating vocals from singers Torquil Campbell and Amy Milan. The album dips more and more back into the indie-pop sound as the album presses forward, finding Campbell and Milan each taking the individual spotlight, showcasing Campbell’s unique voice which sounds like a blend of Ben Gibbard and Morrissey. … Continue reading